15 best rock songs ever

These are genre classics, fan favourites and my personal favourites that i think newcomers to rock music or metal music can enjoy and make them more viable to become a fan...

15. Killswitch engage - My curse

This came off the album that was featured in resident evil: apocalypse..

This was not featured in the film, but in my opinion it should have , as it is a metalcore/rock anthemic song. Howard's singing vocals, the perfect mix of melodic groove rock and screamo, not too extreme or screamy, but still enough to headbang to, there's hardcore breakdowns and groovey harmonics, but a pop feel to it aswell.

14. At the gates - Slaughter of the soul

This one is a bit more heavier, but none the less a classic staple of melo-death.

In 1995, this song and the whole at the gate's album in 1995. defined metalcore and modern rock music.

Just listen to the main anthemic riff, so melodic. but still retains the heaviness of death metal.

13. Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit

Grunge, Nirvana's best and most well known record...The song everyone knows but can't remember the name to...or the lyrics....

Where ....the ...duh duh........oh yeah that song?

12. Black veil Brides - Set the World on fire

11. Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag

10. Slipknot - Before I forget

9. Soufly - World Scum

Nu-metallers, groove metal. Whatever you wanna call it..... I don't care, all i know is soulfly rocks....

Formed from cavalera conspiracy and former sepultura vocalist/guitarist Max cavalera.

You have the double bass drumming and cattle decapitation's vocalist backing vocals, and neo-brazilian rock style riffs

8. Paramore - Crush Crush Crush

Pop punk emo, but still not bad...

7. Necrophagist - Epitaph

Necrophagist is a little weird and alien to some people, and takes a while getting used to... They have a lot of classical and jazz influences.... it's pure technical death metal with a twist...

But once you do, you can apprecieate Turkish guitarist Muhammad Suicmez fine sweeps and arpeggio and weird style influenced by Neo-classical rock guitarist Ygwie Malmsteen

6. Origin - Infinite

This one is pure tech-death, technical death metal. fusing the abrasive and aggresiveness of death metal with the complex and progressive elements of progressive rock and jazz music...

It's groovey, fun and heavy.....song to thrash around to.

5. Slayer - Raining Blood

Slayer's iconic 9 note riff, the creepy parrelel fourth harmonies, chromatic riffs.

Spooky atmosphere, thrash metal almost going death metal

the nice little thrashy breakdown at 2:11 , and the rain adds to it.

4. Carcass - Heartwork

Micheal Amott's former band, Carcass from england liverpool. Before he went to form Arch enemy. This was his main band, and this argubably their best record off their best album..

Basically the Beatles on Steroids and acid, It's heavy , it's melodic and groovey at the same time..

3. Soilwork - Rejection Role

2. Evanscence - Bring me to Life

1. Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal

A cover of Micheal Jackson's Smooth criminal, rock version........so cool.


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  • Some of these aren't even rock... and more than half of them are really bad. o. O


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  • I think there should have been some Metallica in there. They were a huge metal/rock cornerstone that helped lay the foundation for this genre and some others as well. They were years before their time and still kick major ass today. Every concert they have ever done, has (I believe) sold out pretty much, and sold out quickly. Also there should be some Sublime. Can't have Nirvana without Sublime! I think this would better accomplish your music list goal. I give you much credit on the work you did to put it all together though. Everyone will have a different opinion on what should make the list so...


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  • This is all screamo teen rock.

    No disturbed, jethro tull, acdc, limp bizkit, barenaked ladies, cake, rage against the amchine, or red hot chili peppers?

  • I consider this screamo and not traditional rock. I came in here thinking you meant classic/traditional rock like Guns n Roses or Led Zeppelin songs. I'm not much into heavy metal/screamo

  • What a joke of a list! The only good songs on here aren't even rock.

  • Makes a list of best rock songs while completely ignoring the 60's, 70's, and 80's while simultaneously including songs that are not "rock" music.

    Seems legit.

  • The only one I agree with is Nirvana.

  • No. most good rock songs go back to led zeppelin the doors etc etc

  • my opinion, nate wants to battle-live long to be a hero is the best.