My Mytake Challenge: 5 good lessons I have learned about love

So I am starting a new challenge to challenge gaggers about 5 good lessons I have learned about love

My Mytake Challenge: 5 good lessons I have learned about love

I have written about this before so I am going to cheat because it's late and I need to get at least 5 hours of sleep.... but this is a cut and paste from some of my other posts

10 Things I Believe About Relationships

1. Take time to enjoy each other

My Mytake Challenge: 5 good lessons I have learned about love

Some of these points kind of blend into each other. Learn to enjoy being in each other's company past mere appearances. Enjoy them the same way you would a brother or sister or a friend. It's a simple almost non-sense point but I think it's worth noting. It's not about making sure you spend the right amount of time or making sure the time is spent wisely. Those are important points but I would argue that spending time together should feel and be more natural than trying to get it down to a science. Just keep it sweet and keep it simple.

2. Support each other and love each other

My Mytake Challenge: 5 good lessons I have learned about love

This is a next level thing that goes back to the brother and sister relationship. Be there to give support to your partner. If there's a job interview encourage them and help them get ready, if there is a death in the family be their open arms, if they are in the hospital be there to hold their hand. Next to support is love. Show your partner that they are cared for and are valued. Be with them through drug addiction, if they get in trouble with the law, or if they have cancer. It takes a special kind of person stay with someone through all their hardships. But this shows your investment in each other and makes your relationship stronger.

3. Don't give up

My Mytake Challenge: 5 good lessons I have learned about love

I've heard of so many marriages that end in divorce. But I heard something recently from Billy Graham's late wife. They asked her if she believed in divorce, she said no, but I do believe in murder. That to me says values while providing a laugh in the process. Relationships are not just kisses and roses, they are a fight. And fighting you will do. Anybody in any relationship will have fights. I'd even argue that a fight can be helpful if channeled and used in the right way. Relationships are not given, they are earned. Long lasting relationships are not based on how great the couple is or how great of a match they are. It is based on how they dealt with each other and how they survived each fight with each other. I'd like to call out those in relationships and those who get into future ones. It's not about if you are compatible or not. Do you get to trade in your brother or sister? Yet, you are still connected to them and for the most part most learn to love them for who they are. And relationships are the same way. I'd challenge you to fight for the relationship you are in. Of course not every relationship is worth saving but it is worth not giving up on that person. Be strong and believe in a love that can last for decades.

MyTake on Picking Up a Date
4. Be honest

My Mytake Challenge: 5 good lessons I have learned about love

according to @ToriGirl “I feel like honesty is huge!”
Being honest means letting go and let's you share things that are important to you. If you share something, like a common interest, then being honest can make all the difference. I would hold off on edgy stuff like politics, religion, and sports. Keep it light but have fun. And don't worry, those topics will still be there in future encounters. And also if it comes up, keep your opinions light. Nothing kills the mood like a heated debate, bite your lip. Honesty can also show the other person who you really are, the good parts. This can help to know if you both connect or if you both lack similar views or interests.

5. Listen to them and show that you are listening to them

My Mytake Challenge: 5 good lessons I have learned about love

Don’t just spend your time getting lost in their eyes. Wake Up and listen to them! Show them that their words really matter. I am learning this as training for being manager but it really applies here too! Show the other person that you are listening to them. Every once in a while, say their words back to them or give them some commentary on what they are saying. I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to somebody and briefly zoned out to hear something like “and that’s how they got married”. Pay attention! This is advice from someone that is trying to work on that himself. Plus you get bonus points if you say something back to them that you talked about in the past with them. But don’t be awkward about it. Make sure it makes sense when you use it.

I know, if there is anything gaggers know, it is love experience! So, gaggers what do you know?

I invite gaggers to #challengeyourself but I personally

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  • All excellent points... you nailed it !!!

    • I feel bad. This was literally just for the challenge, those points are from previous mytakes ….. :(

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    • I really do appreciate your comment about "girls my age" ... to be quite honest, I'm glad I'm not single at 31 years old... from everything I've heard from others and on here, it's a real zoo out there !!!

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  • I've never been in a relationship before so...

    • Got a little secret #virgin Neither have I but I have learned a lot in my life and from other people and movies and tv etc.. that has helped me to put the list together. I am sure you got a couple aces up your sleeve if you think about it

  • Really good take! Thanks for the nomination!💗

  • A lot of food for thought! Great take


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  • Very Good Take. All of those Things are important.


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