Do you use a spoon or a knife to get out the PB & Jelly/Jam from the jar?

When you grab PB, Jelly/Jam or both do you use the knife to get them out or use the spoon? Of course, we all know you still need a knife to spread it. Unless it's a dinner roll or you just want to eat a jar of goobers.
When you grab PB, Jelly/Jam or both do you use the knife to get them out or use the spoon? Of course, we all know you still need a knife to spread it. Unless it's a dinner roll or you Show More
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Can someone please explain?

What does it mean if you’re talking to a guy you’re sort of crushing on? And he gets a little upset that you texted him back late and then you explain the situation and then he understands why and then afterwards asks if...
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Is me not wanting kids selfish?

My partner and I have been dating for about 2 years and since before we got together I've been clear that I don't want kids. This is in part because I don't think I could financially look after a child and having a...
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I will try to explain everything in my question because I want to hear answers from people who are good in this. What should I do?

My crush is also my best friend (entj) and i am infj anyway maybe not all of you know what is that. It's called (mbti). Anyway she really cool person and i love her sometimes i think she likes me back but we don't tell...
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Is it shameful when an adult lives with parents even if he/she is rich?

If yes then what about living with parents makes a financially independant person weak/inferior?
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What does this dream mean?

The first one was I was working at the nursing home.. And this guy who I thought was our administration wasn't. No one knew that because they look identical. I don't know what happened all I remember was I was in...
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Why would a person?

Try to make you feel as if they are better than you and treat you as if u can not stand up for yourself? They act as if you are weak and say u need to argue more or stand up for yourself
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Why many women marry men she doesn't love him?

how can those women spend the rest of their lives with a partner she doesn't love and why.
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Boyfriend suggested the pill for my cramps?

How does a guy know about this? I was thinking it was so cute and sweet to know this fact. Do guys research about women issues? I was like you my obgyn or something lol
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Will police do something about this if I file a report or will they disregard it and label me as a “Karen”?

We have a neighbor who leave cans full of trash on the public road and sidewalk with the intention of not allowing anyone to walk by or park nearby. He will do this all throughout the week and weekend. The one time...
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Why are people so certain on this site that VS angels are trannies?

No tranny jokes please. I am fed up by them. Models of VS aren't tranny. They are female humen. What makes you believe that they are trannies? It is obvious they aren't.
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Guys, Do you guys think society influences you to act strong, so are you not considered 'weak' by society, or is this innate, as a part of growing up?

I watched a video recently, where guys talked about how badly women treat them. I learnt that they found it quite difficult to express their emotions. I wondered whether society deems this as 'socially unacceptable,'...
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Why would a male doctor in the USA be afraid to discuss the emotions of a younger female patient with her or afraid to reassure her?

she’s had a cancer diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and will need surgery but the male doctor plays down her reaction to the diagnosis saying it’s not that serious. Then when she’s scared about the surgery he doesn’t talk...
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