Guys: The "Friendzone" is not even half as bad as you make it, if even real

Guys: The

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Ahhhh, the dreaded friendzone. The bad place. Nobody any guy wants to go when with someone he likes, and it's frequently with girls. A notorious place is the mind of men. But, to be blunt, it isn't real. And for those who swear up and down about how real it is, then it's not as bad as you often think. If anything, it can actually be a good thing.

Guys: The "Friendzone" is not even half as bad as you make it, if even real

Who's Her Best Friend? Not That Girl, Me!

Guys literally "rush to my aid" and often feel bad for me when they figure out my best friend is, in fact, a very beautiful girl. For some reason, the very fact that we're friends seems to spark pity within them. But then they try an nudge me with the ole, "But you hit it before, right?" comment, which might get you "nudged" in the face with a punch if you disrespect her or me like that again.

In all reality, no. I've never kissed, had sex with, dated, or did anything sexual besides a hug and a few breast squeezes, just playing though, before. We're just friends and I joke around with her like that. It's at a point now where she changes right in front of me, cuddles me if we're in the same bed sleeping (if she doesn't have a pillow to cuddle, I become a pillow as well), and we go out to eat together, but not as a date.

Now I know what you're thinking: Why in the hell am I telling you our relationship? Quite simply, did any of you guys who whine about the friendzone, which I guess I'm in since I DID once like her a little, wonder who her best friend is and why you're friendzoned? A little known fact guys: Sometimes it isn't another girl telling her you aren't good enough or, strange enough, who she's semi-comparing you too.

You, even as a general friend, are the guy she might go to if other guys are bothering her because she feels you won't be immature and salty and actually be able to help. You might be the guy she goes to when unsure about other guys. You might be the guy she asks for approval on. You could even move on from being just friends to maybe a boyfriend, who knows. But being a girls best friend isn't all bad.

My best friend is who I go to for approval on girls, since she knows me best and can see what I often fail to and notice later, who I talk to about anything, and who knows anything about me, as I do her.

So guys, just take being her best friend if anything. Not only does that show other girls you are actually capable of long, caring friendships, it shows you grew up a little mentally and don't have the stupid mindset that 'girls and boys just can't be friends'.

Guys: The "Friendzone" is not even half as bad as you make it, if even real

You know you're still considered a friend...

As the little caption suggests, this is true. Too many guys fail to notice this part and neglect it terribly. At least you're friends!!! She could have easily tossed you aside and ignored you, but decided to remain friends. So just take the damn "friendzone" and be glad you still are friends. Don't become a child throwing a temper tantrum because that is exactly what guys who calls a girl a "bitch", "slut", and other disrespectful names for not wanting them looks like. Imagine it like this: You are in Wal-Mart, right, and you see a kid who is begging their mommy for a candy bar. Mom says no and the kid, like many young toddlers, throws a temper tantrum. Imagine you are the child, the candy bar is the girl you want, and the mom is, well, her. Now you like her and you constantly go on and on about her and she says she likes you as a friend. You can either be a child, and go off about it, or grow up a little and accept that she at least likes you as a friend.

Or you can have her in your mind as a distant memory because she'll then assume the role of the observor who minds their business. In other words: You went from being "friend-zoned" to "acquaintance-zoned". Now that's something to cry about.

Guys: The "Friendzone" is not even half as bad as you make it, if even real

Your thirst level is on fleek when you consistantly go on

C'mon dudes. Do you really want to look so thirsty you can make a river? Do you need a river? Do you need a lake? Freshwater? Ocean? If a girl says she likes you as a friend, don't continue on. These guys who say "keep on, she'll give in eventually" are giving you bad advice. That translates to, "Keep on. I mean you look desperate and all, but she should give in cause most chicks do. If she doesn't, follow the bro-code and call her out on it. Don't worry, it's normal and you won't look like a whining bitch."

Word of advice from someone who had a thirsty guy on their tail: Not only does it make you look desperate, it makes you look creepy as high hell and I literally got into the habit of having my phone unlocked and ready to call the (hopefully not corrupt, cause those exist) police on his ass. If you end up catching feelings for a girl who puts her foot down and says "No!", and for some reason still persist day in and day out, it is honestly just creepy as shit.

So just go get a drink of water from a fountain or bottle and cool it. If she just wants to be friends, or you fucked that up by being desperate and now she wants nothing to do with you, then stay there. Stay in your lane until A) She actually seems to like you a little more than just friends, or B) You can't even stay friends.

Guys: The "Friendzone" is not even half as bad as you make it, if even real

You Made it! Now the conclusion!

Basically, in my opinion, the "friend-zone" isn't nearly as bad as you make it. Now if you claim you love her and she likes you as a friend, that's when you need to take steps back from your friendship in general. It's perfectly normal to maybe like a friend from time to time, but not normal to end the friendship altogether just because she doesn't feel the same because, honestly, not every girl will in the first place.

Now I have many female friends, like over half of all my friends are women. It's not that I'm trying to get them it's just that I get them. I understand them, I still think like a girl from time to time. So I have an easier time making friendships with girls than most guys, for reasons I can't explain currently. But I do, I have many female friends and I gotta say, it's fine really. When I'm seen with a group of girls, other females assume I'm safe and I get approached easier. When I'm alone, they approach me much more than when I'm with a group of guys. Quite frequently, they walk across the street for safety reasons, especially at night.

Why do I bring that up? Because I guess I'm a rare breed of guy who can deal with many female friends, many male friends, and not try to fuck any of them. They're friends for a reason. Some, I make my intentions known a little early on and flirt a little with them and, sometimes, I've been told they like me as a friend and so I back off. Some feel the same way and we go somewhere. Others like me and I'm the one not interested and, unlike guys, actually can remain friends! (crazy, right?!?!?!?!)

So I bring this up not to boast of my many female friends, but to say it's not as bad as it seems. It can be as fun as it is have male friends, though I find females a lot more interesting cause all the guys want to talk about are sports. It can be especially fun when you find that one friend you can flirt around with a little, but it's all in good sport and fun. It can also be fun when you find that one girl who you can actually talk about your type of stuff with, and she can teach you a little compassion and empathy (ya know, basic human emotions guys are taught to repress) along the way. And maybe, just maybe, you can get upgraded to best friend. Or, what I guess some guys are hoping, you can get upgraded to boyfriend.

So I hope the myTake helped some guys. For those who "escaped the friend-zone", don't make the #1 mistake most guys make at this point: Acting brand new.

Enjoy :).

Because I get this frequently, PM me if you have any questions about my gender cause I WILL NOT answer you in the comments.

Guys: The "Friendzone" is not even half as bad as you make it, if even real
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  • ThisDudeHere

    The friendzone is very simple but people get it wrong all of the time. Most assume that a guy and a girl friends automatically means the guy is friendzoned. No. They're just friends. A girl doesn't fall in love with every guy she's nice to and a guy doesn't intend to fuck literally every girl he's nice to. The friendzone is when one person KNOWS that they other has feelings for them BUT insists on remaining friends, knowing full well that the other person might be hurting inside. The friendzone is when someone uses the other's feelings as a way to manipulate, by giving false hope or what not.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • RachelBrigs

    This goes for anyone: if you like someone and they just want to be friends, and it would hurt you too much to be JUST friends, then you don't HAVE to be their friend. Save everyone the heartache and move on.

    Its sad when I lose a guy I thought was just my friend because he liked me, but I don't expect him to stick around and feel hurt either.

    But personally I've sorta been on the other end of it once, and I know it hurts but personally I was fine with still being his friend. But the situation may have been different considering the nature of our "friendship. "

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  • LightsOff

    People claim the friendzone is something you don't get out of. Wrong.

    Don't want to be in the friendzone because it hurts too much? Don't be friends. It's that easy.

    • Its not that easy. Most of the times a true "friendzone" scenario happens when you are constantly in proximity of the girl, like in your class or social group. Most of my friendshipzone situations happened in my social group. To not be friends with her, would mean to leave my other friends, social group or something like that. A man just has to consciously except that he can't have her and be at peace with it. I did this. So I had crushes that I forcefully "friendshipzoned" because I got the hint I was only the friend.

    • LightsOff

      @Scrambledagain you can be in the same groups and such but you don't have to be friends. You can be polite. But detached. Nobody is forcing you to see them one on one or to have extensive conversations. Having to face your crush who rejected you is normal. But in most situations you can still detach yourself. You can still not view them as a friend even if you have to deal with them on a daily basis.

    • Bluemax

      Very much agree with you, LightsOff.

      A problem arises when the woman (yes, women get in the friend zone too, however it's usually men) claims to have been "emotionally manipulated" by a guy who never had any such intention on his mind. Or she complains "It hurts losing a friend! Don't you ever consider her feelings?"

      What needs to be said more often, in my opinion, is most of the cases the guy wasn't an evil genius using friendship as a backdoor to a relationship (most by definition meaning more than half), just as in most cases the woman isn't an evil genius using the man's crush to manipulate him to do things for her. And yes, it does hurt to lose a friend, but the woman's feelings aren't the only thing to consider. It is selfish to want to hang on to a friend who you know damn well is hurting in your presence. Hardly any seems to say this. People seem MUCH more likely to just heap phrases like, "You're not entitled to friendship" (99% of all people know this) or...

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  • DarkHumorRUs

    Do you know how many fuckin friendzone Takes there are?
    Do you know how many start with fuckin "Ah, the dreaded friendzone?"

    Too many. Holy cocks.

    • CityBoy773

      Duh, I know. It wasn't meant to be serious, some of y'all take these way too seriously.

      Oh, and I've only heard the term 'Holy cocks' by my gay friend and you just reminded me of his hilarious ass, so thanks!

    • I was trying to think of something other than "holy fuck" cause I use fuck too much.

  • tenchu11

    Easy friendzone exit "oh okay your not interested in me, I understand" later that week
    Girl: want to hang out? (Probably to listen to her guy problems)
    Guy: sorry I have a date

    Watch her freak out and start trying to hang out

  • Gommers

    I keep saying it, the friendzone doesn't exist. She either has interest in you but doesn't want you to know, you're dating her, or she doesn't even acknowledge that you exist. Don't believe women when they say otherwise, they don't understand why they keep men around and get along with them better than other women. Nothing, between the sexes, is nonsexual.

    • I didn't mean to up vote this.
      So you're telling me I secretly want to bang all my male friends?

    • @RachelBrigs I think he means you are keeping around plan Bs.

    • @transigence so basically I want to date all of them given no other option.

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  • Someguy17

    What you are describing is completely different than the friendzone guys talk about. I have some really close female friends myself, and we've either already had sex and gotten it out of the way or neither side is interested (such as in your case.)

    The friendzone guys refer to is a disingenuous friendship given by the female in order to extract favors and resources out of a guy that likes her. There is no "friend" to it. She's basically using him, and the guy is so blinded by his sex drive that he can't see it. So yes, it is real and I've seen many "friendships" like this.

    It's a sweet deal for the woman. She can have a boyfriend and still have multiple guys giving her things/favors and it's not even cheating. It's a pretty shit deal for the guy who constantly gives and gives in the hope of receiving, but never does. This is the reason many guys avoid friendships with women outright, they've been burned.

    You know you have a good female friend when she reciprocates your favors and actually puts effort into your friendship. Hell, I've even had female friends hook me up with other women and that was money.

  • alecz

    There is nothing wrong with having friends who are girls. There is nothing wrong with remaining friends with girls who have rejected you. I get this passive attitude from you though. These girls don't normally come around; they might but there is no guarantee. Becoming the crying pillow and go to person for an army of girls who have rejected you and are living their lives isn't exactly the best way to live your own life. It's not the best way for any gender to live their lives. The fact is you got rejected; suck it up and move on. I'm not going to just wait around while you go find fun some other place meanwhile I wait for my long lost love. Shit this isn't a novel set in Victorian times. Chicks don't give a shit man. The friend zone will always be that; a zone for friends, not boyfriends or girlfriends. Can't live your life waiting on one person or even ten. Truth is, that one chick out there who might really care is waiting while you're stuck in la la land. Perspective; important shit dude.

    • CityBoy773

      I do move on, but I don't become a general dick who treats them like bitches.

      I don't think you get that many of these girls do in fact have bfs when I meet them, just how shit goes. I tried with a rare girl, that didn't work but we're still friends. Tried with multiple girls, realize it wasn't working, stayed friends. I may be "friendzoned", I just call it remaining friends and calling it a day.

      Do I do this with ALL my current female friends? Hell no, it's weird. But a few who I am friends with I have tried to get with and shit happened.

      Like now, with a girl, I'm showing interest in her but my prides killing me atm.

  • You go right on and be happy that a girl was willing to be friends with you, kiddo.

    The men will continue to date and have sex.

    • CityBoy773

      I don't want to date her or fuck her, I'm not an animal buddy.

      And lets me real, you are exactly 6 years older than me. Of course you've fucked around multiple times in contrast to me. Difference is you make it sound like dating and sex is ALL that matters with the women in my life. I actually appreciate friendships.

    • From my experience...

      If you find a girl who actually has enough character and is entertaining/funny enough that being friends with her would be worthwhile... seriously, date her. It's a rare find.

    • CityBoy773

      In my experience,

      That's quite a few female friends of mines. And there's a reason they're "FRIENDS". I don't want a relationship with them. I only pursue relationships with certain girls not each and every one of my friends, cause that screams thirsty.

  • Ulyss

    Lol friendship it's just not for me if I am interested in the girl "but if I wasn't interested in her then that's another story" and I don't want to be hearing about her getting railed/drilled by some dude that treats her bad I don't need that bs and I got better things to do with my life haha xD but if guys enjoy self torture by all means they can stay

  • existing_not_living

    Ugh. I wish guys would stop WHINING about being put in the "friend zone" deal the fuck with it. Gosh. It is so annoying. This is one of the most annoying things on GaG. Having to put up with men always complaining about women and being in the friend zone. I've made a rule for myself that prior to getting into a relationship with a guy, we have to have been friends for at least a year before I even consider being in one with them. So suck it the fuck up.

    Rant over.

  • Ratiocinative

    Sorry, but men who have a woman as their best friend are guaranteed to be weak and feminine. Nothing wrong with being friends with women, but if you are a masculine male you are going to have a best friend who is also a masculine male. Men are designed to be sexually attracted to feminine energy, so if you're best friends with a woman but you aren't romantically involved with her you're a feminine male. The female you have the closest relationship with should be the one you sexually involved with.

    Think about guys who are closer with their moms than their dads. They are feminine because they don't learn those masculine qualities from their dad. Not saying you shouldn't be close with your mom, but once you hit puberty you should definitely be spending more time with your dad because that's how a young boy learns to be masculine. Same thing applies as adults. If you're closest non-sexual relationship is with a woman, and not a masculine male, then odds are you're a weak feminine male.

    • Also, that's what the "friend zone" is. When a man is not masculine enough, he cannot attract a woman sexually and thus he is stuck being just a friend to her.

    • CityBoy773

      So I'm feminine because I have many female friends? Hell no.

      With that logic, what about gay men who have many female friends but are masculine men? What about them?

      And don't hit me with that "They're faking" or "That's not real" bull because I assure you, it exists.

    • Obviously you didn't read what I said and you reacted emotionally. Sounds pretty feminine to me! Having female friends is not feminine, but having CLOSE or BEST female friends (that you are not sexually involved with) is feminine.

      For example. I have plenty of causal female friends. I'd invite them to parties, an event out at a park, or whatever other group activities happen to be going on. However my best and closest friends are masculine males. I wouldn't go hang out at the mall with just one platonic female friend. I wouldn't go workout at the gym with just one platonic female friend. I wouldn't go out to meet women with just one platonic female friend. Those are things you do with other men if you are masculine.

      Being sexual with a female is masculine. Being platonic with a female is feminine. If your closest relationships are platonic female friendships, you're feminine. No if, ands, or buts about it.

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  • Bluemax

    There is another option. You can walk away, if it hurts you too much to maintain the friendship (and in some cases, that will happen).

    I see nothing noble in maintaining a friendship that hurts, and sometimes the hurt is inevitable. Thus, the wisest course of action seems to be just walking away. You can do this politely. You needn't be mean or nasty. You needn't resort to calling someone names. You can even be friendly. But you can decide to terminate the friendship, and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

  • NervousToTheMax

    Your myTake is contradictory. If you have feelings for someone and don't want to only be friends, then you should break it off immediately. If more guys did this, the "friend zone" wouldn't exist since walking away from someone you have feelings for allows for attraction to grow. In essence, you become the biggest challenge in a woman's eyes.

  • Gonetowardthewind

    I guess I could be considered friendzone, by all my friends that are females. I don't worry about getting into relationships and only worry about making friends. This way I get to meet a lot of people, and don't have to worry about getting rejected. Plus eventually with so many female friends, I'm bound to form a relationship with one of them

  • VampireEmpress

    "Now if you claim you love her and she likes you as a friend, that's when you need to take steps back from your friendship in general."

    I think that's the main thing that bothers lots of guys. now if only the would follow the 2nd half of your sentence lol good take!

  • Nice_Guy_Last

    TL;DR version:
    "Friendzone" is not a bad thing, it's an opportunity to be friends with a girl. Sometimes, you just have to take things with a grain of salt, and look at the silver linings: at least she is still your friend. If you truly like her as a person, that should be enough.

  • Mustachekitteh

    Awesome take and the friend zone be a good thing. It still sucks but there is an upside.

  • genericname85

    My best friends are female too and I never felt the urge to have more than that but thats not the friendzone. If I have real feelings for a girl, it will hurt me to be around her if I know she won't ever want me as more than a friend... A friendship in the friendzone is impossible for me.

  • Trotters

    Friendship can turn into love, but love cannot go back to friendship

    • admles

      That is very true. My ex actually said to me "we were friends before we fell in love, why can't we just go back?"

    • lonerider

      golden lines

  • In my opinion if someone finds a spark in Friend-zone, then relationship is going to be very stable, and a long time relationship. Cause of time and mutual respect and understanding.

  • ConsultantIsBack

    Become sexually attractive and make your intentions early on that you want to date and never be in the friend zone again!

    Just general insight I believe in, not trying to be cocky..

  • goflipaburger

    I love your take on this 😊 friendship is so important to me, I wish more people appreciated it!


  • Marinepilot

    I usually said, "I have plenty of friends and don't time for all of them. I thought
    perhaps we could been more. When you see me in a different light, call me. In the
    mean time, fuck you very much, have a good life" And DO NOT ever look back and
    don't be their friend, regardless of how needy they appear to be.

  • GreatnessPersonified

    Sounds like a young people thing.
    I'm older, we don't have friendzones, we have spouses and married friends.

  • MikeyTheRebel

    I'd rather just not be friends. If it's a girl I'm not interested in then yea I can be friends. But if we don't work out I just cut them off. I can't be friends with a girl I was once interested in.

  • HowRUbBuddy

    As a guy i can assure you that while there are many nice and good girls out there iam not interested in friendship , hangoing out and doing fun things with girls is not something i want i either want to have that girl or be in a realtionship with her if i can't iam going to back off and go look somewhere else , this is not normal most guys would jump at their female friends if given the chance its natural no matter what you do i can't be "just friends" with girl , we can be friends if she lives far away but someone i see a lot of often... no not a chance.

  • Aeon_Flux_21

    Being friends with a hot girl that's getting sperm dumped in her vagina by chad thunder cock... Mwhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Accipiter

    There are indeed some advantages to having female friends you don't screw.

    • Exactly besides that's how you get to meet other females. Maybe not always but it certainly helps develop your skills with talking to them.

  • Mrzero001

    Yes it is bad more than you think , its basically its a woman use u as shoulder to cry on

  • The_Empty

    Haha, the friendzone has led me two at least two suicide attempts and made my addiction to cutting far worse, and occurred when I was dealing with severe depression, so, I don't think you know that the hell you're talking about!

    I don't consider a girl acknowledging me as another human being out of pity as something to be held dear and admired, I view it as an insult. If you rejected me and are of no use to me I want nothing to do with you, I wanted to be with you and you rejected me, if you're not useful in some way then I'm not going to stay around to be you're little puppy, or should I say b*tch?

  • Kelfuma

    I knew it, peer pressure and mainstream media are bad.

  • james_mark

    Lol i felt like i have been friendzoned after reading this.

  • SonicRiver

    There's no escaping the friend zone.

  • SIGguy

    This dead horse, again?

  • DinaM

    Hear, hear!

  • dwiller943

    You understand. Thank you. 😊

  • Nathand

    ummmm... NO

  • mexborough

    rename the loserzone, kindly.

  • Anonymous

    Well you look like you're 15 so once you become a man you'll understand why being friendzoned sucks

    • CityBoy773

      I also look like I give zero fucks and that's about accurate in response to this comment cause I'm assuming you're either an idiot or just can't see the little ole age next to my username says 18.

      I look young. Yes, that exists in men. No, it's not a growth disorder.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah cause you can't falsify your age on this site haha. Let's see if you have the same feelings when you're out if high school, kiddo

    • CityBoy773

      I'm in college you dumb fuck, want a few pictures?

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  • Anonymous

    "You can either be a child, and go off about it, or grow up a little and accept that she at least likes you as a friend" #Or you can be a man and say " fuck this shit... I'm not going to stay friends with somebody that I find physically attractive + have to see 2-6x daily on average.

    While also knowing that you can't even make a move on them anymore. Since they rejected you the 1st time around.

    I mean you'd have to be a special type of retard to give them the satisfaction of having somebody to complain to about the problems with their new BF/GF all while you're waiting for your turn to get with them. That we both know damn well may never happen (stereotypically speaking) #SeeHowStupidThatSounds?

    #BTW I also have plenty of female friends just like you that I've never tried to make a move on OR anything of that sort. But maybe it is because of the fact that I'm not "physically attracted" to any of them.

    If I was there wouldn't be none of that "we can be friends" #BS. Naw we're going to be something more or nothing at all to each other. Since for example, I already have 50-150+ platonic friendships with females ^_^. What the fuck I need more for? LOLOL

    • Anonymous

      if __ doesn't give you any play if and when you're physically attracted them to them you should "STOP BEING FRIENDS WITH THEM IN THE 1ST PLACE"... done ^_^

      #FuckAFriendZone lolol

    • Anonymous

      #BTW just like you I also have plenty of female friends that I've never tried to make a move on OR anything of that sort. But maybe it is because of the fact that I'm not "physically attracted" to any of them.


    • CityBoy773

      Oh my god, you're comments are incredibly annoying to read. Can you be, oh I don't know, a little more mature and just get to the point without all the unnecessary bullshit added on?

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  • Anonymous

    Love this! My best friend is a guy and he is there for me more than any female ever will be. His friends often give him shit about it because he's "friend zoned" but he doesn't see it that way.

  • Anonymous

    This is why your going to die a virgin op.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you. I see people complain about this all the time and it's annoying.

    From my experience, if anything, I think it's worse when you ask a girl out that you started off as friends with and then not only does she reject you but hates you and avoids you like the plague, which it makes it awkward when you see them from now on, especially if they're friends with your friends/acquaintences. I've had that happen twice and one girl made it seem like I assaulted her. She even got her friends to hate me which was extreme and it's like Jesus fucking Christ, all I did was ask you out.

    • Anonymous

      Besides, if you only talk to women if you're attracted to them then you're gonna have lots of issues. I may not have the best luck with women but having female friends, attractive or not, helps you develop skills. Besides, having female friends allows you to meet their female friends.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you're still in middle school or highschool, which honestly I get, because I had loads of friends that were girls. But it will change for you trust me. Looking back, if i wasn't so innocent, I could have bagged most of them and they would have been down for it had I made the move. BUT I then got into the dating game, and now no longer have any friends that are girls. I will NOT be used as a an emotional bag of shit to fulfill their needs, while i get nothing in return. Sure I could make a few friends that are girls BUT i would rarely hit them up unless there's a party or a group outing somewhere. Never would I call them just to chill together, and if I did my appearance would be short, close to 30 min (which is not likely to happen).

    • Roostah

      Sounds like you went from being beta bitch to alpha male.

    • Anonymous

      @Roostah I was alpha all along my friend. The fact that I had friends that were girls who I could tell had a thing for me while still remaining friends and not doing anything about it is alpha. I just show my true colours now

    • CityBoy773

      First of all: We are not animals so STOP with the stupid alpha male stuff ffs.

      Second, I get a lot in return, I just choose to not say what.

      In reality, I feel very happy personally to give them a male shoulder to lean on when others guys do it, but are expecting a little something physical in return. I get happy and feel proud of myself, which is all I need. In return, I keep them as friends which is all I personally want.

      Not looking for sex, just a friendship. If I wanted a relationship, she'd know. And she does know, aka the current girl.

  • Anonymous

    I guess - I have to agree... because friendzone is the only thing I can get.

  • Anonymous

    well at least you are a friend. she could have completely avoided you.

  • Anonymous

    What RachelBrigs said, if it hurts too much there's nothing wrong with not being friends.

  • Anonymous

    If you think about it, before you date someone, yous are pretty much friends... its just the stages towards before getting in a relationship

    • Very much not. If a man pursues a woman as a friend, he will get a friend. Friends and lovers are totally separate paths. I wish someone would have told me this sooner.

    • Anonymous

      not always, when you first start to get to know the person you love, it goes through being friends?

    • Umm.. I won't date someone unless I've been friends with them for at least a year. People need to stop just jumping into relationship and actually get to know the person as a friend first. Friendship is so valuable to me. @Transigence

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  • Anonymous

    I mean.. I guess I'm "friend zoned" by my ex.. but I can't really blame her... I think I pushed her away by being too needy.. so she didn't want to be in a relationship anymore... I can't force her to be with me... So, I figured a friendship is probably better than nothing.. it might be awkward right now... but I feel in the future we'll either be great friends or date again

  • Anonymous

    how to beat the friendzone 1. take time to get over her 2. become her friend when you get over her