Bullying is wrong People, it's not a Game!

Several days in my school years I have been a surviver from bullying. Many days in my elementry school I would be called names such as stupid tattle tale etc . Only because I thought to tell the truth. Elementry school a girl thought I had cursed but I didn't it was a lie. Middle school I tried to find good in someone and she betrayed my trust. Telling me that I was beneath her. Why people bully is beyond me and I hated it. Eventually I became insecure about myself and I would cry myself to sleep sometimes asking why? why do they do this to me? the one question that a person would ask when they are bullied. That girl that tried to get me in trouble, the other one that did the same. Every school that I went to until college I was being bullied in some matter. Sometimes even I thought that my parents were bullys when I hope they do what they do is love me which they do. But there comes a point in time when bullying makes you numb and the realization when that occurs is a painful realization.

Why do some people want to cause heartache? If any of you people have had some form of bullying speak up and tell another individuale that its not true. Bullying is no joking matter.


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  • I transferred high schools during junior year and for whatever reason I pissed off this dude that was 6'6. However, he was really lanky and I wasn't a shy person who would put up with the bullying. I'd defend myself when he tried to start something with me so none of his friends ever stepped in or bothered me because they saw I was more than willing to fight back.

    However, I know there are a lot of kids who get harassed but are more timid than me and they probably just get barraged on a daily basis. Schools don't really try all that hard to fix the issue. If they catch the bully and the victim they think just giving them both detention will solve the issue by itself but that does nothing to help.

    • I agree schools don't do enough. At my old school we used to have an anti bullying assembly every year to prevent these things but within a weeks time everyone would already be doing the exact opposite of what was intended. They need to teach these kids how to stick up for them selves and others too.

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  • I'm pretty lucky in that, I've been bullied, massively, to the point where I'd be crying every. single. day.

    But, where I get lucky is. I never realised they were bullying me. So I harbour no grudge against the people who enjoyed annoying me, making fun of me and excluding me They're pretty good people now (for the most part. Others are still bitches) so I'm glad that I don't hate them.

    I had always considered bullying as a physical thing. Having pictures put up, being pushed, being actively teased for the same thing over an over, having things thrown at me. That's how the teachers had always explained bullying. They'd never mentioned the psychological kind that I'd been receiving right under their noses.

    Sure I felt horrible, but I didn't realise it was because of my classmates.

    Thankfully though I still have that cluelessness. I've had so many people try to take me out recently, (as in insult me heavily, or lay bait to start an argument) and I haven't realised. I've just continued on my own jolly way with my weird arse grin and a yup. Call me a bitch and I'll agree with you. I will take that power away.


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  • " Eventually I became insecure about myself and I would cry myself to sleep sometimes asking why?"

    You are not alone. Unfortunately bullies are allowed to do what they do even as we get older because no one seems to care as long as they are not the target. Even so called authority figures such as teachers don't want to be bothered:(

    Perhaps they were or are bullies themselves and secretly think its funny and the bullied need to "get over it." The best we can do is stand up to the bullies and stand up for those who are being bullied!

  • Build self confidence and ego, it repels bullies.

  • Those, who bully usually fail on their own and want to drag everybody else at their level if not below. You are better than they are - do not become them!

  • I'm sure most of us don't really bully to a significant degree.

    • You got lucky than when I was growing up bullying was very common.

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    • I commend you. I was bullied a few times in grade school but never after that. I even became friends with the guy (after he got detention). It's so long ago that I don't think about it anymore...

    • Emotional scars last but can be healed. :)

  • I've never. been or have Bullied Some people do it for attention some are just plain jerks

  • some people deserve to be bullied

    • Wrong. Some people do not deserve to live and must die.

    • @Unit1 - isn't it obvious by his opinion that some people really deserve to be bullied lol

    • Have you ever thought that people who are bullies bully others because:
      a) they to were bullied
      b. They are jerks
      c. They don't care about others
      d All of the above to some degree.

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  • I was lucky enough not to have all of that happen to me thankfully but I would be lying If I was to say I never was excluded or made fun of ever in my life. I can still recall a few times when I was younger when people made fun of how I spoke because I had a speach impediment. I recall this one girl who I brought into my small group of friends who one day where she randomly started to hate me. She started spreading rumors about me behind my back and told lies right in front of my face. Then there were the girls in class who passed out party invitations to basically every one but me. I could probably go on for hours about all the things I've been through but the sad thing is that I know that a lot of people have much worse stories.