Why do sweet women play mind games on whatsapp even to guys they know (READ DETAILS FIRST) and explain this?

So even a really really sweet girl to a guy she already knows. I repeat already knows, so NOT a stranger who is boring.

For instance, she really finds a guy exciting, uplifting and he might be in her social circle, possibly periphery versus day to day friends who text all the time about general things. So she's generally always very excited to text with him and meet up. Let's say they met when either of them were in a relationship and now she's single ok. Sometimes they will come online and reply instantly or else reply instantly if you reply to them initiating.

Now they do this on occasion and please explain it:
1. Read your whatsapp message and thus you see it is blue ticked.
2. They don't reply then. BUT they clearly come on whatsapp often enough possibly replying to others as their "last seen" time keeps updating.
3. They reply later as if nothing happened.

I mean isn't it slightly disrespectful to say the least? Wouldn't you not "read" the message until you're going to reply. You can't be that busy to not be able to reply to someone you care about and maybe who's trying to flirt (a guy they thus like to some extent) and someone they know, for a long time can you?

4. WHY would they be texting others and delay you if you are close or special to them? And if you don't do the same bluetick and delay replying to them back at them?

5. For instance, it's hard to have a conversation if one person is replying IMMEDIATELY most of the time then suddenly pulls this flaky behavior now and again. And you put pressure on the polite participant to then wonder whether they text back immediately when you do reply. Given they don't play mind games, then does it help flirtation?

Calling them out on it feels awkward and like you're the bad boy?
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Why do many women seem to feel it's acceptable or polite to do this?

Or to drop out of a conversation mid convo. Often speaking to people you care about less (not necessarily people you are going to bang either).

If it's a sweet girl and not some attention seeker why do this?

And what can a guy do.

YET AGAIN, this is not a new girl, please read the details, she obviously likes the guy otherwise she would never reply which is NOT the case.
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Incredible how many people think this is somehow acceptable.

I think it boils down to the fact that some people (whether it is a girl or guy who does it) are just RUDE. It's not the fault of the waiting texted, but the fact that the other party lacks courtesy. It's most upsetting though when a sweet or innocent girl does it.
Why do sweet women play mind games on whatsapp even to guys they know (READ DETAILS FIRST) and explain this?
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