What can you say about the drug "Green Amore"?

What can you say about the drug So about 4-5 days ago a tragedy happened in our country PH wherein 5 partygoers during a concert were found unconscious. Their internal organs like blew up. Yikes!

-Known as “fly high,” “party,” or “superman” in the local party scene, the drug is a dangerous cocktail of ecstasy (3-4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine) and shabu (methamphetamine) or cialis, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.
-Its effects? Between 3 to 4 days of insomnia, loss of appetite, and hyper sexuality.
-“You don’t eat for 3 or 4 days and you don’t feel the hunger... You don’t sleep for an extended period of time and you’re active. According to information gathered from the field, with 'fly high' you’re very sexually activate and very sexually satisfied".


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  • Mixing Ecstasy with methamphetamine is stupid, because methamphetamine by itself already has empathogenic effects similar to Ecstasy's.
    Read here:
    I've read the study that they cited, and that summary is pretty accurate. (Scientific studies are often significantly misrepresented in mainstream publications, probably more because the writers can't properly understand them than because of any intent to deceive.)

    So... yeah.

    In any case, **IF** these drugs were actually pure, then there should be no particular danger. Yes, amphetamine-family drugs can kill you -- but that would only happen if you were predisposed to cardiac issues, and/or if you took MANY times the usual recreational dosages.

    Cialis, Viagra, etc. are phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. PDE5 inhibitors don't interact in any significant way with the action of dopamine/norepinephrine/serotonin reuptake inhibitors (like meth and Ecstasy), so, there is also no reason to think there would be any problem with adding Cialis to the mix.

    In other words -- If there was a problem here, then the problem was DEFINITELY caused by whatever shit impurities were added by the dealer cutting the drugs. And/or impurities produced during the manufacture of the drugs.

    If you could get pharmaceutical-grade Desoxyn and Cialis, and use them infrequently enough to avoid developing an addiction/tolerance, then, you'd be perfectly safe. And you'd probably have a pretty awesome party experience, too.

    • Wow. You studied all these things?

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    • Tx for the MH luv <3

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  • That sounds SO HORRIBLE!!!

  • So sad but that happens sometimes when drugs are invovled. It's something they should have expected to happen


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