Classmates making fun of me?

This may sound silly coming from a college student, but I was absent for a few days in a row due to persnal matters. My class has a group chat so we can all talk to each other on it. Someone asked what they missed today and apparently, they were all making fun of me in class today. and saying mean things Everyone liked his post. I feel so horrible right now, with other personal stuff I've been dealing with piling on.
Should I just brush this off? I don't want my classmates hating me. I'd feel horrbile. I really don't feel like going back to class but I know I have to.


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  • Consider the group dynamics in your class before you do anything !

    Who forms a group of people with whom? What might make them want to form a bond against you? - This is important to know before you proceed.

    Chances are, you've become something like there common "enemy" or target so to speak because you're , as I guess, someone who tends to be perceived as an "easy victim" due to exuding something they either envy or dislike.

    You need to identify what it is that makes them hate on you / make fun of you exclusively

    In case it doesn't get better, you should take measures to destroy their group dynamics by spreading "rumors" about them or by "telling someone from them the "truth" about their intentions toward them" or by "befriending" one of your enemies by giving them gifts like coupons for coffee - You can turn this situation around easily this way - But it's a dirty way to do this - however what they are doing is not nice either...

    • I hope they don't hate me.
      I was just absent for a few consecutive classes (class isn't everyday, so i guess it seems like I was gone for a long time).

    • Or make sure you are not overreacting? State that you do not find this behavior okay and that you expect them to treat you respectfully as you are encountering them with respect as well

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  • I'm sorry. :/ What were they making fun of you for? Some people just never grow up. Unfortunately, bullying is not only limited to grade school. Some people, no matter how old they are, just enjoy ganging up on others to make themselves feel better.

    You should not allow them to make you feel inadequate though and don't miss more class because of them. Your grades are far more important than these people. You shouldn't let them have any impact on you. I understand that you may feel hurt but you just have to push through until the semester is over and then you can be done with that class and the people in it.

    • Just saying things like they believe I don't really exist or was an "illusion".

    • Oh okay, well don't let their comments get to you. Like I said, just keep pushing through until the end of the semester.

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  • brush it off.
    if they say anything just tell them to pipe the fuck down


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  • Can't you tell someone?