Reasons why you wouldn't unfollow your ex girlfriend from Instagram/social media, if they unfollowed you? (What would you think/feel of it)?

Let's say you ex girlfriend of 10 months (close to a year) decided to delete you off all her social media (Facebook, Instagram, Skype). But you had a mutual breakup. Why would you keep following her if they decided to unfollow you? Is it because you still hold on to her and haven't moved on. Or what? It can apply to ex bf's as well. How would that make you feel if they deleted you off everything and why?


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  • For me, if i really liked a girl and we spent some quality time together, im not able to ever forget that girl and those moments we had. And as long as the break wasn't terrible, like in your case when it ended mutually, then i actually dont want to forget either. Im able to accept we cannot be together anymore but i will always remember and think fondly of that person, and because of that i will always be somewhat curious about whats going on in that girls life. So if i follow them on social media i can be aware of some of the major life choices she will make, without any intention of ever reaching out again.

    I must admit, in some cases it really made me miss the girl, but i never felt it would work out to try again so i manage to be content with my life without these girls i had history with. And if i meet someone else who can make me feel as good or better than the previous girls, then i think it will be even easier to manage this, without deleting them on social media. The curiosity never ends for me.


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  • That maybe they're not active enough on those social media to even care about deleting their ex.

    • What if they are always active on social media?

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  • Unfinished business

    • Can you elaborate?

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    • Well i deleted him off everything because i couldnt bare pain of seeing him. I still love him. And i was wondering... So do you think he is also finding it hard to move on

    • That is always a plausibility yeah

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  • They probably want to be able to check up on you or feel like there is a chance you might get back together.

    • 2 months have passed and he has done nothing to reach out. I have to which he has responded but this year i decided not to initiate anymore. That is why i was puzzled to why he didn't unfollow

    • Well he could just be someone that doesn't like to burn bridges