Girls, I like to admire the beauty of your feet while you show them off in the grocery store, fast food joints, etc. How do I get pics?

I go to a bar, a store, almost anywhere and find women all around me Showing off beautiful feet. I know that if I just walk up and ask them if I can get a photo of their feet, it is creepy being as we are strangers to eachother. When I run in to a succulent pair of women's feet I get this need to tell them how amazing they are, but again strangers I am not wanting to be a creep. Any suggestions on how to indirectly tell someone, "You have beautiful feet. Care to let me snap a photo?" Or how to tell someone I grew up with, that I have found her feet to catch my attention since we were in 5th grade (when I first met her)? Over all I want to know, is possible to find a woman using my infatuation for their feet? Even if just as "Close Friends," I want to be able to approach a women giving them subtle hints that say "Can I photograph your feet from multiple angles and posses that captures all of your feet's beauty?" Is this possible with out creeping someone out?


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  • First off I have to address you language. Women in the grocery store are not "showing off" their feet. They are shopping.
    Any place that's not appropriate to comment on a women's chest or ass (anywhere besides a strip club) would not be appropriate to comment on feet. If you want pictures for sexual gratification, think about how asking for a picture of a women's ass in the grocery line would go over. My guess is not great.

    I'm sure the Internet has plenty of feet pictures, but if you really need to take your own then advertise on Craig's list. Offer something like a modeling photo shoot for feet.

  • Do you really have to harass strangers in order for you to get feet pictures? Asking someone to take pictures of their feet is going to be creepy, no matter how subtly you ask them.