Have you ever been called someone's muse?

My girlfriend recently joined a band and has been just very excited writing her own songs. I'm so proud of her.😊

So anyway last night we were laying in bed snuggling as she was kinda just looking off in the distance.

Me: What are you thinking about?

Lisa: I wanna write a song about having sex with you.

Me: I'd rather you just have sex with me instead.

Lisa: Why it would be a bad ass song?

Me: I have no doubt. I just rather not have all the punk rock students knowing about our sex life.

Lisa: Yeah good point. I just can't help myself. Ever since I joined this band all I wanna do is write songs about everything you do.

Me: Really? That's so sweet.

Lisa: Yeah you're like my muse.

Me: That's good because your muse is your biggest fan.

Lisa: You're so cheesy.

I grab the cup of water I keep on my nightstand and pour it on her.

Lisa: oh my god!!!

I jump out of bed laughing as she sits up in shock.

Me: How's that for cheesy?

Lisa: You know I'm going to kill you right?

Me: You gotta catch me first.
Have you ever been called someone's muse?
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