Women Understanding Men and Their Emotions


In days of old, men were needed to be the hunters, and the protectors. Today in 2016, not so much. We have police in our societies for protection and women are self-sufficient for the most part, and can hire people if need be. By nature, a man wants to know that he is appreciated. A woman wants a man to know she needs caring, understanding and respect. If the two parties understood this more about each other, relationships would actually work more times than not.

Women Understanding Men and Their Emotions

Men have been taught throughout time to keep emotions to themselves. "If you are sensitive, you are weak." But the opposite of that is so true. A true strength is sensing, more feeling, and interacting more. Emotions are NOT meant to be suppressed. Women need to understand that men in general reduce stress by forgetting about problems and having their alone time. Women need to understand the whole "man cave" theory. Let them be. You can silently let them know you are there, but the need this time. They go through cycles, and when they come back around, they come around stronger and more focused, even on their woman!!!! Men are goal driven by nature, they need their independence, and being alone will eventually drive the man back to his woman.

Take the time to understand one another. We are not the same. We process differently. But just because we are different, by no means is it that men are not emotional creatures. Many psychologists reject the notion that men actually experience emotions less frequently than do women. Instead, researchers have suggested that men exhibit restrictive emotionality. Restrictive emotionality refers to a tendency to inhibit the expression of certain emotions and an unwillingness to self-disclose intimate feeling.

If more women would take the time to understand more, and not be so judgmental, more relationships today could be salvaged. And it works both ways, men need to understand women too! That is a whole other story....................

Women Understanding Men and Their Emotions
Women Understanding Men and Their Emotions
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  • FatherJack
    " Women need to understand the whole "man cave" theory. Let them be. " Thank you !! If women actually did just a bit of homework on men ( not difficult as we are much less complex !! ) , there would be less conflict , however a lot of women expect men to just " get " them , or at least men are expected to do their homework... whereas women , probably because females are the desired gender & can easily get a man / men , will not do likewise , as there is no perceived need. She will have to if she wishes to KEEP a quality man that has self respect , or he will bin her !!

    Great take , spot on !! Women & men are really polar opposites in most respects , the basics really do need teaching in schools , preferably when students are hitting adolescence. Most of us learn the hard way !!
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    • @FatherJack- I totally agree with you. We need to have a course in every high school that would help in stopping the broken heart (LOL) But seriously, something that would teach both sexes about their true differences, and how to better understand that it is okay we are not the same, but what those differences are and how to work together instead of against one another.

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  • Saoirse_Nua
    This take should be featured and put on front page of GaG for a year - Great take.
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  • Longshoreman
    I do agree that women in general should take the time to understand more men as well. Men and women will never be the same but they don't have to be as long as they understand each other.
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  • iceEverestere
    I dont know why but I feel like, If you treat men and women to be more similar then the problems will be less compared to treating them differently. I dont buy this whole biology shit, we are more alike than different.
  • capturemyheartnow
    Men and women are different sexually and emotionally. Unless the men and women are able to come to a common understanding about how to row their boat (of life) together. , the problems they are suffering in terms of break ups and divorce rate cannot be solved. previously marriages were built on the foundation of monogamous relations and the pillar of strength was sex. Now sex is freely available and hence , sex in marriage has lost some relevance. So , relationships are constantly under pressure.
  • Unit1
    Yes, yes, yes :D ♥

    You figured it out and hit it in the middle! Great job!
  • coolbreeze
    Great mytake and great tips.
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  • AlwaysBelieving
    Good take.
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  • Blitzkrieger
    Yes i agree. Its a good take.
  • Anonymous
    Women should take time to understand men
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  • Anonymous
    And it is supposed to Embraces
  • Anonymous
    most of this becomes obvious when you grow up having a mother as well as a father

    unfortunately not all of us are so fortunate. or so perceptive lol
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