When he continuously buys you lunch does he like you more than a friend?

So pretty much any one I have ever asked has said to me that wen a guy buys you lunch he is just being nice, and/or being a good friend.

I try to take this current crushes actions as such, but the fact that it has been so many times it makes me wonder. The last two times he has bought me something It was not of my will. We were at starbucks early in the morning. I had already had an energy drink and told him I did not what anything when he asked what I would like. After getting back from ordering he gave me a donut.

Literally the next day we decided to go to lunch after our classes. I ordered my food and went up to the register to pay, only to be confused as I saw the cashier put my food in the same bag as his, and I realized he told her that ours was together.

When we walked out of the food place I asked him Why and he didn't answer, just looked at me, so I tickled him and changed the subject.

We are friends and it doesn't get any more than just occasional playful flirting between us. We also work and go to school together, and both have never had a relationship. He doesn't know I haven't had one yet though.

This was probably way too side tracked information, but what do you guys think? If a guy buys a girl lunch multiple times, even after she tried to pay for herself mean anything? Males would you ever buy a girl lunch if you only ever saw her as a friend and didn't want the relationship to develop into something more?
When he continuously buys you lunch does he like you more than a friend?
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