What everyone can learn from JJ from the show Skins about Autism

What everyone can learn from jj from the show skins about autism

I have heard a lot of people adress autism on this website and I did a previous take on what not to say to an autistic person. So I have decided to give several reasons reasons what everyone can learn about autism from the character JJ from the British TV series Skins.

1. It shows his classic autism intrests and obssessions such as model airplanes and science and how his obessions affect how other people look at him.

2. It shows his struggles with autism there is a classic scene where JJ tries to confront girls at school with magic tricks but he gets shut down.

3. It shows whats its like to be autistic in certain social situatians there is a great scence where he is at a party and has a meltdown there.

4. It shows JJ having friends and the struggles he has with making friends and keeping friends and dealing with the drama that having friends can cause and it perfectley shows JJ and the affects his autism has on his social realtionships.

5. It shows JJ being affected by autism and how JJ wishes he could be normal and not be affected by it and it also shows JJ choosing not to be affected by it and not to let it define him.

6. It shows JJ being able to succed in school and hold down a job.

7. It covers dating for people with autism and the struggles that come with it but JJ made it his goal to get a girlfriend and he did and he was able to have a successful realtionship and prove to every autistic person that it can be done.

8. It shows how far JJ has come as a person and how he chooses to not be defined by a label and anyone with autism can get a girlfriend and can have sex and can have friends and that there is hope for everyone with autism; and that they can accomplish anything.


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  • I saw a programme about Autism and it really got to me. Started researching on it and one thing I found is that many people have this misconception that Autistic children aren't clever. They are actually very intelligent and mainly Autism is about not being able to interact socially etc


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  • I have autism, well aspegers, and it's good to see characters on TV being portrayed as having friends and having a gf as a lot of people think we are just incapable of all those things


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  • I was made aware of Autism in GAG here. Not really in real life. I've met about one little boy that was autistic. That was it.

  • I don't think that show will fly with me. But its good that shows bring diverse characters. People with autism is like what you said, well done.

  • Skins is a good show. I like your take on this. Nicely put. :)

  • This show is so underrated


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  • Who's the brunette girl :)