Does anyone else hate the word mate?

I'm American so I may be biased but I just don't like the word mate. I've got a biology degree and worked with zoo animals for a while so when I hear the word mate I don't think of a loving relationship or an important person. I think "oh yeah. my mate? it's that dude/chick over there. We're both trapped here so I figured you know why not fuck em." So I guess to me mate and slampeice or bitch feels equivalent. What about you?

  • Don't Call Me Mate!!! Buddy
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  • Me and my mates quite like the word mate. Mate
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  • Well mate, my mates and I always say mate to eachother because mate is an endearing word, mate.

    Probably because I'm a Brit and we use it a lot over here.

    When I was in the States I hated hearing the word "bro" ...


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  • Cheeky nandos, mate

    • Nandos is a restruant, cheeky is an adjective used for lighthearted conversations. Cheeky nandos is a fun conversation at a British restruant sooo you're referencing this why? Or do you just not know what you're saying?

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    • Cool you mockingly think I'm doing a great job at arguing. And you're finding this all hilarious. It really wasn't that funny despite how you feel. And if you want food go get it. You won you accomplished being annoying today. Give yourself a big handclap for doing something useful with your life.

    • Top bants.

  • U wot m8? Cheeky koont.

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