My childhood gaming memories

Ok this is my first Take, sorry if it's not brillant. I wanted to share a bit of my childhood memories of my early gaming experiences and some of the games I played.


My childhood gaming memories

Yep I might not have been around when this was released, but a relative had a pong machine atari made. It was still fun playing the simplistic game.

Now one thing i remember is spending a good part of my early kid years maybe around 5 or 6 ish playing with things like the old Atari systems. I did not get much opportunity to play the early Atari systems like the 2600 and 5200 but I did play quite a bit on the 800XL which my brother owned and I fondly remember the game New York City from it. I loved how fun the game was and really liked the funny characters and driving the little car around a flat new york city at the time. It was just a city to me somewhere.

Of course I loved playing other games but New York City was my favorite on this and my brother did not have many games for the machine.

I remember then maybe around the age of 8 ish getting my chance to play on my brothers Commodore 64. By this time I was growing up so I was starting to understand the games a little better. I remember spending quite a bit of time playing many games like Jet set Willy (probably a bit young for it but i did not care), Ghost Chaser, Ghostbusters, Turbo Outrun.

There is many more but I won't put them all down on here. It really was for sometime my favorite machine (even if the casette deck took hours to load on some games and then having to reset etc etc and the annoying amount of text to write to get it to load in the first place).

I could not find a decent C64 screenshot this is the sega version.

Of course after this I had machines like the Sega Master System and Gameboy etc but for me I remember one system over them all and its where I will end my first ever take. The humble and still highly sought after if looked after and restored Commodore Amiga. Even now some machines fetch over £200 or over $200 I had an amiga myself for many years and it was probably with the Atari ST where some of the piracy problems of modern day's started since people could copy the floppies. Because floppies were easy to obtain it was easy to make even more copies and pass them around.

Now this is the system my family had loads of games (Yes sorry guys I was partly guilty of game copying then as well but I did buy games I really liked with pocket money) and borrowed some. Now there are so many games I loved on this machine it would take me ages to list them all so I will list a few.

- Lemmings - DMA Design

Some will not know who the delevoper of this game became in 2002. Think GTA yep and you are on the right track it's rockstar north. Lemmings was DMA's first game in 1991 on the Amiga A500 and it was a smash hit. I remember spending many nights trying to complete it, sadly it never happened! It became too hard haha.

Adam's Family - Ocean

The horror comedy Adams Family film was a big hit when this came out so I played it to death (Pardon the pun). Again like Lemmings never quite completing this one, I got close many times but always got eliminated right at the end.

Bart vs the world and Bart and the space mutants - Acclaim Games/Virgin interactive

Loved these 2 games and played them a lot. Actually completed both of them! The simpsons was big when these were out; loads of products and stuff like the music cds etc.

Now my last 3 games on my take

Turrican 2 - Rainbow arts/Factor 5

This is probably one of the best known Amiga games alongside Lotus and Alien Breed (which a few years ago was rebooted) and a lot of retro gaming fans not all of course will say the Amiga's version of this was amongst the best.

Its soundtrack is a piece of magic with tracks like Powerslide. Check the Gripper, The Great Bath, Traps and Freedom. If you haven't heard its soundtrack its most certainly worth a listen over at youtube and bring back memories.

I remember completing it after 46 tries ! ahh the annoyance.

Pinball Dreams / Pinball Fantasies - Digital Illusions

Yep I was hopeless at these! My mum however was an absolute wiz getting the highest scores all the time. They both had, like Turrican 2, amazing soundtracks. Nightmare was still my fav table on dreams and party land on Fantasies Dreams was still the most popluar in terms of pinball games. It was released as a Mini on the playstation network with all the orignal tables.

Alien Breed - Team 17

Probably another one of those games that made me smack the controller on the desk many times. Many seem to get the impression this was connected to the film. It was not, it was separate but T17 did use some ideass from it which is evident as it is like the films based on a ship especially in the first game. Only downside to this game it was really short; 6 levels. But that's if you made it that far the levels got bigger and bigger and more confusing. If you did not pay attention you could easily get massively lost and when you have 60+ seconds to get back to the turbolift you could not mess around otherwise it was certain death.

I remember getting lost and dying many times and telling the computer to shut up saying "Warning Destruction Imminent!"

Well as i say it may not be the best Take but hey it's my first one. I would love to hear if you had any fav games when you were growing up. I would love to share all of my gaming memories but we would be here for weeks lol.


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  • LEMMMMMIIIINNNNNGS! Haha I loved this take. Oh the things we did as kids. Most of the people on here will have no idea lol but good times, good times!


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  • You missed some:
    Crash Bandicoot
    Resident Evil
    Command and Conquer
    Unreal Tournament
    COD then
    Brick breaker games (they are still present but not the oldskool ones)
    Warcraft 3

    • I haven't forgotten them unreal tourment i played along with worms had that on the 600 but i can't list every game i played in the take but i am going to do some game takes soon so i might cover some of these.

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  • Nice Take :)

    ^ Gonna check some of those games out

  • I played mortal Kombat haha and TMNT.

    • I remember mortal kombat "Fatality! and finish him"

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  • Gaming is life <3

  • What's the flight simulator near the top? It looks like Solo Flight by Microprose.

    • Acrojet It was the game that featured the BD5J the same model that appeared in james bond

    • I thought it looked familiar! It came out around the same time as Solo Flight and used the same graphics engine (if you could call it that in those days!) since it was also developed by Microprose. The chase cam-only view is distinctive, but was necessary to help you judge your plane's position relative to the ground when you only had your instruments and wireframes to show the runway. This isn't to say you couldn't do an ILS landing, they took pride in the fact that you COULD.

      Yes, Sid Meier. They thought Sid how to fly when he was developing Solo Flight, you know.

  • Cool.

    that's my take.

  • How could you forget about Space Invaders, Mario, and/or Tetris?

    • I did not but I was trying not to make the take a essay lol but they were great games , I have Tetris on GB emulator