Has anyone suffered 'I can't believe he/she doesn't want me' Syndrome?

Has anyone ever suffered from requiring validation from someone in a relationship? You know they can't give you what you are looking for or that they can't commit to you because they aren't that person.
I dated my ex for around a year and a half, hoping he would decide he wanted me or that he would work out I was what he was looking for all along. I wasn't and he wasn't relationship material. I think I Knew all along that he wasn't good for me, he was inconsistent, openly didn't know what he wanted, he blew hot and cold and I never quite felt good enough but I stuck around hoping he would have some sort of miracle wave over him and that he would wake up and see how caring and loving and good for him I was. Eventually I think he did wake up a bit and h started to appreciate me a little but by this point I was on my way out. I now wonder if it was the validation I stuck around for and once I started to get it I was ready tp move on?

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  • No, fuck him. Know your worth, be understanding and objective with yourself.
    1. If someone can't appreciate you for what you bring to the table until he losses you, he didn't deserve you in the first place because he can't appreciate things till he loses them (means he takes things for granted, you dont want to fuck with ungrateful people like that).
    2. Someone who truly loves and values you will make you feel as such, because he will be smart and mature enough to see your value for what it is worth, and be eternally grateful for having you, you won't have to search or wait for the validation because you will feel it. If you aren't feeling it, then no point waiting or searching for it, it won't come while the two of you are together, and as i said in point 1, if it comes after he loses yah, he did not deserve yah.


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  • Yes!! I have literally had someone say "I wish we had met five years later. We would have been perfect for each other." basically meaning he wasn't at the point to settle down now and love maturally. No offense intended to him; in fact, I respect the hell out of him for realizing this and letting me know we were currently on separate paths - he was looking for today, I was looking towards tomorrow. His self awareness is what made me fall for him, actually, and his honest admission helped me move on. Lots of emo song listening followed, of course. :) "maybe in another time, you could have been mine..."


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  • I dont have that syndrome beause i am accustomed that nobody wants me , i am ugly this is the only thing that i suffer being ugly effects my life i wish i wasn't ugly


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