5 ways to accept your imperfections

Reflect on your body Take the time to calmly reflect on how you began to perceive your body during childhood, adolescence and...

Thank You To The Workers👏🏾❤️🌈

Thank you to the NHS staff and volunteers in my country, fighting this pandemic to protect us all, like soldiers would fight in a war...

Assumption is The First Step to Failure

Assumption is The First Step to Failure Most of the time assumptions are what we hear from a person and do not know if it's true, but...

MyTake on Writing and the 'Big Sad'

Oi! Howdy fellow facades of the internet! How's yer day eh? Cool beans... or is it hot beans? We eat beans hot but say cool beans as a...

How to make the right choice: a 5-step technique

1. Empty your mind When we are disturbed by external stresses and our internal conflicts, we can no longer see ourselves clearly....

Remember What You Still Have And Be Thankful (Even Though It May Seem Difficult Right Now).

So, it's been a while since I've done one of these- I call it a 3:00 am MyTake because I'm writing it at 3:00 am. And most of these are...

Girls, Ever had to pee so bad you did it somewhere you shouldn't?

I always find myself in those situations lol just wondering if anyone can relate.

Do you edit your Facebook friends list or keep the same people on?

do you delete people you don't like or have nothing to do with anymore? Or do you just mainly leave it untouched?

How do I get rid of all this suppression?

Trauma victim. Can't deal with all the trauma.

Is this mini abuse?

My niece was laying next to me on my chest when I decided to crack my knuckles, then I decided to grab her little hand while she was...

If you were to go to jail, what was the crime you committed?

For me, it'd prob be something reckless and dumb I did in the moment without thinking much or for something I didn't even know was a crime

If you crash into an idiot driving too slow whose fault is it?

Ok, I'm doing the speed limit and there's this car in front of me. I didn't think anything of it until I realised he wasn't driving as...

Do you prefer to talk to strangers or to someone you know or are acquainted with?

For some reason i like this website a lot. I wonder if it's because i like talking to strangers.

Do you think that action influences beliefs?

I believe that action can influence beliefs because of cognitive dissonance. If someone asks me a huge favour and I agree to do it, I...

What is your belief (religion)?

what is your belief?

What do you call your kitties/ kittens?

Me! All except honey! lol! Everyday Single day I call Gray, 'Hello! handsome!'

Have you ever played with an aerobie?

If you have, do you like it more than a regular frisbee?

Millennials, how long do you usually stay in bed scrolling On your phone/watching tv upon waking up?

I stay in bed for 1-2hours most mornings before I get up and start getting ready. couple of times a month I wake up 10am and don’t get...

What makes someone a compulsive liar?

A guy I met often lies. It's not little white lies but "barefaced" (undisguised and clearly untrue) lies. Such as telling me he doesn't...

What should I change my name to I seriously hate it?

And don't tell me I should be confident, I have a very weird name here and I don't like it. Very few people on here know my real name...