Why am I always the target of teasing and bullying? What do I do to change that?


Since I was a child my classmates criticize me for everything, I have changed schools 6 times and everything remains the same.
the classmates with whom I currently study before made fun of me for being very skinny and gave me ugly nicknames such as: the weakling, stick, anorexic and things like that.
Now I'm fattening and they started calling me a pig and other things.
I feel bad because I have developed eating disorders because of this and I no longer know what to do with my body because I always look unpleasant.

And the thing is that I can't say anything in my living room and they always freak me out for just opening my mouth and they criticize everything in me, the other day I said that my favorite color was gray and they called me a phenomenon, weird insect and that I've never had neurons and they detonated bullying for so little 😞

on another occasion my so-called friends began to make cruel jokes about me, saying that when I left school they would see me picking up the toilet papers and that they would go by in their cars making fun of me and then they started pushing me and I just left because they were many and I am not in physical condition to defend myself because I have a hernia.

Also when I'm going to talk to someone on Facebook and the conversation starts and they ask me a question like: what do you want to study? and I answered psychology and he sent me an audio saying in a rough voice: what you need in a psychologist, idiot.

my parents tell me to hit them and the teachers don't believe me.

But the only thing I want to know is: why is everyone like this with me? did I do something wrong?
Why does everyone see in me a bag to hit and humiliate?
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It is not because it is new, there are new ones that fit the first day.
But to all the schools that I go they bully me and the older I am, the more they do it because they already know me thoroughly and they know how weak I am physically.
Why am I always the target of teasing and bullying? What do I do to change that?
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