Why am I so girl crazy?

I'm crazy for girls but I'm so shy...
I never even hugged a girl before

Girls have hugged me before but I've never hugged back
Girls stare at me all the time and I know if I said something I could at least get to know them but I'm shy

Not too long ago
This girl bent over in front of me on purpose and put her butt against my lower stomach..
Nobody saw it but i was so shy so I moved out the way

Why am I so shy
But girl crazy?
I know I'm girl crazy because they're all I think about
Even though I won't do anything
-senior in high school


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  • There is something called puberty and is when your hormones goes of the chart, sometimes goes from your 10 to mid 20, sometimes less, it depends of the person, if you wait for that time to pass you will feel more stable.
    Meanwhile try to improve yourself, to be better than the yourself of yesterday, literature and psychology are good tools.
    It could sound really obvious what i say and a little annoying, but just read it again slowly, it will make sense.

  • When she bent over, you should've become a burglar at that point and smashed her back door in son.

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