Why do you have to be pretty to work at Hollister?

I'm sorry but WTF.
I'm not concerned or anything, I don't think i'm hideous, and don't plan on working there in the future, but i've noticed that when I shop there, the girls are super pretty and the men are really attractive.
And apparently, you have to get picked or something to work there? And in some cases you can ask for the job.
So it is true, my cousin works at Hollister, and she says they look for a particular look and you can't have a fake tan, extensions, you're only allowed to wear a limited ammount of makeup, and you have to be really thin, she said its not like a rule there but when she applied for the job the manager told her to try to steer away from these things when she comes in to work.
I just think its super discriminating and rude. Beauty is skin deep and I don't see why they have to have attractive people as employees. Do they think it will steer customers away or something. This literally makes me want to stop working at Hollister or Abercrombie. The store should shut down.


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  • The maker of abercrombie already said that he doesn't want ugly people wearing his clothes and that his clothes are only for attractive people. Google it. He's ugly as hell by the way.


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  • It is only skin deep, but it's actually just a fact that people that look "attractive" seem "better" when it comes to selling stuff.

    Even though it's superficial, if a girl like this,


    was working at a store, a large portion of people would feel uncomfortable. If you have people that "look really good" selling clothes that "look really good" that are worn by people that "look really good", then people subconsciously feel better about wearing them because they think "Oh, if I buy this, then I could look really good in it!" because they've seen what it can look like on someone "really attractive." It's stupid, yes, but, whether people realize or not, they do it all the time. If a random, good-looking stranger walked by you on the street and asked you if you had a dollar on you that they could borrow, you'd likely think nothing of it and be happy to give it to them. However, often times when people see a homeless person that smells bad and has crooked teeth and they ask people for money, they usually get uncomfortable around them. I'm using an extreme example to make my point. And that is, that people will subconsciously be more apt to buy something from someone that looks "attractive" and "professional" than someone who is "meh." Even people that aren't shallow will subconsciously do it. And businesses know it. That's why they exploit it.

    • If Hooters was filled with really flat chested girls that were really ugly, I know guys (or girls if they're into Hooters and the stuff the girls there do) would feel really uncomfortable if the girls started rubbing their chests on the guys as they're serving them. They want the "attractive" ones because they sell what Hooters is trying to sell. Food and boobs. Hollister is trying to sell that their clothes are really attractive and do that by making sure their employees "match" their goal. It's vain, yes, but it's incredibly effective.

    • You have a good point and you're right, if its for business its business and I know its to attract more people, in fashion you need attractive people wearing and selling your stuff so people can say "Ooh I wanna wear that". Like on pinterest or wanelo (an app like pinterest) I noticed clothes got saved more when the model had a perfect body, rather than average. They think if it looks good on that person it will look good on them and they want to look like that person. But its still offensive, I guess my question was more like "Don't you think its discriminating to have to be attractive to work at Hollister" bc I kind of know why.
      I mean its his business but its no reason to do that, I mean the employees are trained to try to steer fat people out of their store! Like, there's millions of other shops, I just think its rude of them.

  • I had heard about that in Abercrombie but people still go there - Looks discrimination is so hard to prove because it is never overtly stated but it is very prevalent among front line service occupations

    • Well this guy has admitted that he only wants attractive people in his store and he refuses to sell an XL size.

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  • I think that's disgusting too probably the reason why I don't buy shit from them anymore and it's overpriced like why the hell are these shorts 35 and they sale they're 'on sale', I don't like Abercrombie either I remember reading something about how the ceo says they don't want ugly fat people wearing their clothing.

    • Yup, that store makes me sick. Sure, their clothing is cute and for some strange reason I can actually fit into their clothes!
      But you're right the CEO is some discriminating douche bag who wants money, money, money and doesn't realize beauty is skin deep.
      I would literally kill myself if I had to work there. Its just so offensive and bs. When I realized they had that rule I literally cringed every time I walked by one of their stores and I stopped buying stuff from them lol.
      They don't deserve money!!

    • Yeah but I doubt people will stop buying from them even though they're supporting their buisness and basically promoting the shit they say, as long as they can benefit with cute fitted clothing. It is what it is..

  • I work at a mall and it's true they only hire attractive people. Hey it's life some people use their looks others use their brains. I don't think it's that discriminating if their clothes is basically made for people they hire. its the way of the world

    • True it's not discriminating just like the store Big and Tall is for big and tall men.

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    • I see what you're saying but that's life.

    • They hire attractive people so that people go into the store. I'm pretty sure you have gone to a store and though a worker was cute some people go because of the people that work there and to make excuses to talk to them they end up shopping and buying things

  • Because they want people to buy those clothes. Think about it, would you buy a tank top a hideous woman (this is hypothetical, I'm not shallow) was wearing? No, it won't look as striking to you.


    • Yes I would. Just because it may not flatter her body doesn't necessarily mean it wouldn't flatter mine.
      And just because an employee isn't totally attractive doesn't mean I wouldn't shop there?

    • thats true... Oh well. I still think I'm right but you're right too! This is so weird

    • We can both be right lol ^^

  • I heard that about Abercrombie but apparently now they stopped "discriminating".