Plants vs animals

So I found a question in quora which was something like, "how can people love animals and eat them?" And a user replied "Just like you love plants and eat them". Now I know that plants are not conscious beings but this...
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She Wants A Man, Not A Boy. Three Signs He's A Real Man.

Being a man if far more than being a guy. A man has responsibilities, respect, renown. A man is kind, calculated, and courteous. If you want to have a healthy relationship with a guy, you have to know is he a boy? Or a...
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Ever told someone to let you down slowly

LET ME DOWN SLOWLY Loneliness!, a big word in the world today. But what is loneliness? Some say it's a strong emotion when you feel unwanted. I decided to say it differently, loneliness is a emotional feeling where your...
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Do you know what love actually is?

Love is said to be many things by many different people. Some say love is familiarity with a person, to the degree that you don't want to be apart. Some confuse love with lust. Some even think that love is their desire to...
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The 4 Pillars of Marriage & Long-term Relationships

In order of IMHO most important to least: KIDS-MONEY-SEX and IN-LAWS These four items will make or break your marriage or your long-term relationship. As each items interlinked to each other. Take for example KIDS - Do...
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When to say I love you.

Saying I love you too early in a relationship can scare away the person you're with. So follow this rule of thumb for I love you. The House Method. Building a relationship is like building a house. You start with a basic...
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Ways my life is changing for better

You probably heard the phrase: "life is what you make from it". I somewhat agree with that phrase. Sometimes there's to much going on, to the point of heavily influencing a sure mental and physical breakdown. I believe...
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3 responsibilities men and women each have in a relationship.

Hey guys, quick important topic I'm going to be talking about. In any relationship it is incredibly important to remember that men and women both have a responsibility to each other. I'm going to share with you three very...
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What is love, and why are we so confused by it?

Love by definition, is a feeling of deep affection in something that brought you interest and pleasure. If you were to ask me how many times I have been in love, honestly, I would say 16 different times. Why would I say...
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[Humans.. Stars…Circles]

Look, what I’m gonna tell you is that you can be comfortable just how you are, where you are, and not even worry about it. And I don’t mean this as far as hobbies goes- those should always be proactive. Even refreshing...
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New GAG Community -Live Feed- Update For May 2023!!!

Hello GAG Community! We know how often you visit our ''Live Feed'' page, from our previous surveys. So, we made an improvement on ''Live Feed'' and designed a much simpler and easier page for you! 🙌 So, what has...
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Ways to Communicate Effectively in Relationships

Ways to Communicate Effectively in Relationships As we all know, relationships can be challenging, and communication is one of the most critical aspects that can make or break a relationship. Misunderstandings,...
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No-one is big in this universe.

Ask the Himalayas about camels and elephants. He will say, these are very small creatures. They are visible only when viewed through a microscope, otherwise they are not visible. Ask Earth if there is any news from the...
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The Manipulation and Deletion of Internet Search Results

It will no doubt come as no surprise to some, but the major search engine companies are very... selective let's say, when it comes to what people see when a search is initiated by someone who just wants information...
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Why every girl should have a full abdomen ultrasound scan in her early and late teenage years.

Every girl should have a full abdomen ultrasound scan in her early and late teenage years. That is, the scan should be done at the age of thirteen and at the age of eighteen and nineteen. Due to estrogen, progesterone,...
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Things I Ate Growing Up In Oklahoma

I saw this trend on tiktok and decided to make a myTake about my favorite foods I ate growing up in Oklahoma. Collard and turnip greens Beef Neck Bones Anasazi Beans Okra, tomatoes, and rice Black eyed peas and...
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I went from preferring men to be older than me to liking younger boys now - discussing how my taste has changed over the years

I’m 24, turning 25 this year (in fact this month) and my whole life I always thought I liked older men. I had a long term relationship from 15-23 with a boy almost six years older than me. I was so proud of it because...
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Cookout Season is almost here! Things every cookout should have

Memorial Day is just three Mondays away! Here in the US, it's the unofficial start of Summer. Yessir, it's time to break out the pool floaties, Croquet sets, and most of all... The BBQ Grills!!!! There's nothing like...
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Do you question authority?

Our parents are our biggest influence-teachers and guides.. Our teachers also are our teachers-our mentors sometimes a trusted friend. The people that help us build our beliefs and foundation to ultimately become who we...
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Men are men for a reason, women humble yourself and know your place.

This might ruffle feathers and cause quite a controversy, I might even be hated after this and that's ok. Everyone is entitled to thier opinion, and being I have no filet on my mouth, y'all get to hear mine.. Embrace...
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