Why do you have to be pretty to work at Hollister?

I'm sorry but WTF.
I'm not concerned or anything, I don't think i'm hideous, and don't plan on working there in the future, but i've noticed that when I shop there, the girls are super pretty and the men are really attractive.
And apparently, you have to get picked or something to work there? And in some cases you can ask for the job.
So it is true, my cousin works at Hollister, and she says they look for a particular look and you can't have a fake tan, extensions, you're only allowed to wear a limited ammount of makeup, and you have to be really thin, she said its not like a rule there but when she applied for the job the manager told her to try to steer away from these things when she comes in to work.
I just think its super discriminating and rude. Beauty is skin deep and I don't see why they have to have attractive people as employees. Do they think it will steer customers away or something. This literally makes me want to stop working at Hollister or Abercrombie. The store should shut down.
Why do you have to be pretty to work at Hollister?
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