Day after sex, what do you guys expect?

I went out with a guy on Saturday for the fifth date, he called and texted me every day since I met him. At the end on the date the mood was right and we hooked up, It was great but he was very anxious about his performance. I don't know why I tend to become so emotional after this... Please tell me what you think... he texted me right away just after dropping me home to tell me that he enjoyed every minute of the day with me. Then yesterday I responded to the text and he replied right away asking me how did I woke up in the morning, he said he felt fantastic... then he said that his aunt was ill (he told me that days before) and that since she had terminal illness his family was just waiting for the inevitable. He ended up saying that he wished I was there to hug him.

However, all day yesterday I was anxious about us having sex for the first time... about his anxiety of performance... and he telling me that he felt intimidated by me... you know...tried to relax and at the end of the day I decided to call him. But his mobile was turned off...

I know I could be obsessing with the whole situation... but just don't know what to think about it. I'd like to play it cool.. and not become a lunatic about this.

I've experienced rejection so many times before and some times would like to know if he is going to reject me to do it right away... to get over this... but don't want to go overboard.

What do you think? I never used to be feeling this way, what to do¿ should the guy be calling always after sex or communication is equal, meaning that is OK to call too¿does it seem he is still interested?


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  • His act of contacting you after sex is a great way of him to communicate that he enjoyed spending time with you, and you're not just a girl who's there to satisfy his sexual desires.

    Yes, he's still very much interested in you, and a simple space and time for him to recover from his anxiety and stress is enough. Just wait for him to take away your jaded heart again. = )


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  • The ideal thing to do is to get a hug to him ASAP, even if phone is turned off

  • Its sounds like you're creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Don't hound him or you might experience rejection from him as well because of the neurotic way that you're acting.


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