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Remember What You Still Have And Be Thankful (Even Though It May Seem Difficult Right Now).


So, it's been a while since I've done one of these- I call it a 3:00 am MyTake because I'm writing it at 3:00 am. And most of these are always sort of deep and attempting to be meaningful I guess, but at the same time, I don't want it to seem too formal so I don't really restrain the use of slang for these kinda MyTakes.

With quarantine happening I understand people are bored, I understand people want to go outside and enjoy the nice weather, and I understand people want to continue with life "as normal".

And complaints are everywhere. Which is understandable, ironically, I'm even complaining now, about people complaining which sounds kinda hypocritical now I put it like that.

I'm not telling you to not complain, I'm British for crying out loud, it's what we do, and complaining is a way of letting all your frustrations out so when you need to complain about the situation complain.

But don't spend your whole time in this quarantine complaining. If all you do is complain about it, then that's wasting your time.

Think of what you have. There will be people in the world without a home to quarantine in, so appreciate the fact you have a home or somewhere to quarantine.

There will be people in this world without internet to carry on working, or studying, or keeping themselves entertained, so be thankful you have access to the internet.

People in good health appreciate the fact you're in good health because there will be people ill and dying right now as I write this.

If you have a family or people you love to quarantine with then be thankful you are around people you love, because right now there will be people alone, and people in dangerous situations where they're quarantined with somebody abusive. And during this pandemic, people will have lost family members and friends so if yours are still here be thankful for that too.

I know shops may be short on food, but if you have food please be thankful for the food you have, because there will be someone in the world with less food than you.

So while at times you may feel like complaining, because we're only human and we're used to life a different way, by all means complain. But also, don't forget to be thankful about what you still have.

Don't waste all your time complaining.

And because I should practice what I preach I'll tell you what I'm thankful for:

- I'm thankful for the fact I have a roof over my head. I'm sat in my bed right now listening to music, under the covers- and there will be many be without a roof over their heads or a nice warm bed to relax in.

- I'm thankful that I still have food to eat everyday. There are shortages in shops, so the fact that I at least have something to eat is enough.

- I'm thankful for my family and friends during this time. So I live with my family, and at times I will complain about how annoying they can be, especially when I'm in online class haha, but at least they're here. I know some people who don't even have that. And as for my friends, yes, I can't see them like I used to but we still keep in touch via the internet and even though we're not physically here for each other, we're still here for each other if that makes sense.

- I'm thankful for my good health. So yes, I have a disability, but I'm still healthy. And in times like this, good health is essential, so I'm glad that I'm healthy during these times.

- I'm thankful for the internet and technology that I have. Now you probably laughed at this one thinking 'haha thats such a gen z thing to say lol' but hear me out, without the internet I wouldn't be able to attend my classes still, and I know kids who don't have internet and they can't attend their college classes now. This technology I have is helping me learn for school and at the same time keeping me entertained and not feeling bored- I always manage to find something to do on the internet or with tech haha, and the internet also allows me to keep in touch with friends who I can't see anymore.

- I'm thankful for our NHS staff and volunteers. So I'm going to do a bigger MyTake dedicated to these healthcare heros, but our NHS staff are legends and our volunteers. People are even coming out of retirement to help with this pandemic. Even now these staff face a shortage of protective equipment, the NHS has been underfunded for the past 10 years yet they still have motivation and they're still trying their absolute hardest. The medical staff are our soldiers for this pandemic and I salute them and thank them so much.

To sum it all up I'm thankful for what I have.

I think it's important to remember, that in many places in the world, there will be people with less than us right now, in some cases they'll probably be people we know with less than us, so if we can we should help them in any way possible. And if we can't help them, then we should at least acknowledge whatever struggle they are having. And whether we can or can't help them we should be thankful for what we have right now.

I wrote this MyTake because I have noticed a lot of people constantly complaining about what they've lost, but they're forgetting what they still have and they're forgetting to be thankful for what they still have.

Now I'm no angel either, so don't think for one second I'm trying to portray myself in that way, I too have been guilty of complaining about what I have lost, forgetting about what I still have and forgetting to be thankful about what I still have, on multiple occasions.

So this is something everybody is guilty of and if anyone says they're not then they must be either an extremely good person the best among us, or a liar.

And nobody is a bad person for complaining, we're only human after all we're going to complain when things change for us all, because we're all stuck in our routines and happy with our own little lives doing whatever it is we do, and I think this whole virus thing has shaken most of our routines. So we're bound to complain and we're not bad people for that.

But it's important we're reminded to be thankful even in times like these, because if we're not and all we do is complain- then that creates a very negative atmosphere and when the atmosphere is negative this whole thing will seem to drag on forever.

However, even if we're a little bit thankful and appreciate what we still have, we'll be a little happier, and when we're even a little happier time flies that little bit faster.

I hope you enjoyed this MyTake, it's now almost 4:00 am and I've just been told to get to sleep, luckily no classes tomorrow- well, technically today now, but you know what I mean- so I'm up this late, one thing I'll need to sort out sooner or later is my sleep schedule haha, because its so messed up rn.

Anyway while I sleep just enjoy this picture of Spider-Man and thank you for reading ;P :

For existing, because your movies are an amazing way to kill time and a nice escape from reality lmao😂
For existing, because your movies are an amazing way to kill time and a nice escape from reality lmao😂
Remember What You Still Have And Be Thankful (Even Though It May Seem Difficult Right Now).
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    Great my take. I have to admit being stuck around family everyday is not good. Lol enough complaining. Yep i am doing good thanks again Spidey. 😃
    Spidey and Supes
    Spidey and Supes
    too bad we can't be Spidey or Supes in real life. We wouldn't have to be quarantined. 😂
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    • Hahaha I understand being stuck with my brother 24/7 can get a little annoying at times, but as you said, enough complaining because at least we have people to be annoyed by xD

      And meh they might- they might just wanna set an example to everyone else xD Plus Tom Holland is basically Spider-Man in real life and I'm pretty sure he's quarantined lmao xD

    • At least we can bug our family 😜

    • Oh my god yesssss I love annoying my brother so muchhh😂😂😂

  • Stingray444
    You gotta be thankful for lots of things! Life is too short to not realize all the things you have and all the people you have in it. Awesome MyTake!!
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  • NickiB1
    Yasssss!!! Girl this is so true.
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  • Agape93
    I needed this, thanks love
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  • Edanurus
    Well I'm not one complaining about it but i do fear that no in person contact is going to be detrimental to my mental well being, its the uncertainty of it all thats doing me in.

    Though I did read today about a man who was told he has half a year to live 9 months ago and is in the same situation so at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel for me even if i can't see it yet.
  • the_bornloser
    I am thankful that I am literate enough to read books, stories, legends, research papers and articles
  • Racims
    We can't enjoy being alive without death, we can't enjoy being healthy , we can't enjoy being rich without existence of poverty...
  • JohnWickman
    Is this the same Spidey fan that I debated with about zendeya over Emma stone's Gwen Stacey?
  • Iamagoodguy
    The fact I don't have medieval armour means I don't deal safe getting toilet paper
  • Ally247
    hear hear!
  • Nickel_Slam
    I am thankful that I get to watch lots of movies.
  • Ratmuffin
    I just wanna see my woman
  • lilsmokesduh
    Very humbling
  • malik_yashvardhan
    Wow nice my take