Why don't people believe me when I say I don't feel pretty?

I am a highly insecure person. Like I have a million insecure quirks. Sometimes I literally put my hand over my face so people don't see me.

Honestly if you were to ask me about my looks I'd say i don't really think of myself as attractive. I'm too tall and skinny and I have a weirdly shaped face and my boobs and ass aren't big enough and I look like tired and really crappy without makeup. I also hate the way i talk my smile my laugh my body language pretty much everything.

I do get a lot of compliments and hit ons and all that and I guess I'm 'known' for being pretty by people who know me but see whenever I see that I don't see myself as pretty... I feel like I somehow fooled them into thinking I was pretty.

I've gotten to the point where im constantly bashing myself and telling people they're wrpng when they compliment me and nobody believes that im insecure. One of my friends said I was like acacia Brinley and was just looking for attention. I have had people literally get angry with me over this.

Why can't people believe that I genuinely don't like myself? And does anyone else have this problem? It feels shitty because I fucking HATE being insecure so it's really upsetting when people think I'm faking it
Why don't people believe me when I say I don't feel pretty?
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