Am I complaining too much?

My boyfriend has told me that I complain too much, and that I am "hard to please". I personally think that my. Unhappiness is justified. We have been together for a year. We have currently moved into an RV on his friends property. They are nice people, but their house is beyond disgusting. The kitchen has dishes that are growing things, their large breed dog stays in the house, and isn't house broken, and the bathroom has two cat boxes for about five. The boxes get cleaned about once every four or six months. The bag from last time it was cleaned is still in the bathroom. Because the boxes aren't cleaned, the cats track urine and poop all over the bathroom. I showed two of my friends pictures of the kitchen and bathroom, and they were appalled and disgusted. Anytime I complain about the situation, or appear to be unhappy, my boyfriend calls me ungrateful, self righteous, or full of myself basically. Because of the unsanitary nature of the hose, I refuse to shower in the bathroom. His friends have offered to let me use their bathroom in their bedroom. But I am very uncomfortable with this. I barely know these people, and honestly, anytime they know someone is in the house you get stuck running errands or talking for hours. We do help pay for half of the bills, and we buy groceries and cook meals, so I do not feel obligated to do anything more. On top of the unsanitary nature of the house, we do not have a car, so I am stuck walking 2 miles to spend an hour on the bua to get to school. I also have to sleep on my friends couch 2 days of the week. To get to school on time. My boyfriends solution to my misery is to build a pvc dome over our pop up pool so we can use it year round. He just cannot get it into his head that just because he thinks something is cool doesn't mean I will think it is. And it also does not fix the problems. We don't clean because his friends will not keep up with it. They have paid people to clean the kitchen, and it just wound up getting disgusting again. My boyfriend refuses to move, mostly because he does not like living somewhere where he has to pay rent. He has wound up homeless a few times, so I can understand his feelings, but having to dodge piles of dog poop in order to get to a fridge in a house that smells like cat pee and moldy sink isn't all that awesome either. He doesn't understand why I am not happy. He also doesn't get the fact that the only one making compromises in this relationship. is me. He refuses to move away. In any case, we can't afford to move until January. I have accepted that we aren't going anywhere. I just want to know if I am complaining too much, and if not I want to get my boyfriend to admit that he has not made any compromises in this relationship.
Am I complaining too much?
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