My sister keeps blackmailing me, what should I do?

So, a long time ago I used to talk dirty with this black guy. I told my sister about it ( which was a terrible idea by the way ). Ever since that day, she's been blackmailing me. She would threaten to tell my parents if I don't do something important for her, or when she gets angry with me. What should I do? And no I can't tell my parents about it. And I don't have anything on her.


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  • Congrats on having a bitchy sister.

    Just tell her to stuff it. If she's that much of a drama queen, it's likely that your parents will not believe her, unless she actually has proof.

    And get some blackmail proof on her, that bitch needs to be taught a lesson.

    • She doesn't got any proof. But the sad thing is is that I've done it before And my parents knew about it. And IF they hear that from my sister, they'd probably believe her. And she even made a fucking "list" about the "bad" things I do. Apparently, being liked by a white guy, having a crush on a white guy, hugging a boy, and wanting to go out to eat with a boy is bad. Wtf. I literally dont trust anyone with my secrets except for her and she ends up blackmailing me. Fucking bitch.

    • You might just have to bite the bullet and let your parents know before she does. Sure, you'll get in heaps of trouble, but you'll take away all the power from her.

      Don't trust her with anything ever again. Siblings are supposed to look out for each other, no stab in the back. I could understand if she threatened to tell because she was concerned for your safety or something, but she's not - she's using it to control you. Fuck her, what a shitty sister.

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  • Does she have any proof?

    It's your word against hers. I doubt she would achieve much.

    They may depend on who your parents trust.

    • She doesn't, she doesn't even remember his name! Lol but my parents don't trust me, they wouldn't trust me cause I've done it once. And if they hear from my sister, it's more likely for them to believe her sadly.

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