Stop Bullying! It Can End Lives!

Tears flooded down my cheeks as I looked at my reflection staring back at me.

I no longer could see myself anymore, instead, I saw all of the horrible names

I had been called daily.

This was not the first time I begged and pleaded with my Mother to transfer me to another school.

My life would be so much better than the hell I had to put up with day in and day out;

that the parents, teachers, and principals could not stop!

My Mother refused to send me to another school.

She told me in the end, I'd be much stronger than I am now.

If I ran away from problems instead of facing them, I'd continue running away from them my entire life.

I did not know that she was teaching me a lesson, that I'd carry with me forever.

As an adult, In the years to come, I had been in situations that have challenged me mentally, physically and emotionally. Instead of running away when the going gets tough, I've been capable of knowing that I can hold my grip on things. I will carry through. No one or anything will ever break or stop me!

The distraught me, did not know those tender teenage years, would be those that would

shape and mold me into the adult I am today.

Back then, I could not think that far ahead.

All I knew was that, I was at a time in my life, that I hated.

I wanted out!

Stop Bullying! It Can End Lives!

I was belittled so much, that I could no longer see myself for who I was.

Every time I looked in the mirror, I would see a reflection of all of the names I was called.

I was damaged psychologically.

I used to be this vibrant girl full of personality and life.

All of that was sucked out of me.

I was the target in school.

I was chosen to be hated.

I went to a small high school, where every one knew every body.

When that one popular kid chose to dislike me, literally everyone

in the entire school did.

I remember one day I overheard one of my classmates say to another girl,

"Why do you hate Stacy?", she sat there and thought really hard about the question, only

to not be able to come up with an answer.

She hated me because every one else did.

She did not have a mind of her own.

The people who I thought were my friends were not.

They all participated in my demise.

They never defended me.

They laughed with the popular crowd when jokes were made about me,

they even threw in their own.

When I confronted my so-called friends about their behavior,

they yelled at me and said "So, what! The jokes were funny! I can laugh!"

I didn't know what having a friend felt like.

I was literally hurt by every one who I was supposed to love, confide in,

and trust.

During the years of endured bullying,

I became overtook with emotions, some of which were hate.

I dealt with this abuse for years, coming to a point where I wanted to kill these people.

I even thought about killing myself.

They took my life from me, so why couldn't I take theirs?

Bullying doesn't just lead to lost of self.

It leads to lost of lives.


By being one of the people that laugh at others,

you are allowing yourself to be a participant of the bullying.

You are an associate of those negative acts.

By sitting there and responding the way you do to others being bullied,

you are showing your encouragement to the victimizer.

You have become just as bad as the person, who is holding the weapon of


Effects of bullying

(1) Columbine highschool massacre

The Columbine High School massacre was a school shooting that occurred on April 20, 1999, Both of the shooters were classified as gifted children and had allegedly been victims of bullying for four years. A year later, an analysis by officials at the US Secret Service of 37 premeditated school shootings found that bullying, which some of the shooters described "in terms that approached torment," played the major role in more than two-thirds of the attacks. A similar theory was expounded by Brooks Brown in his book on the massacre; he noted that teachers commonly looked the other way when confronted with bullying. Columbine

(2) The effects of bullying on a young boy.

He has been hurt so much that even he himself wants to become the person that does the bullying.

(3) Young girl takes her own life due to bullying.

Beautiful, smart, young girl commits suicide because she can no longer deal with her daily hell.

No bullying story is the same.

Bullying stories differ from person to person,

with the severity level being different.

People don't handle what they go through the same, because of this

the overall outcome of bullying is uncertain.

But what we do know is that it is very common for:

  • Victims of bullying to become the victimizer.
  • Victims of bullying to commit suicide.
  • Victims of bullying to gain psychological damage (or depression) in their lives.

If you are a victim of bullying I encourage you to not keep this in, reach out to your loved ones.

If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or depression, please let those close to you know.

You can be helped!

It's never too late!

If you are strong enough,

find your voice.

Stand up to those bullies!

No one has the right to detach you from yourself!

You are strong, beautiful, and worthy of respect!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I personally think time and energy is better spent teaching young people to be strong and independent and self confident and not victims to anything or anyone no matter what you look like or where you come from. If I'm able to make you feel any type of way about yourself you haven't done your job in terms of self love. Half the time I bully people on this site is to prove that point that anyone and everyone can be unbothered by the negative opinions of others (this obvious excludes bullying that utilizes violence.) Rather than making this site a mecca for the hurt and bullied, why not a place that gets people away from a victim mindset?

    • By sharing my story and making people aware of the effects of bullying , and urging them to get help that contributes to helping the problem. There are multiple ways.

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    • This is a good point and very true.

    • Why not both? You can't magically change a culture of "victim mindset" so you have to factor in that bullying, even with that intention, could put someone over the edge.

Most Helpful Girl

  • My method for not letting the bullying bother me back in primary school. Was to not realise I was being bullied in the first place.
    Name calling, exclusion, being told to shut up if I laughed when over hearing a joke.
    It wasn't bad bullying, but if I'd recognised that they weren't just playing around and legit didn't like me it really would have got to me. I'm a people pleaser.

    That's my method. It's still working. I know there are people that don't like me now, but it's easy to trick myself into thinking it's nothing personal, they treat everyone that way.


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What Guys Said 31

  • I hate to be kind of a downer here but im pretty sure most bullies know that theyre hurting people, they just dont give a shit. Hurting people is their intention. I've heard of bullying stories where the victim killed themselves and the bullies were tweeting and writing statuses about how they were glad they died.
    I mean we tell people that crime is bad but there are still criminals in this world, because they dont care that what they are doing is bad.
    I've had "stop bullying" campaigns at my elementary, middle, and high school and I still got bullied.
    There should be more campaigns for the actual victims about how to overcome bullies, what to do, and stuff like that. I think that would be more helpful than just saying "stop being mean"

    • I believe by spreading awareness on the effects of bullying , the amount of victims can be reduce. Some people bully others because they follow the crowd like in my case.
      Not all bullies are psychopaths.
      Those that are , clearly cannot be reached.

  • You know what you have to do to bullies? Punch them in the mouth really hard.

  • i refuse to live as a fucking bystander

  • "No bullying story is the same.

    Bullying stories differ from person to person," True, but I'm willing to guess that more times than not "the parents" of the "bully" knew that their kid was a POS from the start of things. And if so (when it applies) I always wondered why didn't the "daddy/mama" beat the brakes off their son/daughter every time that they heard about them bullying somebody at school to give em a taste of their own medicine? Sounds like the right thing to do to me.

    nice take

    • Well, in my case there were more than a dozen bullies including instigators. Parents can't just whop everyones ass can they? There comes a point where the problem is bigger than every one. My parents were up in the school when things got out of hand. Sadly, some of these bullies have parents that don't give a damn and there's not much the school system can do but suspend them for a few days, and then they are back.

      When I was little (8), my father would literally pick a kid up by the collar of their shirt, threaten them and they'd leave me alone.
      In highschool the number of bullies are multiplied.

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    • Ya know since they're (friends) usually the 1's that they're (bully) trying to impress it seems.

    • Definitely!
      I mean, what would possess someone to go around wanting to make peoples lives a living a hell for sole enjoyment? Sadly, I've seen that some of these kids parents have the same crappy attitude as well. My Mom is a retired school teachers, and the stories she would tell me about parents coming up to the school enraged because they did not want to believe their kids were scums of the Earth. Being in-denial is such a terrible thing.

      I like your method however.
      With parents that do care, they need to do the best they can to stop their children from showing this negative behavior.

  • i also was bullied, compared to others lightly, but stil. the hatred against me turned into hatred against them. the "main bully" left the school like 3 years after i joined, 1 year more and i think i would have exploded, i dont know what i would have done to him...

    what if the target is a psycho and snapped much earlier, also what if this would happen in the usa with all the guns out there. bullying can end lives...
    death doesn't have to be caused by suicide, but it could also be caused by homocide.

  • You should report those 5 guys and that fake friend that was going to set you up to the police. It is never too late. They all deserve prison time. Also I have sympathy for you. I used to watch a kid get bullied in High School in a class and other kids laughed while other kids stayed quiet. The teacher was a jerk and didn't do much unless it got really out of hand. Also, even though I am Latino and the kid that was being bullied said something racist towards some of the bullies one time, the teacher didn't say anything to the bullies that one time, he just ignored it, but when the kid that was being bullied said''Dam Mexicans'' the teacher that was walking by at the time to head toward the front of the classroom stopped and pointed his finger in the kids face and said''Hey!!! I don't want to hear that crap, you hear me!!!'' He said it loud too. Even though it was wrong the victim said something racist, he didn't say anything toward the bullies when they said something What a douchebag. I had the same bullying victim in another class. And the same exact bullies were in that class too, but everyone in the class was different. Even the teacher was different, she did similar things to what the other teacher did. She did tell the kids to stop with the bullying but she was not strict enough about it, the kids still kept up with the bullying. She didn't tell the kids firmly to stop until after the bully victim threatened violence and suicide. Dam bitch. My best friend was also bullied but in just one classroom and she didn't do much. Different teacher.

    • It's terrible that the teachers took no action. My mom was also a victim of bullying and she was a teacher for over twenty years. She would single out the bully and embarrass them if they did that to other kids. The bullying would stop.

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    • **kept her head forward

    • I understand, and I am glad your mom took action. I am sorry about her being a victim of bullying as well. I am sorry about your attempted rape experience. I know you say you are strong but do you think you need therapy for you attempted rape and bullying experience? It can help you even be more stronger than you are already.

  • <3

    “Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
    ― A. A. Milne

  • i hold my head low well reading your post and almost started crying because i could have wrote it my self just never been able to put it in to words like you did. i never could finish reading it. even at 40 the scares run so deep even though the torment has stopped. if i wouldn't have found my wife i feel i wouldn't probably be here today. she went thew the same things as i did and we hold each other up every day. and that is the big reason we never had kids because we didn't want to bring a kid in this fucked up world.

    • I am so sorry for what you <3 may you continue to hold eachother and give one another strength

    • *for what you have gone through <3

  • Bullying will never stop, unfortunately.
    And more unfortunately, not everyone will be able to take it.
    Its another one of those problems with no real solutions, that i can see :|

    • True. But if we spread awareness on its severity don't you think we can reduce it?

    • Yeah, hopefully a lot.
      And its a great thing for anybody to do:)

  • I saw lots of bullying towards other people when I was younger. At this time in life of course I would have done something about it, but back then I failed to see that the victims were actually hurt, like it didn't "seem that bad"

    At a younger age, It is way worse for the victims of bullying then what it actually looks like from the sideline.

  • We need to start teaching kids to stop acting like victims and start seeing wif we are being the bully.

    • By definition a victim is someone who is a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action. So, by telling someone who is not constantly name called, physically hit and mentally abused on a daily basis, that they are not a victim, that is undermining their experiences and what they have gone through.

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    • Maybe parting ways was for the best.
      It's not great what you did, but it's great you recognize that bad decision and hopefully won't do it again? I hope?

    • Yes, I hope to never find myself doing that again.

  • You are aware saying this will change absolutely nothing and do absolutely nothing?

    People have been bullied since the begining of our specie, And they will continue to be bullied until we are wiped off this rock.

    Some people are naturally superior to others, And have the ability to bully them, I mean, If your ugly for example, You are going to get bullied, End of story. Nothing you can do to change that, And life is gonna suck.

    Lets just accept this already and move on.

    • People write myTakes to surface their opinion for those who are interested in reading it.

      You're coming here with a disgusting and defensive attitude , if people putting their opinions out on a certain topic offends you so much , why click to read? You can carry on if you feel. Your opinion was worthless and irrelevant

      I have every right to share my bullying experience , share the effects it may cause and urge those who feel suicidal to reach out. Spreading awareness on effects can help reduce it.

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    • Matey, Looks completely define not only the way you are treated in life, But the value of your life.

      I mean, Just look at shit like this -

      Its painful how true it is. Unfortauntely im afraid, The value of us, As beings, Is simply decided by a Genetic lottery before we're even born, And sadly if one draws the short straw and gets the shitty genes, Well... They're going to have a pretty shitty time.

      Sadly that just how it works, Hell, Would be cool if it didn't work, And everyone was born good looking, BUt, Thats never gonna happen, I guess we just gotta accept the reality that bullying is a reality, And, In many ways the victims deserve it, Due to their sheer unluck.

    • That picture is so true lol, they think I'm this weirdo cuz I always talk with friends about sci-fi stuff and laugh like a crazy. Also never starting a conversation isn't helping me either >< but I can't change myself that easily.

  • Bullies are pieces of filth who have nothing better to do than degrade a person to the point where they think suicide is the only option. If i see any of my bullies again they are going to be getting some strong words from me and maybe a well deserved punch in the face

  • Im pleased you pointed out the link between bullying and massacres, here in Uk we nearly had major terror attacks by bullied teenagers, one guy planned to blow up his entire town because of bullying. And just last month some guy planned a massacre on his college because he was bullied. Did you know the effects of bullying have been found to remain with victims at age 50. here in UK there has been talk about making it a specific criminal offence

  • Kids can't stand up to bullies nowadays because bullies have too many rights.

  • Just learn how to either not give a fuck about others, or strike back if needed.

  • nahhh people need to just not be such bitches about things. pc culture is ruining civilization.

  • Sometimes bullies can serve a good part in your life, hardening people and encourage them to either become a bully or an anti-bully. Those who bully others learn from their mistakes when it actually happens to them by an even bigger bully.

    I at one point was both bullied and bullied others and found out how self centered a guy I was, not because of me being bullied but the things I've done.

    Those cruel memories haunt me forever.

  • The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I've Ever Seen

  • i am so sorry that happened to you but I hope you are okay

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What Girls Said 17

  • I agree bullying should stop and people should be educated on it. I don't at all disagree with this take. However I do believe in raising kids to be tougher and how to remove the power of words, because I was frail when I was young, and it wasn't until I realized I was the only person who could give the words people said to me power - no one could hurt me by saying anything again. I also feel schools need to step in more, parents need to be more aware, and we have to raise our kids to understand that people will always try to hurt you, but you don't have to let them.

    All in all, good take, great message.

    • true shit. words are just words. people choose to believe what they read or hear. granted, if someone is constantly in your grill 24/7, that might be different, but there's nothing stopping you from fighting back with words or just not believing it, especially if what they're saying is not true.

  • I was bullied the whole way through high school too. It makes you feel so vulnerable, you always feel exposed. I used to be so positive and outgoing, now I'm the opposite.

  • Just to add some perspective.

    In school, I studied, got good grades and had no interest in sports. I was tall, thin and had glasses and braces. My clothes were not trendy or stylish.

    I was bullied. I had few friends. In fact, none.

    I was able to ignore it and graduate with honors.

    After I graduated, I came in to my own. Lost the glasses and braces, grew out my hair, developed very nicely. I burst into the dating scene, made many friends, and had a kick ass time through out young adulthood. My proudest moment was running into a guy who had been one of my tormentors in school and didn't recognize me. He was drooling and trying to hit on me. I played along for a bit, then laughed, told him who I was and that he could shove it. I stayed long enough for him to repeat my name incredulously, then leaned in and said "Who's sorry now?" He stumbled over apologies as I bounced off to my friends. Sweet victory.

    I married and although it ended up not working out, I have a gorgeous, smart daughter. I am dating an intelligent, sexy hot man and bringing in nearly 90k a year in a career most people dream about.

    Guys, life is more than a few short, miserable years. You WILL have a future better than anything you can imagine.

    And those bullies will be serving your cokes and fries to you through the drive through window.

    You will get through this and emerge tougher, smarter and better than you can ever imagine.

  • I'm sorry, but bad parenting is the real problem. too many kids don't trust their parent enough to go to them. or worse, they go to the parent and instead of the parents threatening to take legal action against the school, they tell their kids to just ignore them

    as well, schools ignoring it because it's one of their star players or whatever doing the bullying. let's be real, teachers and other faculty members know who's being bullied and who's doing it. they just don't care enough to get involved.

    everyone gets made fun of by somebody. the only real thing that causes it to be bullying is whether or not the person on the receiving end cares what others have to say or if those people actually assault them and they don't defend themselves.

  • Iv gotten bullied before and it was online and I was told I was things like a ugly whore selfish trailer trash and Iv would be bullied because I'm specail needs and girls would perpresher me to be bi or les and I kept saying no and when I did girls would get up set or curse at me and ignore me

  • It's not right to bully people I've been in School a couple of times losing my temper. I exploded because I Couldn't cope with being called names so I lost my temper. I said the most horrible things about the people that did it. I was going to get worse. i don't know how I managed. I stood up to them all. They were all boys. I am proud of who I am. I don't care if I'm not perfect. At least I'm kind unlike some people. no offence but bullies get on my nerves and they have no feelings at all. Stand up to the bullies.

  • Nice take. It's disturbing how unaware people are of the damage they could be causing others or the fact that they just don't care.

  • I am a victim of bullying, name any bullying and I will tell u what happened. I am definitely not bragging about this. I am just saying I have been cybebullied, harrassed, abused (by a friend). I thought to end it was the only way out, my family found out and helped me. I was close. So close. Don't do it it hurts people.

  • This struck so close to home. I was there never thought of ending my life the rest almost like being 14 again.

  • Lets be honest people that kill themselves because of bullying are generally very weak people in need of psychological help and are unable to function properly as an adult in a very mean world. The one thing I learned from my relentless bullying experience was to always fight back no matter what and not to let myself be a victim.

    • Yes, I fought back as well (eventually).
      But realistically a victim is someone who is injured in response to someone else. So depending on the extent of your bullying, you were a victim.
      And yes, I agree those who kill themselves were weak and couldn't handle it.
      It doesn't change the fact that people handle things differently, and if they feel they are towards that point they should reach out to others.

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    • Perhaps you should do a few takes to prevent black on black murder, gang culture and why having a clean criminal record is so important.

    • I think people already know how to prevent these things. Simply, just don't get yourself wrapped up with the wrong crowd. But, certain teens give into temptation and what to do what they feel is cool. (I am glad you aren't one of them).
      In all fairness however, this wasn't just a black thing.
      I went to a mixed school.

  • 1|0
    • Thanks for sharing!
      Beautiful video.
      I really hope this gives someone the courage to fight that is going through this now.

    • Thanks

  • I am a survivor too I don't know how I made it through my high school years either.

  • Sad to know parents don't know what their kids do behind their backs or are leading by example to bully others

  • You can either kill or be killed. Pick a side

  • How did you stand up to the bullies? Your mom sounds really cool.

    • I eventually started cursing them back out and not being afraid. But like I said I was outnumbered and even some of the bullies were bloods and crips. I did what I could do to defend myself but it still hurt and couldn't stop it

    • That sounds really hardcore. I'm happy you survived it and don't think it's your fault.

  • ugh that cut up arm was so disturbing. Who would do that to themselves?

    • I had a friend in high school who carved the word "hate" into her arm

  • he will always have bully we can't do anything to that, just talk to all people and make them stronger by recomfort them

    • Yes , we cannot get rid of what will always exist.
      This is why I wanted to share my story , to spread awareness of the effect and encourage those who feel suicidal to reach out

    • And the title is in reference to reducing bullying. Realistically we cannot stop it as a whole but we can make it better.