Why is my dad such a fake christian/hypocrite?

He always says he's a christian and quotes the bible and says that he has a special relationship with God. But I have never met someone who is more judgmental, cuniving and spitful/hateful.
For example: He will see someone, and without even knowing that person, he judges them. He makes people out to be so much less than him, and him this supreme christian.
Like shut the fuck up.
How do I handle my father when he does this?


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  • Omg. Wow that's the worst! But try not to be bitter about it. He is still your dad and its his faith and life and he can say whatever the fuck he wants. You should just learn from his mistakes and be your own person 😊 stop looking at the wrongs in him and just tell him the wrong he is doing. Anyways don't be so hard on him... He is your dad

    • I get that, but his fucked up way of thinking always comes back to haunt me.
      I get this amazing girlfriend and without meeting her/knowing her "shes a whore, I can tell, no girl that pretty isn't getting fucked by many guys".
      That's the type of shit that gets to me.

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  • Yeah that happens quit a bit. People call themselves Christian and go to church every Sunday yet they sit in the pews and judge people at church.


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  • Just tell him how he is being a hypocrite. I am ok with people going to church a lot or whatever, I just don't like when they are hypocrites. My grandpa is a hypocritical man that goes to Catholic Church most of the time every day. He is a racist and a selfish man. I know how you feel.

    • so how do you deal with it? Especially when its your father who you see everyday.

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    • I've tried that but he gets defensive and just lashes out.
      I don't know, maybe I need to stop letting his words hold so much weight. He is 66, maybe his mental state is going south.

    • I don't know what you can do then man

  • Are you a Christian yourself?

    • Yes I am.

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    • I've tried but he automatically gets defensive

    • Then you just keep striving the straight path of the faith and let him have his own reward (nothing).