Gamer Love: A Guide For Gamers to Find the Princess/Prince of Their Dreams!

Hello everyone! ^-^

I'm in a pretty good mood right now.. So, i figured i would help those who are struggling to find their player 2 get that long awaited player 2.

Basically, a guide for gamers to find their match.

I make this guide because, well, it took me and many other people a long time to find the one they love. Games are often a turn off in a relationship, so finding your gamer guy or girl is a can do. Unless, you feel like giving up your massive levels in exchange for ms. supermodel.

So, what's the first step you can take in finding that elusive player 2?

Step 1: Don't do stupid things

Now, it's perfectly fine and even kinda cool to get goofy in a game. What i mean is things like:

- Trolling

- Picking or complaining about noobs

- showing little or no care for others (especially team mates in team games)

- Trying to be overly macho ( bursting through things, mass killing enemies, etc)

- Trying to be to shy (like letting others do the work when your just as capable, keeping out of occupied areas of the game map)

Now, you'll notice i mentioned things you would normally only do in a game. This is because that would be the best way. Your favorite multiplayer game is the best way to meet a girl/guy you will enjoy more.

This is because you need to enjoy at least one game with your possible player 2. Your bound to have at least a few games you and your possible partner will have differed opinions on. Which, leads directly into number 2.

Step 2: Cooperation game modes

So, you found your possible player 2. He/she agreed to being your partner. What next?

Well, even if he/she hasn't said yes to dating, arrange to play co op games with them. With co op games, you would get to spend time playing with your partner instead of against them. Creating more of a bond.

But, no matter how much you play one game... what about others?

Step 3: Play their games

Now, when it comes to games there are plenty to play with other people with. Some of those games you will not like or not be used to.

But, that can be a good thing. With me for instance, i hated playing roblox for a long time. But, when my girlfriend wanted to play some games on it, i agreed to do it with her. The result? I love it now!

Games you hate, games your not used to, even games you never heard of. By playing them with your partner, you might discover a game you love.

But, what about when they play a game you love they aren't used to? What then?

Step 4: Don't teach them excessively

Now, when someone you love spending time with starts playing a game you love, it can be exciting. You can't wait to show them the features of the game, and start playing with them.

However, that excitement usually leads to trying to overteach them. Now, it's one thing to help them with things they truly need help with. Like controls they aren't used to, weird mechanics, or even understanding the plot.

But, you don't want to tell them every little thing.

By over teaching, you cause them to lose interest. They end up thinking you as annoying and the game as stupid because of it.

One of the best parts of games is experimenting and figuring it out.

So, encourage them. Cheer them on a bit. But don't go for trying to overteach.

If you do all that, you should be pretty good.

But, what about conventions?

Step 5: Any problems? GET RID OF IT

Every relationship will have it's problems. But, you can help limit those problems by getting rid of stresses.

One big cause of stress and just it not working for a relationship is couple costumes. So, just get rid of it.

Any problem you can eliminate, get rid of.

Step 6: Don't fret wandering eyes

When your at a convention, a lot of people are in costume. Some of which, will be revealing costumes.

Guys and girls will have wandering eyes when any costume comes. Someone walks by as your favorite character, or with their breasts showing and everyones eyes will be attracted to those things.

Don't fret. Don't worry. Unless you partner has shown other signs, and i mean lots of other signs, then they won't be looking to cheat.

And that's it. Have fun, and have a nice day.

Gamer Love: A Guide For Gamers to Find the Princess/Prince of Their Dreams!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don’t think gamers can find love if they keep playing games you know..

    • I know multiple gamers who have found love and still play games to this day, WITH their partners.

      im also one of those people.

      Trust me, there's always a way to find love no matter what your hobbys are

Most Helpful Guy

  • You can't be better than them though.
    You need to find a game that is fun but chance/rng heavy or that you're just not that good at. If you're ranked Grand Champion in Overwatch or Battlerite and like the competitiveness then you're probably going to crush a potential partner if you try and mock them if you don't try. Especially for guys since games have a higher density of males in the upper echelons, finding comparably high skill levels in girls is tough.

    Things that rely on rng/dice are quite good. e. g Armello, Hearthstone. Though as you said cooperative is better still. Co-op platformers and puzzle games are probably the best for a good experience. But finding people *online* for that is tough.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Is this in regards to like meeting through online? I dated a cute gamer guy from a halo clan I was in lol

    • Was it his power and status in the clan that turned you on?

What Guys Said 4

  • Ingame, I'm the equivalent of a nice guy. The one who always take support or medic, help people and play more for them than for me.
    Which is why I'm always called noob because in the end, the results of what I did aren't visible.

  • Too bad I mainly play story games with no multiplayer...

  • Cool

  • interesting mytake.


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