Can I pay with uber with cash?

Random lol but I want to take an uber and anytime I try to set it up it says I need to give some credit card or other payment method and I want to just pay with cash. Is there a way to get them to come and just pay with cash? It won't let me set it up without paying in another way. I've heard of people paying with cash so why can't i? Lol I neeeeed answersssss


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  • I don't think you can. Uber is set up in a way that the app knows how far you have been driven and automatically deducts the money from your account.

    • Ok thankyou. I wish it would take my cash like a regular taxi so that sucks haha

    • Uber drivers don't carry cash. That way they can't be robbed.
      But I'm sure you can just offer someone money for a ride. A guy at the gas station asked me once if I would give him a ride home for $40 and his home was 5 minutes away. So I accepted

    • Yea i guess.. What if there a crazy person lol

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  • I'm confused.
    Are you paying with Uber?
    Or are you paying with cash?

    • Anytime i go to set up a uber , i can't unless i give them some payment information, so i was wondering if i could somehow have them come and just pay them in cash when they pick me up

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