Do you honestly believe that money can't buy you happiness?

Do you honestly believe that money cant buy you happiness?
This is a old statement for years and years and people say money really can't buy happiness instead it can give you headaches and even people kill by it.

Do you honestly believe that? Sure money can make people kill, give you headaches as well, it makes you being powerful, and lots of other things, but having money gives you A PEACE OF MIND AND SECURITY that no other thing can give you.

-If you have huge debts, money can solve you the problems easy
-If you want to travel across the world or even locally, you need money to spend, even if it is little money but then you DO Need money at the end.
How can you take a trip and spend on things with no money? Many people tell me to take trips to other places you dont necessarily need lots of money. Then I tell them. Well you need money to spend on all the trip things you need to spend on, you can't travel for free. You need money for food, for hotel, for attractions, to buy stuff, to rent cars if you need to, for public transportation, even if you travel the cheapest way you can, at the end You always need money here and money there, unless you have a super wealthy friend or relative that pay you for everything and indeed you dont spend even one cent on anything, but I doubt there are friends or relatives that uninterested to pay you for the WHOLE thing.

-If you want the best medical care out there to have the best treatments for your illnesses, well you need MONEY to pay for the best and the best quality.
-If you want to start your own business to be your own boss in the long run, well, you need money to even begin with, you need money to spend anyway.
-If you want a new car or even a used car, you need money to buy it.
-If you are not wealthy, you need money for lots of things but even the wealthy people need money too to spend and waste on their own stuff.

-If you want to hang out on a weekend with your friends, well you are not going to get out for
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free or make your friends pay you for everything each time you go out, you need your money to hang out as well.
And there may be more things...

So in summary for many people they say money can't buy happiness but IT CERTAINLY can give you a piece of mind for many things so you dont have to worry and be stressful and sick because you lack of it and also you won't be living your whole life asking for loans to the banks, to your friends, becauase you dont have money as the end you will always
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need money to pay them back or reimburse the money you borrow anyway.

Maybe there are a few things where money is not important but which are the things where money is not important so you can still have your piece of mind? Im not speaking here about non tangible stuff like love, family, etc. im talking about tangible stuff where MONEY is IMPORTANT to have for that piece of mind and a sense of comfort and stress free.

Objetively speaking money is happiness for many things where MONEY is key.
Do you honestly believe that money can't buy you happiness?
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