What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you "Love"?

***He's an American***

This is the first time he's called me that and it peeked my curiousty. Was this is way of possibly telling me he has stronger romantic feelings for me that I had thought?

He's mentioned having kids and living together a good few times now. We've been dating for nearly 6 months now (yes it's a bit soon for the strong feelings but what can you do right?) if that helps. No worries though, we are both adults and we've already discussed marriage and pregnancy and we DO NOT plan on doing both of things for a good while lol.

Oh thank god haha. I'm not ready for all that yet! LOL.
Oh and he's always called me little nicknames after about 3 months of dating. He's just never called me "Love" before and it kind of started to get me a bit worried lol. I would be flattered if he did fall in-love with me but right now is to fast and he's not at that mature level yet to handle loving someone :p.


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  • It's a very good sign that there a gradual evolution in your relationship, and that you're making these wise decisions on being careful and building things up.

    So many young couples are just wild wilder wildest... but learning to know each other in depth and thinking about their future together, is not there. They just plan on which parties to go to and in which bed to sleep afterwards.

    So in your case, the word "love" means what it means: the next phase in your relationship. Good chance that this guy could be the love of your life :-)


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  • Relax its just a nickname I do it I come from the south somewhat so when I get to that stage of the relationship I call my girl darlin, darling, dear, sweetheart and in the morning I'll be like morning sunshine. My last girlfriend called me hon all the time just a nickname so I would not over analyze it.

  • Calm down, he just passed to next level in relationship called Cute Nicknames haha


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  • My boyfriend was calling me Darling way before that.

    It's just a term of endearment. My boyfriend calls me that sometimes. I hear Babe, Darling, Dear, Dearest, Love, Starshine...

    It just means he really likes you and yes, probably loves (or thinks he loves) you. Don't have a spazz attack over it or he'll never call you a pet name ever again lol