Why do people like my friends and family say I am good looking when I know I am not? I hate it.

A lot of my friends (including my one female friend, who was attracted to me for a while but I didn't notice) say I am good looking, but I know I am not and their just being nice. I mean I am 5 ft 8 220 lbs and have short brown hair, and most of my guy friends say I look like Zach Galifiafinakis (Allan from the Hangover) without the beard. I know they are just trying to be nice, but I hate it. I am an ugly dude. I'm okay with it. I mean I know that I'm not good looking enough to get the girls I want. I don't wanna be some fat loser trying to get with good looking girls and failing. Anyway, is it normal to hate it when my friends and family tell me this, because I hate it because I know they are just being nice, plus with family, you never say that your kid is ugly, even if their face is burned off by acid and they weigh 800 lbs. You have to say your kid is beautiful unless you are a sick parent


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  • Some girl will think your awesome. Lose some weight if what you have is not muscle, and accept the compliments. Trust me SOMEONE out there will think your beautiful how you are (yeah, your a guy, but you get what I'm saying) Love yourself, and people will love you. And if your female friend was attracted to you, and said you were good looking, I'm sure she wasn't lying. Parents will tell you look good no matter what, (they tell ME that too, even when I'm not wearing makeup) but I don't think this girl was lying to you. Be confident in yourself and take the compliments, and not worry if you think they are lying or not. I'm sure your not as bad looking as you think, so many people unfortunately don't see themselves clearly. Again: Love yourself, and people will love you.


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  • Why not loose weight man? I mean, only if you're not comfortable with how you feel now.

    • Well I've tried and its hard, plus its not like I am a lazy fatass who eats mcdonalds all day. I work for my cities street department paving roads and such, and I've done a lot of physical work since I was 17. Most people tell me I look like I am 190, and also I have been trying, to lose more and I was around 230 about a month and a half ago, but I am just a big guy, and I don't eat terribly

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    • Trust me, I no I ain't hideous, just average, but nobody wants average. You want the best you can get

    • Well if the day ever comes that your face gets messed up horribly, your gonna kill for average.

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