The Good and Bad of Every Major League Baseball Team of 2015!

The 2015 Major League Baseball season (for North America) opens up Sunday, April 5th, between the Cubs and Cardinals. I'm a lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan. In this mytake, I will try to find at least one positive and one negative aspect of every team. This is coming solely from a performance standpoint; not the fans, morals, reputation, etc. Obviously, some teams have more pros than cons and vice versa. So, here is the scoop for ALL 30 teams.

Note: Just for fun, I will give my opinion of how I feel about each team.

The Good and Bad of Every Major League Baseball Team of 2015!

American League East

Baltimore Orioles:

The Good News: They have a solid offense, superior defense and Buck Schowalter is an ideal manager to have. Not to mention their fans are back in-it!

The Bad News: The free agent defencencies: Nick Marakis, Nelson Cruz and Andrew Miller. All three were key hitters and this is going to hurt them big time. They may struggle to have a winning record now.

My Opinion: This is one team I've always had neutral feelings about. I was a big fan of Cal Ripken Jr. growing up as a kid and he was a career-long Oriole(and Oriole fan at that.)

Boston Red Sox:

The Good News: They're potential World Series threats. After acquiring Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, along with their great pitching staff and solid defense, they should have no problem winning the AL East. I predict they will win the World Series.

The Bad News: Literally the only bad news I can think of is they lost their ace pitcher, Jon Lester. It's going to be tough for Clay Bucholz to take over the "ace" spot.

My Opinion: The Red Sox have always been my second-favorite team. My favorite World Series of all time is the 2004 World Series.

New York Yankees:

The Good News: They acquired Didi Gregorious and Andrew Miller, who are two more solid hitters to an already potent lineup. They still have the highest payroll in baseball, so that never hurts.

The Bad News: This will be the first season since 1994 the Yankees haven't had Derek Jeter on their team: Because he retired. Losing a key team leader such as him, as well as one of the best hitters in the game, is going to KILL them. It also doesn't help they have the oldest team(in age) in baseball.

My Opinion: The Yankees are my second-worst team. I've always hated them, and always will. Always. They "buy" their championships.

Tampa Bay Rays:

The Good News: They still have a solid rotation. This is literally the only thing they have going for them right now.

The Bad News: Almost everything else. They have a new manager, which is usually bad news(since new managers rarely have winning seasons.) They did little to improve over the off-season from their losing season last year. Their offense is absolutely terrible too.

My Opinion: I always did like this team, because they are big-time underdogs. 2008 was an exciting World Series!

Toronto Blue Jays:

The Good News: They added Josh Donaldson to their offense, and their offense was already potent enough. They should have a lot of fun slamming the ball. Their pitching is no joke either.

The Bad News: They didn't need offense in the first place. Their bullpen and defense is still lacking. Their errors and blown saves might ruin them.

My Opinion: I always felt sorry for them because people hated them for being a Canadian team. Really, they're a team I have neutral feelings for. They're also the only team remaining I've never seen in the post-season.

American League Central

Chicago White Sox:

The Good News: They did some "Christmas shopping" over Winter: Big Time. They acquired Adam LaRoche, Jeff Samardzja, Melky Cabrera, and David Robertson, who are all four potential All Stars. Congratulations on their shopping spree!

The Bad News: Their bullpin is lousy. And a lousy bullpen in the "windy city" is a no-no and could cost them some key games.

My Opinion: This is one of those teams I have mixed feelings about. In one way, I respect them and I realize they aren't a big market team. On the other hand, they have done some crude things and played dirty, especially when Ozzie Guillen managed them.

Cleveland Indians:

The Good News: They have a very young team, of home-grown players, and it has shown in some aspects. I also think acquiring Brandon Moss is good, especially since they need a good Veteran leader.

The Bad News: They have too much "homegrown" talent, and it shows in the field. Their offense isn't too potent either.

My Opinion: Since I'm a Reds fan, I never did like the Indians. They're a state rival for me and I love our annual "Battle of Ohio."

Detroit Tigers:

The Good News: They're a potential World Series threat, primarily due to their outstanding offense, which got even better with the acquiring of Yoenis Cespedes. They also gained Alfredo Simon, a key pitcher, which means they had a solid rotation again. They will more than likely win their division.

The Bad News: The only bad news I can think of is the fact they lost Max Scherzer.

My Opinion: I always did like the Tigers, because I can sympathize with them as a Reds fan. They have the "Make the playoffs and lose right away" cycle, typical of the Reds.

Kansas City Royals:

The Good News: They have a young team full of talent, which proved it can excel in the post-season. As a result, you'll see some of the best defense and bullpen in baseball.

The Bad News: They lost Billy Butler, who was the ultimate team leader and a fantastic hitter. Let's also remember they DID win the Wild-Card last year(not the division.)

My Opinion: This is a team I tend to like, because they are true underdogs! I was rooting for them in the post-season last season and was hoping to see an astounding undefeated run!

Minnesota Twins:

The Good News: Their two key additions in the Winter, Tori Hunter and Ervin Santana, will be huge assets to the team. Tori Hunter used to play for the team and can be a great team leader.

The Bad News: This won't help too much, since the defense, offense, bullpen and rotation are all....lousy. This may be the worst team in baseball. It's going to take a miracle for them to make the post-season.

My Opinion: This is another team I feel neutral about. I wish I could remember the Kirby Pucket years!

American League West

Houston Astros:

The Good News: They have the best contact hitter in the game, Jose Altuve, and they have young talent, who have yet had a time to shine. Hey! I don't think they're the worst team in baseball anymore.

The Bad News: You would think after six consecutive losing seasons, they would look for some key additions in the off-season....but nope. They will continue to struggle to reach .500 ball, with their overall bad team.

My Opinion: This is one team I always pitied. They've had so many legend in their history and still can't win a World Series. Now, they're the laughing joke in baseball.

Los Angeles Angels:

The Good News: They have a good team all around. They have virtually the same team they did last year and they finished witht the best record in baseball last year....and they have Mike Trout. Mike Trout. This is another World Series threat with little to no flaws.

The Bad News: Their team is old. I think this may be the only flaw.

My Opinion: This is another team in which I have no opinion of. I did love seeing them beat the Giants in the 2002 World Series, just to see Barry Bonds lose!

Oakland Athletics:

The Good News: They acquired Billy Butler to help a struggling offense and they still have one of the best bullpens in the game.

The Bad News: They lost about 65% of the heart the team over the Winter. Josh Donaldson, Jeff Samardzija, and Jon Lester(who they just grabbed) all defected. This will probably ruin any playoff chances.

My Opinion: I have neutral feelings for them as well. They seem to always land underrated players.

Seattle Mariners:

The Good News: They acquired home run king Nelson Cruz, which was well needed for a team which severely lacked power last season. The rest of their team is well-rounded as well, especially their pitching staff.

The Bad News: Their offense in general is still lacking, even with Nelson Cruz in the lineup. Where is Ichiro when you need him?

My Opinion: Any team which can win 116 games in ONE season and STILL never make the World Series(in team history), I have to pity for. These are some of the ultimate underdogs in baseball.

Texas Rangers:

The Good News: Their team, as of 04/01/15, is fully healed, after a ridiculous number of injuries last year. This should definitely be an improvement and make fans happy.

The Bad News: Even if everyone is healed, their team isn't too strong. Most of their players are getting old and they did nothing over the Winter to improve their team.

My Opinion: This may be the team I feel sorry for the most in baseball. Sources to my opinion? Game six of the 2011 World Series and September, 2012 of the Rangers season.

National League East

The Good News: They got some key acquisitions over the off-season, such as Nick Markakis and Shelby Miller.

The Bad News: They lost more key players over the off-season, such as Jason Heyward, Ervin Santana and Justin Upton.

My Opinion: This is one team I always did respect, for their hard work and success. They may not have much of a payroll, fan-base or media spotlight but they can still work wonders.

Miami Marlins:

The Good News: They may be the team which has improved the most since last year, with amazing additions such as Dan Haren, Mat Latos, Dee Gordon and Michael Morse. Oh, and they still have Giancarlo Stanton.

The Bad News: Even with the team they have, it's still a tough road to the post-season, especially with a fan-base as stubborn as theirs.

My Opinion: I pity them because no matter how good they do, their fans forget they even exist.

New York Mets:

The Good News: Matt Harvey is back from the disabled list! Add this to an excellet pitching rotation, they look like a threat!

The Bad News: They didn't get enough key additions for their offense. Michael Cuddyer can't carry an entire team.

My Opinion: I used to really like the Mets, because they hate the Yankees. I wanted Piazza to shine so bad in the 2000 Subway Series! And Mets fans are midly entertaining to say the least.

Philadelphia Phillies:

The Good News: They basically have the same 2008 team they won the World Series with, which means they have Veterans who can lead a team.

The Bad News: They basically have the same 2008 team they won the World Series with, which means....they're too old. And most of them are washed up. And Jimmy Rollins left. Yikes! This team is basically a disaster.

My Opinion: This is one of those teams I have nothing against but their fans are annoying. And I'll remember them no-hitting my team in the 2010 Division Series!

Washington Nationals:

The Good News: They have one of the best teams in the National League and they're in a lousy division, so there is about a 95% chance they will win the NL East.

The Bad News: They lost Adam LaRoche. Can you think of any other bad news? I know I can't. This team is also a World Series threat.

My Opinion: They never been to the World Series and I hated seeing that collapse in the 2012 Division Series. I love these underdogs!

National League Central

Chicago Cubs:

The Good News: They had two major additions: A determined manager Joe Madden and ace pitcher Jon Lester. They also have a LOT of young talent waiting to burst, I can truly see them being a "dark-horse."

The Bad News: Other than the fact they have now gone 106 years without winning the World Series, they didn't acquire enough offense in the Winter. And they're still the Cubs.

My Opinion: Even though most Reds fans hate the Cubs, I feel sorry for them. 106 years without a title? The 2003 Championship series? Jease!

Cincinnati Reds:

The Good News: They acquired Marlon Byrd, and any bit of offense can help my Reds! Also, I'm going to my first Opening Day this year! YES!

The Bad News: Everything else. They lost the bulk of their pitching staff in the Winter and barely did anything to help a struggling offense. It looks like we'll have to depend on an injured Votto again......

My Opinion: This is MY team-Always has been, always will be. I'm a die hard fan, even though they will probably do lousy this year.

Milwaukee Brewers:

The Good News: They have an all around good team, with an ideal mixture of Veterans and Rookies.

The Bad News: They are known for epic collapses, especially last year.

My Opinion: This is my favorite team in the NL Central, besides my home team the Reds. They always have had a clean team.

Pittsburgh Pirates:

The Good News: They're not the losing team they used to be, especially with a potent lineup and an addition/welcoming-back of AJ Burnett.

The Bad News: Their lack pitching will probably cost them the post-season. They also have no team leadership.

My Opinion: This is a team which has gotten a little more "cocky" these past few years. I still treat them as underdogs but they're not as innocent as the media makes them.

St. Louis Cardinals:

The Good News: Their team just keeps getting better and better every year. This is a team which rarely has bad news. Why not get Jason Heward to add to their potent team?

The Bad News: Since they lost Shelby Miller and Wainright is coming back "stiff", it may hurt their pitching.

My Opinion: The Cardinals are my worst team in all professional sports. I've hated them before the 2010 brawl with the Reds. I despise them and I always have.

National League West

Arizona Diamondbacks:

The Good News: Paul Goldschmidt is healthy again and not only is he their best player but he will need to lead the team.

The Bad News: Their team is actually too young and inexperienced, which is primarily why they don't have any true strengths to their team. I think they will struggle to have a winning record again.

My Opinion: This is one team I've watched several games of, mainly because legendary Randy Johnson played for them for a bulk of his career. Other than that, I have no other opinions on this team(and they won the 2001 World Series, with my man Johnson!)

Colorado Rockies:

The Good News: Despite losing Michael Cuddyer, they still have one of the best offenses in baseball. They also have a healed roster, after going through a season with the most injured roster in baseball last year.

The Bad News: They still have the worst pitching in the majors, without a doubt. It doesn't help these bottom-tier pitchers will pitch most of their games at Coors Field.

My Opinion: This is another underdog team that's fun to root for! I also respected Todd Helton and wanted to see him get a ring in 2007!

Los Angeles Dodgers:

The Good News: Seemingly everything! They acquired Jimmy Rollins, on a team which already has Clayton Kershaw, Zach Greinke, Adrian Gonzelz, Yasiel Puig, Carl Crawford and Brandon League. This is a team which has "good news" written all over it. I think they are potential World Series threats.

The Bad News: The only negative light for them is they lost Dee Gordon in a trade(for some extra cash.) Then again, it was their choice.

My Opinion: I never did like the Dodgers. I feel like the media shows a huge favoritism for them and the Dodgers are the National League version of the Yankees. I hate their bandwagon fan-base too.

San Diego Padres:

The Good News: Since they had the worst offense last season(and one of the worst offensive performances of all time at that), acquring Matt Kemp and Justin Upton was not only crucial, it was pretty much needed to survive.

The Bad News: They improved but they didn't improve near enough to contend. They still have a lousy defense and sub-par pitching staff. I don't see how they can touch the Dodgers or Giants.

My Opinion: The Padres are definitely my favorite California team! I pity them since they almost win several times but can't.

San Francisco Giants:

The Good News: They still have the solid team last year, which may have not been a threat in the regular season but was able to win the World Series. And they have Bumgardner, the new post-season king.

The Bad News: Going by patterns, they usually have a losing record the year after winning a World Series. And losing Pablo Sandoval is going to hurt them more than they think.

My Opinion: The Giants are my third-worst team! I've hated them ever since their fans worshiped Barry Bonds! I hate them even worse after they've started this Wild Card/World Series dynasty.

AND.....there you have it! Feel free to comment, agree/disagree or give your opinions.

Note: I originally had a unique and funny meme for all 30 teams, but unfortunately, "Mytakes" will allow allow 20 photos at a maximum. I had to cut it down unfortunately :(


Most Helpful Girl

  • ok.. I only read the AL East one but...

    1: The blue jays bullpen is much improved over last year. We got rid of Casey Jansen, and have you seen Osuna and Castro pitch?

    2: Jays CF and 2B Defense has been fixed.

    3: Russell Martin.

    4: Boston's Rotation is where it all hinges for them. If Clay is your best...

    5: When did Andrew Miller start hitting?

    • On the Blue Jays, I still have doubts about their bullpen. Castro JUST now started, right? We're talking about Miguel Castro. Roberta Osuna just returned from Tommy John surgery and pitchers rarely return back to normal. Of, I'll admit, the Blue Jays may have better defense than I thought.

      I agree, the Red Sox can use a better rotation but it's still solid. Their team is stacked other than that and I consider them the best team in the majors, arguably with the Nationals or Tigers.

      I know Andrew Miller is a pitcher. I noticed that error as soon as I was done posting this. What I meant to say was, it's good to have some YOUTH (which has potential talent) on a team as ancient as the Yankees.

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    • @Betwyn Ortiz does worry me a little bit but the guy's age hasn't stopped him. I still think he will continue to shine, even with the new rules.

      I still think the only two teams who can compare to the Red Sox are the Nationals and Tigers.

    • He's already stated that he is going to ignore them.

      So, how much will he shine if he gets ejected? suspended?

      or say he follows them.. now, is at bat routine is completely messed up.

      You can't tell me that isn't going to mess with him.

Most Helpful Guy

  • The bad for all teams: they make people sit through baseball games.

    But in all seriousness, the effort you put into this is admirable. You should consider writing sports blogs. Bleacher report lets amateurs submit articles


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What Girls Said 2

  • I Love my Royals!!! yes we lost Butler but I think we'll be ok, off to a good start excluding ventura flair up against the angels, p. s. I can't stand the Giants and Bumgardner for obvious reasons, I never wanted something so bad and I really was upset we lost, I love my Royals though, I really want to go to at least 4 games this year.

    • Even though I'm not a Royals fan, it does hurt me to see them start 7-0. This means they dominated the post-season last year AND start out 2015 as the LAST undefeated team, yet, they still didn't win it last year.

      I agree with you, I HATE the Giants. I've hated them ever since their disillusional fan base supported Barry Bonds.

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    • @Rcjh1987 Well I'm against the idea of ANY Wild Card, so you can say I technically don't think either team deserved to make it to the World Series... BUT... after seeing the Royals surge in the postseason, I think they ultimately deserved to be there.

    • I understand

  • GO CARDINALS! That's funny because I really hate the Reds


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  • Go 'stros!
    Go Yanks!

  • Did you mean to type the Boston Red Sex?