Please Read Scenario: Which tribe would you choose?

Scenario: You find yourself marooned on an uncharted island with three warring tribes and you must choose between 2. You were captured by one tribe which were hostile cannibals and now that night has come two men approach you, neither from this Cannibal tribe.

You are given the choice to leave with one of these men who will take you back to their tribe and induct you as a full member of their society. However they are different from one another and also rivals and you must choose between them.

The Warrior Society: This tribe is very strict. In order to become anything more than a 2nd class citizen of the tribe you will need to go through a baptism of combat and bloodshed. This tribe has been warring with the Cannibals for a long time and they require your aid. In return you will be allowed to become a recognized warrior of prestige. You will even have a chance to pick a mate from the tribe (even if you're a woman). This tribe is very safe and has staved off every attack. With a strong monogamous family structure, rites, and ceremonies and believes in meritocracy there is a chance that one day you can rise to the top. But it is also very brutal and you will need to fight to rise in the clan.

The Hedonist Society: This society is also warring with the Cannibals but not making as much headway. They are not a violent group. They dont have monogamy of any kind instead preferring to let everyone live in bliss. Sex whenever you wanted with whoever you wanted. They play lots of music, express themselves through art, and tend to be more lax. As a result the people seem more laid back and easy going but they have dropped their guard on occasion and thus allowed members to fall into the hands of the Cannibals. There is no real political figurehead, just a high priestess who guides the people for spiritual matters. Everyone in the tribe regardless of gender, size, shape, is considered an equal. All things are shared, but dont expect to find a Significant Other here.
The Warrior Society
The Hedonist Society
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giving a MHO to one Lady and one man. Please chime in. Let me know why you picked your option.
Please Read Scenario: Which tribe would you choose?
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