How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

**Putting Your Girl In Her Place**

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...

Catchy title, right? Do you have to constantly put your girl in her place when she freaks out on you? I've seen this topic discussed on gag a couple times now, and men seem to have this strange misconception that having to constantly "put your girl in her place" makes you Mr. Macho Man. It actually makes you an absolute pansy and I'll explain why.


Do People Respect You In General?

***Srs..respect to this woman below. Needs to be in the NFL protecting Romo in the pocket and become a pro bowler.***

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

Be honest with yourself here. If your girl is blatantly disrespecting you, the one who should respect you the most out of anyone in your social circle, then people in general probably don't respect you. If you carry yourself in a way that demands respect, then you shouldn't be faced with this issue of people in general randomly spouting off on you.

In the Marine Corps, I was taught to carry myself in a way that projects professionalism and confidence. It's not all about how big you are, how tall you are, or how squared off your jaw line is. When it comes to respect, it has everything to do with how you carry yourself.

Some questions to ask yourself:

>When you talk, do you mumble? ... or do you speak in a bold voice that carries clear intent to communicate what you want?

>Do you dress like a slob or do you have fresh unwrinkled clothing that fits you properly?

>Are you overweight and sloppy? ... or do you have a build that projects athleticism and confidence?

>Do you constantly look like a deer in headlights with your face dug inside your phone walking around? ...or are aware of your surroundings with your head on a swivel?

>Do you ask questions and oppose others only when you feel it's safe? ...or do you ask questions and oppose with only your better judgement in mind?

>Do you constantly use conversation fillers like "ugh" and "like" ... or do you think about what you are going to say before it comes out?

>Are you unkempt and disgusting? Do you have a neck beard? ...or are you hygienic and squared away at all times? **Nothing turns pussies dryer than bad hygiene**

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

This might sound like common sense, and maybe a bit trivial to most reading it, but trust me when I say that women pick up on these things very well. They might not be out directly analyzing you, but you can bet your ass that they subconsciously notice these things, even if it's to considered minutia to them.


Women Will Test You...

No need to "knock her in line"

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

When initially dating a guy, women tend to embark on what I like to call 'little shit test'. It's a passive aggressive way for women test your strength as a man. They want to determine if you're a pussy or a man who carries his own. At this stage of dating a girl, I haven't given her much of anything in which she can fault me on, with the intent to get under my skin. I've had girls test me plenty, and it comes off as weak 9/10 times. I'll tell you why it comes off as weak.

The sole intent behind why they are doing this, is to test you. They are fucking with your head. It has almost nothing to do with the topic you are getting heated up on, and everything to do with her gauging your strength as a man. Her intent has ulterior motives subsiding from the heated topic of discussion. For that reason, it is not genuine. Once you can spot this, it becomes almost transparent when a girl attempts to pull this stunt on you.

Now... If she has a stance that genuinely feels strong about, then you respect that and treat that situation accordingly. If you have opposing views, then you should state them without hesitation. If she carries any genuine solidity within her stance, then she will be able to articulate her viewpoints without disrespecting you. No one on this planet is going to have the same views on literally everything as you do, and this is a given, but often forgotten in the heat of the moment. Women understand this.

When this situation arises of her having a strong stance on something, this is your time to test her. You don't play the emotional game, remember? You play the logic game. She has a strong stance? Break it down while maintaining composure and see how strong she really is. It's always been a huge turn off when women automatically pull the "You're probably right" I can intimidate most people just by my appearance and how I carry myself. If a girl gives into that, then I'll mark her off the list of a potential girlfriend. She goes on my mental hook-up only list.

How To Spot the Difference?

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

Learning how to decipher genuine intent versus ulterior motives will put you in a great spot. It's fairly simple. When she has genuine intent behind her opposition, then she will have some solidity with what she is saying. If she is a rational strong-willed woman, then she should be able to confidently articulate her thoughts without raising hysteria.

Often in the heat of a debate, the losing opponent will resort to emotional manipulation with intent to gain upper ground. It sounds extremely narcissistic and anti-social, but for the most part, it's naturally done subconsciously. There isn't malicious intent behind why people do this, as it's a habitual defense mechanism. While you might not be having a debate with your girl, the same concept is applicable to pertaining situation.

You absolutely have the upper hand when women test you! Women are emotional beings no matter how hard third-wave feminism tries to tell you otherwise. When women have ulterior motives, their immediate default is to jump on the emotional bandwagon, because this is where most women have the upper hand in comparison to men. She might say something to possibly trigger you, or rile you up. She might even think you won't get riled up, rather become passive towards her aggression. Either way, she wants to find out, and she is going to.


How I Personally React To These Tests

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

When I get these 'shit test' in real life from women, I'll proceed with two reactions.

NUMBER 1... I give her a condescending smile just to let her realize I know exactly what she is doing, which pisses her off. Bahaha, it can be fun when you're two steps ahead boyos. The shit is chess, not checkers.

NUMBER 2... I'll put aside emotion, and logically respond to everything she throws at me without putting down my original stance. I'm unapologetic in who I am for better words. Do not give into emotional game, SHE WILL WIN. Women are damn ninjas when it comes to this stuff. She has her dealt hand, and you have your dealt hand. Don't throw away your card in the heat of the moment. You do this by maintaining your composure and act calm and chill the whole time. If she is making you want to yell at her, put on your best poker face boyo. Oppose her with raw logic and stand your damn ground. The key is to not let her emotions interfere with your judgement. Wherever your views stood at the time that you met this girl, you maintain this with consistency, even in the heat of everything. Don't MOLD to her aggressiveness. That is passive and a huge turn off.


Sa'll Goodman!

***Incoming Breaking Bad reference***

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

Just be cool man, that's seriously all it takes. When I used to work as a bouncer, I've learned how to completley diffuse situations with aggressive women by just acting cool. If you lose your composure when a girl starts throwing bombs at you, then you lose. You're weak if you lose your composure like that, plain and simple. How the hell is this girl going to trust you to take care of her, and protect her, if you get all emotional and anxiety driven with her in high intensity situations. If you can't handle her coming at you like that, someone who is attracted to you, then you could never handle a real situation coming at you full blast. The alpha male would make you his bitch if shit every went down.

You have to be able to cut through the 'Shit' part of the 'Shit Test' by playing your card. I keep saying this a lot but it is all about maintaining your composure like a man. All within rational moderation though, if this girl is going batshit crazy on you all the time. Drop her ass. Not by screaming and yelling like a little boy who didn't get his way, but rather telling her exactly why and moving on.

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

SIDENOTE: **Maybe you can make her laugh and pop in a joke in which you can both laugh at while she gets super intense. If a woman is getting heated, and you have the ability to make her laugh while.. her pussy will turn wet. You just told her that you have control over her outburst in a fun way without being a dick. Seriously, you get that one smirk, and you just take over from there. That's when you turn it into crazy angry sex. Baha.. Win/win? Hell yes.**


Most women, do not want a "Yes Man". That's weak and passive. As I stated in the begining of this take, they want a man to be able to hold his own. Women are feminine and want to submit to a man who they see fit.


It's A Good Thing She Opposes You Boyo!

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

If a girl is testing you, then this is a tall tale sign that she is very interested in you. You have the upper hand here if you play your cards right. You have the ability showcase your best traits as man to her when these little shit test start to occur in the beginning stages of dating a girl. She wants to see what you boyos are made out of.

Even when in those genuine disagreements... As I said women a very emotional beings, if you disagree on something, then that's fine and healthy once in a while. If she gets pissed off at you for a couple hours, and you did what I said, she will come around. She might not agree with you on a certain argument, but she WILL respect you for being a man and holding your own. She start to resent you if you do the opposite.

As a man, if you can make a woman feel in any way, good are bad, it equates to attraction towards you. If a girl is not attracted to you, then she will have absolutely no good or bad emotions towards you, for you are irrelevant. Let's say that she doesn't even notice your weak passiveness directly. If you're a yes man, and make her believe she is absolutely right in everything, then she won't have these intense fluctuations in emotion towards you. It's dating suicide to be a yes man. You want the girl to go through these feelings about you! It increases her attraction towards you! Makes her realize that you have the ability to impact her emotions so significantly. This concept sort of goes hand in hand with the pretty girl who says she hates her ex-boyfriend because he dumped her, but still talks about him all the time.

The reason I tell you this is not to take advantage of women's emotions like a dick, but rather emphasis that you can have a disagreement on something without her losing attraction towards you. It's to let you know that if you are genuine while standing your ground, it will actually make her gain attraction towards you. She might cry or get emotional in the heat of everything, but if you do what I say, she will come around if she likes you.

Oh... You Have To Constantly Keep Your Girl In Check?

Mirin... not srs.

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

I always cringe hard when I see girls mouthing off their boyfriends in public and watching the boyfriend get all loud with her trying to reclaim his false dominance that was never there. I've seen it at bars and clubs as a bouncer A LOT. I always stop and think that the dude is an absolute pansy. I don't think I'd ever be in a position to where the girl I'm dating would blatantly disrespect me in public like that. If she did, then I'd leave her ass in a second.

By "putting your girl in check", you are essentially having to remind her to respect you which is an indication that she didn't really respect you in the first place. If a man can't control his woman's emotions towards him without him having to constantly "put her in her place" than they aren't compatible, or she just simply has the stronger personality. It basically says he isn't mentally capable of emotionally satisfying her. He's really letting her walk all over him which makes him a complete bitch. If it's a compatibility issue, the both of you can't emotionally satisfy each other and should move on.

Just lmao @ thinking you are alpha by saying "you gatta put your girl in her place" That's some inbred low class bullshit. If you start pulling that weak stunt acting like an overly emotional woman, then she will turn cold and do the same. It will end up being a toxic relationship. Your girl is your partner, and you two should be doing everything to make each other feel great about yourselves. Don't have emotional diarrhea because you are constantly overwhelmed with the fact that you can't satisfy your girl.

Concluding with a K.O.

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

Seriously... just act like a mensch. It's really not that hard. Act like a man, put all the bullshit aside, stand your ground while acting within the best interest of the two of you. Do this and your girl will never disrespect in the way I described. You need to be the leader. What kind of leader lets trivial emotion get in the way of his better judgment?

"Putting you girl in her place" That's all false dominance boyos, the girl needs to actually trust you to submit to you. If she is truly submissive towards you, then she will trust and respect you and your judgement. That doesn't come instantly, but rather through time.

Remember it's a good thing that she challenges you, because it shows interest, and it shows that she wants to submit to you. At the same time, you get to see how thick her skin is. If she doesn't challenge you during that period, and automatically submits to you, then she will submit to anyone. That makes her a weak person. Who wants to date a doormat who submits to everything and everyone in life? I'm telling you boyos... Nothing beats having a girl completely submit to you. All of this translates into the bedroom as well. Fuuuack... But srs.. gender roles are amazing, don't let feminism ruin this shit for you.

Here is a gif that describes modern day feminism in a better way that I ever could.

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First


How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First
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