For anyone needing to hear this!

For anyone needing to hear this!

For a long time I was insecure about my body, and looks. I always tried to compare myself to others... but later I realized that took to much time out of my day. You are worth it. You are beautiful, handsome, talented, courageous, strong, loving. You aren’t loved even when you don’t think you are. Be proud of who you are. You will get that love of your life, you will get that promotion, you will graduate, you will achieve those goals. Keep the faith in yourself and you will flourish 💓

For anyone needing to hear this!
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  • AuroraRoseat

    One hundred percent. I always tell others this because it's true. And you have nothing to feel insecure about. You are certainly beautiful.

    • fulfilling

      90% of the things we feel insecure about, people dont even care or notice. Two weeks ago I attended my friend's graduation and he wore some shoes that he thought weren't that nice, after some time he came and asked me if I think he made the right choice by picking those shoes for such a big event, I said no they are great they look good on you.. after few seconds I laughed and told him, have you noticed that I didn't even notice the type of shoes you had on?
      sometimes we're too hard on ourselves and most things we're too sensitive about, our friends or lovers dont even care.
      I will give you another example. Me myself I got a little bit of puffy nipples, my girl doesn't even care. And she got small boobies and an attitude, and what I do? embrace her flaws by helping her improve her attitude, and I wouldn't even make her feel that her boobies are an issue. I'm confident her tiny body is gaining weight these days because of the amount of peace she has in her
      mind, because of how I handle her.

    • You're absolutely right. Hopefully your friend understands (though I'm glad you do).

    • fulfilling

      He has a Master's degree now I'm sure he gets it.

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  • Uncut

    Great post. Very positive. Refreshing to read this 👍👍👍😘

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  • nawtee_me

    You are a beautiful girl, I see nothing to be insecure about. No matter who you are the most sexiest thing is self confidence, and for that you have to like yourself as you are. It really doesn't matter what others may think. Never let some ones negative thoughts or feeling live rent free in your head.

  • Champ78

    I 100% hope that your right about what you are saying because I want that and I would no doubt tell a girl like this and show her affection. But there’s one question that I always have. How is dating supposed to be fun for me if I’m a guy who is 19 and has only been rejected.

  • MoneyBeets

    You remind me of that Cat Woman who had too much plastic surgery.

    • Katerinar

      Well why don’t I see a picture of you? ☺️ I’m sure you are beautiful in your own way. It’s a shame you bring people down I hope ya change

    • MoneyBeets

      You wanna see my penis?

  • smg99

    You were gorgeous in your dp and more so now. However your golden locks were breath taking wish you retained them :)

  • Clarke498

    Love the postivity! Thank! And right back at you ;) You look pretty and seem very kind :)

  • Victor1212

    Proud on yourself.

  • luvstoned4him

    Thank You <3

  • bernie66

    Good mood and you are completely right

  • Gorgeous!! And thank you 😊

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • You don't know me lady.

  • NerdInDenial

    I like the positivity but that ain’t real life.

    • Katerinar

      That’s what you think. Learn to be more positive maybe you’ll see what I’m talking about

    • It doesn’t matter if you are positive, bad things happen all of the time and no one really cares. That is the harsh reality.

  • Vesta


  • Anonymous

    I'd bone you.