Which floorplan is nicer?

First - 3 BR (senopati suites)

Which floorplan is nicer?

Second - 3 BR / royal suites (SCBD suites)

I put the name there just in case you can't really see the picture i posted

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First- 165 sqm
Second - 350 sqm


Most Helpful Guy

  • Second one for sure, though with such huge differences in size, they really aren't a fair comparison. In the second one you have a private den attached to the master suite, which would be awesome. And the master is away from the other bedrooms, which is good if kids are involved. Layout is better too - look at the headboard for the bed in the master bedroom in the top one. It is right beside the toilet of the middle bedroom. You would hear someone using that toilet when you are trying to sleep, and hear the running water. Not a fair comparison, there would be a huge difference in day-to-day quality of life between these two units.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think I'd prefer the second one. Having one isolated bedroom seems like a good idea. Really, I'd rather they all be isolated, but hey...

    • Yea me too its almost twice bigger than the first one, which is one of the reason why i like it better

What Girls Said 1

  • I like the first one :)

    • But the first one is really small😓

    • Yes, but the second one is far too cluttered, in my opinion. It just feels like the first one, though smaller, has more organisation.

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