Why you should NOT bully, and why people do it! (Seriously guys this is REAL)

You shouldn’t bully people because you don’t know how it feels and some people do!!!

People commit suicide and cut them selfves and why!? Because they can’t handle the pain or name callings or being picked on some victims can step up to the bullies and some can’t. The bullies should feel bad they should hate themselves for what they do! Some bullies stop and some don’t and because there are gossip, cyber bully, harassment, mean words, rumours and other reasons why they they bully.

The reason people bully is because they like seeing people suffer. One of the primary reasons children participate in bullying behavior is because they don’t know how to handle differences between people.

For instance, they may bully children who are gay or those who aren’t good at sports. Anytime children exhibit behavior that are different from the other children, it can make them a potential target. While some children are incredibly tolerant and even ignorant of differences, there are others who notice them and just don’t handle them appropriately. This is often one of the easiest types of bullying to remedy with education and compassion.

Some individuals are more likely to bully other children as a way to get attention. Even though they will draw negative attention, it is often better than feeling ignored. As you dig deeper, looking for answers to why do people bully, you will find that some people just don’t know how to make friends and resort to this behavior in an attempt to make people become their friends. However, this often means people are their friends out of fear, not true caring. And that’s why you should not bully and reasons why people bully others.

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself.

-Tim Fields
Why you should NOT bully, and why people do it. (Seriously guys this is REAL)


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