Charles Manson was sort of cute: discuss?

Aaaaaaaand here he is:
Charles Manson was sort of cute: discuss?
Hey, I figure that if Hitler gets to have a post left up, this should be perfectly all right. Manson is small fry in comparison. I'm not condoning what he did, but you have to admit he is cute?

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  • good grief, you google pictures of Manson's crime scene from August 69 and tell me that is cute.. actually he wasn't there to be fair but a very pregnant Sharon Tate butchered is not a pretty sight... hang the man

    • He is terrible. I'm trying to tell GAG something.

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    • No i am totally with you... nothing wrong with the post. everything wrong with the guy. I was only 1 month old when he did what he did, but he is the very one person that makes me go off on one.. you probably noticed!!

    • Thanks. I think my post backfired. But I agree, awful, awful deeds. I read up on it on Find A Grave, and... those poor, poor souls.

  • Son, you are talking about things you , obviously know nothing about. Charlie Manson was a nut job. He murdered the weak. He should have been put down the day he was convicted.

    And you are worried about his looks? And his comparison to Adolf Hitler?

    Hitler was a world leader who crawled out of the sewers on the backs of the Jews who he used as scapegoats. He had little value but knew that Germany was falling apart after WWI and that his people needed a common enemy. So he gave them one. He, as well was a weak man who murdered the innocent. He deserved his death.

    Son, are you as ignorant as you are indicating here?

    • Okay, you missed the sarcasm.

      The fact is, some neo-nazi idiot posted a question praising Hitler. I reported it, but everyone else and GAG seem to be perfectly okay with this propaganda.

      So this is my response. If Hitler-propaganda is okay, let's see how far we can stretch it until GAG gets its act together and removes posts praising horrible mass-murderers.

    • Okay. I hear your point. I have seen a lot of the neo-Nazi sycophantic BS. Common to all of those that I have read is an inherent ignorance. Ignorance not only of what Hitler represented, but of what he actually stood for and how he came to power. Most of the things I have seen are pathetic attempts to gain attention. Let the ignorant be ignorant. Don't worry about squelching their voice. Let everyone read it and they will be seen as ignorant and juvenile.

      Hitler... poor leader, weak general, lacked moral underpinning, devout hypocrite. He was a scared little man, lucky enough to be born in a time when mass media could be manipulated to allow his starving country see him as a solution.

    • You know your shit. Kudos :)

      Normally I would just leave it, but it really irks me that suicide posts are removed but Hitler posts are left up. Consistency, please!

  • beard and cute?

    impossible 8)


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