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Assumption is The First Step to Failure

Assumption is The First Step to Failure

Assumption is The First Step to Failure

Most of the time assumptions are what we hear from a person and do not know if it's true, but choose for whatever reason to believe it anyway. Assumptions are something that is accepted as true or as certain to have happen, without any proof.

Assumption is The First Step to Failure

Many assumptions are actually learned behaviour. They come from our culture, families, from what we were taught, or what we have experienced in the past. Assumptions tend to involve such forms of negative thought such as doubts or black and white thinking.

Assumption is The First Step to Failure

Example of a Assumption

  • Most people are bad at heart, so don’t trust anyone you meet now. Because of past experiences.
  • People assume you are arrogant when actually you are just confident about the person you have worked so hard to be.

Why you Don't Assume

Number one reason is assumptions are not confirmed truths. Assumptions damage our capacity to relate to others socially and build successful relationships with people. When it comes to your moods, assumptions also create spirals of negative thinking.

If you are always assuming you know how others think and feel, you stop listening and communicating with people. Which of course will cause you social problems and nobody wants or needs more problems. Life gives us enough already to worry about especially in 2020 with this virus.

Assumption is The First Step to Failure

When you make assumptions about others, you leave someone feeling trapped, misunderstood, and sometimes very hurt. People who overly assume things usually have trouble in relationships, friendships, and with people in general.

Assumption is The First Step to Failure

Wither at work, being out, or at home assuming can lead to low self-esteem and depression in people. You sadly will probably miss out on meeting many great people in your life, because you assume for whatever reason the person is something they are not in a negative way.

Assumption is The First Step to Failure

So everyone let's not assume because Assumption is The First Step to Failure. Assumptions are not facts they are Assumptions. So, next time before you assume something try this crazy thing called asking. It actually works very well.

Thanks for reading girls and guys.

I appreciate your time.

Assumption is The First Step to Failure

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Assumption is The First Step to Failure
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Most Helpful Girls

  • whitlee34
    People already know that what ever assumptions they hear about me they need to come ask me bc whatever I did I'm sure they never mentioned how I do things big. If I'm doing something that's going to cause my name to come out of anothers mouth then I'm about to do something big and they Can stand back and watch.
    Is never... Did you do that?
    Its always... Dame girl!
    You want to talk then ill give you something to talk about but ill definitely be showing you up if you think your writing chapters in my story. No way!
    I'm so confident about turning peoples bullshit into something to talk about that will make you stop breathing your laughing so hard.
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  • SarahsSummer
    Assumption and ignorance often go hand in hand. Knowledge and understanding is where assumptions and ignorance go to die.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Assumptions is using logic based on past experiences to come to a conclusion. I do that a lot, but in most cases I am proven right. I assume that if you smoke , you will get lung cancer. I assume anyone that has sex often without use of condoms will become pregnant. So on and so on.
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    • You may assume a person smokes a lot Bc you saw them smoking five times out of the only five times that he seen them when in fact they only ever smoked five times

      How would you know someone has unprotected sex a lot.. could be a rumor

    • @VIVANT Id like to talk to you sometime missed ya

  • OlderAndWiser
    I think there is a basic assumption from which many other assumptions flow:. What I have learned in my own life is enough for me to anticipate what happens in other people's lives (because their life could not be different from my life.)
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • A long time ago my father told me the best advice when it comes to using the word ASSUME. In addition he also told me write down the word ASSUME down on a piece of paper because I just happen to use it in our conversation at that moment & so I did. So the word ASSUME was written down on paper. He told me to circle ASS, circle U & circle ME & so I did. My father told when you use the word (ASS)(U)(ME) you not only make an (ASS) out of (U) but you also make and ass out of (ME).
  • lightbulb27
    As an explorative thought... I wonder if there's two sides to an assumption. Assumption with belief I'm right and not allowing it to be disproven, and assumption/theory but then exploring if it is right and allowing myself to be surprised when It's not. The first of these... people do this a lot as it seems how our minds work. take politics as example... people will read articles and when they see something that aligns with what they belief (for example... Trumps an idiot), then they belief it. If it disagrees with their internal view, then they question it. We tend to not want to expend energy testing what we think we know and allow our "sub conscious" to be right... it's less work than re-thinking and finding what is true, in a changing space, but with patterns and knowledge gained before.

    Check out Ray Dalio's writing as he seems adept at thinking in a challenging way.

    I guess in the end, it is easiest to ask as you stated, but is it ok to go in with an assumption, as long as willing to allow it to be demonstrated wrong and not cast an image upon that person. That's what I find I do... or try to do. I like to guess... it's fun to see if I'm right.
  • praj89
    Yes I agree you don't assume things you ask out openly and understand and analysis and then proceede with things
  • lnva87
    But when you end up with questions without solid answers you have to assume something for time being.
    Ofcourse you should keep in mind that its only what you assumed to be answer and try avoid expecting extremes.

    So not often easy not to assume anything.
    But maybe easier is not to trust your assumptions while waiting for real answers.
  • spartan55
    This is something that just drives me nuts about many women. (not all, so don't jump me) They believe they know what a guy thinks and feels and usually they do not. But instead of asking or clarifying things with the guy, they just plow ahead without even considering that their assumptions are wrong. This forum is littered with examples supporting me, check it out.
  • I-am-a-nobody
    I hear what you're saying, but some assumptions are necessary. I assume gravity will keep on working (since it's always worked in the past) even though technically it might not in the next moment.

    People often make the opposite error of rejecting something as true even though all signs point to it being true. And so they keep trusting the obviously cheating boyfriend, etc.
  • Hans222
    You're definetely right: assumptions need to be "strong", I mean proven by research.
    If you assume wildly, you screw up.
    That's also why in business life, if you make assumptions, you need to document them well.
    If you than screwed up assuming, at least you'll find out!
  • Jjpayne
    Great article! So true! I could not agree more! And love the pic 😊
    My grandfather had a saying. You never assume anything because you will make an "ass" out of "u" and "me". Lol
  • It's wrong to assume but it is acceptable to deduce most likely outcome based on both your past experience and others. People as a whole tend to be predictable.
  • yoganshB
    Everyone should know this. A lot of bad things never really happen but are ASSUMED to have happened.
  • simplelikeme
    amongst other things LOL but yes that is definitely one of them. Then there is hesitation. Then there's dishonesty / fraudulent. LOL they all fall in the same box that you're going to stick your hand into pick that piece of paper out of LOL
  • OddBeMe
    We are in anti-intellectual era where experts like Fauci aren’t listened to nearly as often as quacks like Oz and Phil. Just like we elect politicians, we assume someone is telling the truth or is a good guy.
  • Gedaria
    You can only work on information, you get from your partner. If that information is faulty you make the wrong decition, or assumption..
    We all do these things with out them we would get no where...
  • gruvman
    Depends on the assumption because some assumptions are also based on past facts so maybe we could use them partly but not take full action based on them
  • pizzalovershouse
    Ok so let's take life a hit more relaxed after this lockdown is over
  • Rangers
    You seem like the biggest hypocrite ever by saying you shouldn't assume things about people when you spend 90% of your time doing exactly that...
  • Massageman
    Yup. When you ASSUME, it makes an ASS out of U and ME.
  • coachTanthony
    ASS U ME.

    Very true!
    • Show you my vagic i mean magic 😏

  • OfDeath
    In many cases it is.
  • Not sure if it is the 1st step but it is definitely a mistake to assume things.
  • worldscolide
    You're absolutely right
  • Lemia
    So True
  • NickiB1
    yes. this is so true
  • Maverick1212
    Wow I needed that thank you
  • Mohamedyossef988
    You are so right 👍👍
  • Rauf_mhod
    We try and try untill failure face we
  • EzraWells
    To assume, it makes an ASS out of U and ME