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Back from Montenegro!!!


There have been a few posters who have talked about how beautiful Eastern Europe can be. There are some beautiful resorts and places that are beyond description. The thing that people seem to be unaware of is that these vacations are only expensive if you consider the flights. The stay at these locations are really cheap. And the people are very friendly.

Me and my lady stayed in the Bay of Kotor for seven days. We had a wonderful time. The folks in the bay speak several languages, there is a bus service that runs through the bay on the single road they use. There are all types of walking/boat tours. We stayed in a quiet neighborhood that had a couple of markets and some really great restaurants. We had an apartment with a balcony and roof access. We had our own private beach. All of this was on a shoestring budget. My advice is for those who are looking to vacation overseas, while folks are flocking to Paris, London and Rome. . .look at some resorts in Eastern Europe. Highlight of the trip is the first photo. . ."The Blue Cave".

Back from Montenegro!!!
Back from Montenegro!!!
Back from Montenegro!!!
Back from Montenegro!!!
Back from Montenegro!!!
Back from Montenegro!!!
Back from Montenegro!!!
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  • zeitgeist057
    Nice and great advice. I love to travel to so many out of the ordinary places that are dirt cheap, I stay for a month or more and it's cheaper than if I had stayed home!

    I had intended to go to Croatia for a while, but then Game of Thrones blew up and I heard the tourists just flocked there by the hundreds of thousands. I will probably go eventually but hoping it will slow down a bit first.

    That's the other thing about travel now, the world population keeps growing and it's getting kind of insane. I've been to Thailand four times now and the first time was nothing like the last time in terms of how many tourists I saw and the impact of tourism that I saw in the country.
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  • Bogoboj
    Thanks man we can definitely use the help of getting more (western) tourists going to Montenegro.

    My mother is from Montenegro and i got a lot of relatives there so i visit it often.

    Have you been to Budva visiting the old city or the beautiful island Sveti Stefan or climbed the stairs at Herceg Novi!
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    • Oh, no problem! I have repped Montenegro to everyone I know. Americans will take a vacation to North Carolina thinking they are saving money. And spend 175 buck a day on a hotel room and spend more than that on food and tours/activities.

      We did go to Budva for a day. It was spectacular. Had a nice dinner on the beach, then took a taxi back to Kotor. We didn't make it to Sveti Stefan or Herceg Novi. But we did go to Perast and went to a place called the Oyster Farm. We must have eaten oysters/fish and drank wine for hours.

      Such a beautiful country with very nice people.

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  • purplepoppy
    The main reason people don't go there (and surrounding Balkan countries) is it's more dedicated to tourists from russia and eastern Europe than westerners.

    Now the big question is will certain sections the GAG community be triggered by the negro part of Montenegro or will the other lot think it must be in africa
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    • Yeah, that was the only thing my girlfriend didn't like. She doesn't like Putin. We even had a Russian guy yell at us "Putin good!" But we met Russians in a lot of places. Even during the tour of the Blue cave. They were cool with us.

      But I have been to Russia a lot so. . .

    • Oh, as for your other comment on race, I don't see how that makes much sense. Everyone in my circle knows I went to Montenegro. I called family and friends constantly while I was there.

      No one had an issue with the negro. . . in the name of the country. Maybe folks aren't as ignorant as you think.

  • jennifer_bloom
    That looks like an amazing place to vacation! It’s great that you had a good time, I myself love oysters but don’t eat them very often cause they are expensive where I live.
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    • Well at the Oyster farm it was about 2 euros per oyster. We got about two dozen, my girlfriend at almost all of them. I had the sea bass. And we drank our fill of wine.

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  • Phoenix98
    I'm sure if was a fun trip, that water in the blue cave is beautiful as hell I have to admit.
    • It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

    • Phoenix98

      I have no doubt, it is a very nice location.

  • zagor
    Looks nice. Were there many travel restrictions in place there?
    • The only travel restrictions are the nutty ones the U. S. has on coming back.

      Just plain stupid.

      But soon European nations are going to add restrictions because the U. S. is insane.

  • Dargil
    Where Casino Royale was filmed.
    • I knew someone would bring that up. I had my fiancee looking for Daniel Craig everywhere.

  • cerdua
    looks like so much fun !
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Very Cool
    • So it was. I was really surprised at how beautiful the nation is.

  • MudRucker

  • msc545
    Wonderful photos - thanks!
  • Anonymous
    oh you were on vacation. I wondered what happened to all the racist posts. Awesome trip though. Congratulations on getting to experience it.
    • Racist posts? WTF?

      Anyway, yeah it was a blast.

      Try getting outside of the house sometimes. Meet like real people

      You might find out that that whole race thing, isn't real.

  • Anonymous
    Enjoying a racist white culture and the beauty of Europe I see.
    • Haha! Racist dipshit. Maybe most folks in Europe don't agree with your assertion that the "White" race is a real thing.

      Race is real in America. So go back to having sex with your brother.