Guess the Country - starts with "T"?

Guess the Country - starts with T?

This is another in a series of geography questions. Each question will contain several things about a country and the goal is to guess what country that is. We'll try to go through the alphabet in order, and have a new question each day.

Things about this country:

* Its name starts with the letter "T"

* Its flag contains red and white colors

* It contains the northernmost point on its continent

* Much of the country is desert

* It has 1 official language, though another language is commonly spoken as well

* It is 99% Muslim

* It obtained its independence from France

* The national food is couscous

* The national animal is the dromedary

* Its athletes have won 15 Olympic medals through 2022

Please don't cheat by looking it up or looking at other peoples' opinions and guesses. Make your best guess.

If you think you know what country this is, make your guess in an opinion below.

Good luck! And HAVE FUN!

The correct answer will be given in a few days (Thursday).

1 y
The correct answer is Tunisia.

Some details...
Tunisia's Ras ben Sakka is Africa's northernmost point, on the Mediterranean Sea
The Sahara Desert makes up its southern area and border
Arabic is the official language, French is also commonly spoken
Tunisia became independent from France on Mar 20, 1956
Most of its Olympic medalists have been in Athletics, Swimming and Martial Arts
Guess the Country - starts with "T"?
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