Girls, Taking earrings out after 5 weeks?

If I take out my earrings before the 6 weeks will they get infected? The 6 weeks is up Saturday but I've really been wanting to take them out before then and just didn't know if it was safe to do.

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  • Why exactly do you want to take them out?

    • I'm just ready to put in different ones

    • Wait a week, in that case. Better safe than sorry.

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  • 6 weeks is like a bare minimum to keep them in for... they aren't healed properly and you are looking at infections, irritation, piercing bumps and all that stuff

  • I took them out after like 3 weeks and quickly changed them because the metal they used was giving me an infection. Leave them in though, so you know they're fully healed

  • I remember when I was in the seventh grade, and decided to do exactly what you wanted to do. Though it didn't get infected, because I was constanly cleaning my piercings, but they did close up.

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