Men cheat for sexual variety, women cheat for emotional variety

A man cheats to
A man cheats to "hook up", a woman cheats to "shack up".

When a man cheats, chances are he just wants to get his rocks off with a sexy/ alluring/ hot girl who he sees as sufficiently varied from his girlfriend. Say his girlfriend has brunette hair and a tomboy look. So he might cheat with a leggy feminine blonde. Same goes for the type of sex on offer. If his girlfriend is quite "vanilla", he may look outside the relationship to get his kinkier urges satiated.

So for the man, it's about physical/ sexual urges, and they're strong enough that he abandons his loyalty to his girlfriend for the possibility of 'quenching his thirst', as it were.

When a woman cheats, the causes I believe are a bit more complex. So far I can tell, it usually comes down to her wanting to experience some specific emotion-- or range of emotions-- that isn't on offer within her relationship. For instance, her boyfriend may be dependable and give her a feeling of safety and comfort. So she might cheat with a "bad boy" who represents the emotions of danger, passion, aggression, and unpredictability.

So for the woman, it may partly be just pure sexual urges, but the bulk of the desire to actually sleep around stems from the *emotional variety* she hopes to derive from the affair.

This also tells us something about the nature of how cheating plays out *over time* for both men and women.

A man who already cheated may continue to cheat until the newly acquired sexual variety "wears off" and loses its allure. He may just want to "get it out his system". And because men tend to compartmentalise their inner thoughts/feelings, he will probably view this as not having any reflection on his feelings for his girlfriend. In fact, he may claim to love her just as much-- and I don't think he's lying when he says this (even though the contradiction is apparent to any outsider looking in on his inner dialogue).

A woman who already cheated may continue to cheat until the emotional variety is no longer present. Maybe part of it was the thrill of getting caught, and the thrill of being "naughty" by doing something taboo and "wrong". If that's all the emotion driving the cheating, then it can't last forever surely. But if she's actually formed a genuine emotional attachment to the new lover, then she will most likely continue to rationalise extending the affair, pretty much indefinitely, unless something forces a change in her situation (and even then, the *desire* to go back to her lover may only intensify). After all, we've all heard plenty examples of women who cheated on husbands for 10+ years. But when the man cheats, it's far more likely to be a brief "fling", or series of flings with different women.

This is, I believe, why men often take getting cheated on as more of a betrayal than women. Because a man cheating "means" less in many cases, since he's usually motivated by plain simple lust. But for a woman to cheat, all kinds of emotional needs must first go unfulfilled in the relationship, and then she must locate a new lover who represents all those unfulfilled emotions, in just the right proportion. So the decision to cheat for these women may be "slower", but once they do it, they're more committed to continuing the affair, and all the necessary lies which sustain it. The decision for a man to cheat is more like a gas canister being slowly pressurised until it "pops". Once that sexual tension is released, he may go back to his partner without giving the side chick a second thought.

Disclaimer: I fully believe that cheating is ALWAYS a conscious decision of the cheater, and so the rule of personal responsibility is never exempt. Once you decide to cross that line, you can't uncross it, and you disrespect both yourself and your partner at the moment the decision is made. My intention here is only to note that intrinsic motivations differ, and that the fallout of cheating will itself be modified by those motivations.

Now, there is a positive takeaway from all this:

Even though motivations to cheat may differ between men and women (generally speaking)… the fundamental reason for cheating is that the cheater has a NEED which is currently unfulfilled, and which they're willing to go seeking outside the relationship.

So if we follow this reasoning to its logical conclusion, the lesson is clear: if their needs are satisfied INSIDE the relationship, then the motivations to stray will never arise in the first place, and therefore the cheating will likely not happen.

(Of course, you could argue that "a cheater will find a way to justify cheating one way or another". But I doubt most cheaters are "born" to cheat. Most cheaters were perfectly loyal, loving partners-- UNTIL THEY WEREN'T.)

So if women want emotional variety, then bring that to your girlfriend inside the relationship. Mix in a little "naughty" along with your "nice". Develop your personality so you can bring out a range of emotions in her. Realise that sometimes she even may want the "negative" emotions like jealousy or anger (even if she won't admit it)-- so find a way to let her experience those in a "safe" environment.

And so, if men want sexual variety, then bring that to your boyfriend inside the relationship. Buy new sexy lingerie (Primark doesn't count). Explore your kinky side together. Let him dominate you in bed in new ways-- or tie him up, climb on top, and flip the script altogether. Try new sex positions. And when you see him check out girls in the street, take it as 'field reconnaissance' to find out what caught his eye, and add it to your repertoire. If his eye lingers on the girl in the bright red dress, then wear one of your own to the next social event you attend together, and watch him collect his jaw off the floor. And flirt with him as much as you can-- don't get complacent and let the sexual tension fizzle out.

I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on this subject. I think the hardest part getting cheated on for me was being confronted with the idea that she was going to another guy for emotional fulfilment rather than myself. That hurt more than the physical facts of the "whats" and the "wheres" and "hows". I'm curious what it's like for girls to get cheated on. Did he cheat on you for sexual variety as I posited, or was it a full blown emotional affair as well? Does the difference even matter to you-- is "cheating just cheating", no matter what the motivations are?

Men cheat for sexual variety, women cheat for emotional variety
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  • burlen

    I like your writeup. You specified the theoretical perspective—intrinsic motivation— from which you are approaching the topic. This sets the boundary in which the reader should appreciate your underlying arguments.

    Another perspective to which why people cheat, stemming from my own experiences, is the environmental or situational perspective.

    The cheating occurs because of the situation the individual finds themselves. An innocent friendship or working relationship with someone drifts into cheating you never saw it coming. This friend or colleague is not necessarily physically good looking, or kinkier than your partner.

    You happen to fall in love with them, kiss them, or have sex with them either because they treat you in a lovely way; over that late evening/night working shift; or after both of you have downed three units of alcohol.

    Another situational influence is where you are part of a squad with a “bad boy” reputation that has gained notoriety to the point it has become a “cool” image. Everyone in the squad but you have cheated on their girlfriends.

    The squad accept who you are but make jokes of your saint-like image. In a night-out with the squad, you eventually cheated on your girl not because you wanted to fit in the squad, or you didn’t love your girlfriend, but because you now see cheating as a fun life.

  • Women don’t know why they cheat. Primarily they cheat when ovulation because they are following their subconscious urges to seek the best immediate genes for egg. Since it is subconscious, the fact that they may be on the pill or using other birth control is immaterial.

    Modern society and even recorded history is a flash in the pan in evolutionary terms and they still have their Stone Age brains. Alpha males will not marry down, but they are very willing to fuck down. That gives the cheating woman a huge natural selection advantage since children from the Alpha male are stronger, brighter, and more likely to survive.

    • Janenow

      Message me please

    • Robertcw

      Good point man. Men's willingness to lower standards for sex hurts other men a lot. It's the key in women having so much power over sexuality. Women don't do that. And thus they win due to supply and demand.

      Other guys, often, are too big of assholes to care and refuse to change. Pretty fucked.

    • @Robertcw I suppose it is natural selection at work; sort of like why the best Stallion gets all the mares. It is really good if you are a top 10% male. However, if you are not in the top 25% and especially if not in the top 50%, about all you can do is watch and grumble while all the girls chase after guys that are hott and better looking.

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  • Ellie-V

    At the end of the day, I don’t give a damn. If I’m putting my energy in a committed relationship I will expect the exact same. I’m not going to go out of my way to make sure the other person doesn’t cheat. If they fall off, o well. That’s on them alone. I’m very clear about what I bring to the table and if it’s no longer enough for them, it’s not my problem.

  • AuroraRoseat

    No. Some cheat simply because they desire another person, not because their needs aren’t met.

    Human relations are complex, not simple as you’re trying to make it.

    • Asto-Kun

      I agree nothing is said in stone

    • Mr_Flint

      I believe he provided a generalization. Of course they're are exceptions but one shouldn't have to go into detail about every exception.

    • He came up with a rule that he stated was logical and followed up with how fulfilling needs in a relationship will erase the possibility of adultery. That isn’t a generalization nor is what I’m saying the exception. It’s quite common place.

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  • Beautiful myTake, I agree completely on all your points even though I admit I don't get why men cheat for sexual variety.
    I mean, sex is all the same, so what makes it so exciting?

    • well, biologically speaking, men's sexual arousal is primarily activated by visual stimulation (although touch, voice tone, etc all factor in as well). Whereas women's sexual arousal is primarily activated by emotional stimulation (not to say a woman can't appreciate a good six-pack lol). I guess part of the "excitement" can also be the risk of getting caught. It kinda turns my stomach that some people really feel that way and act on it. But it is what it is

    • I've been hooking up with this girl she caught het old man cheating so she says it's payback but I'm disagreeing because she wants some freaky things done to get that she says her boyfriendwon't do that I wasmore than willing to do

  • No. Emotional and physical cheating is not gender-based. It depends on the individual and what they're looking for. There's no specific reason for cheating because there are many. Your reasons and hundreds of others.

    • That's true, individual motivations can vary a lot. So you don't think there's any influence of the individual's gender on the formation of those motivations? I mean, men and women have their own biochemistry and brain wiring, which in turn predisposes them towards certain patterns of thought/ behaviour. I still think this can manifest in the differing motivations to cheat, but I could be wrong. Thanks for your counter-point, it's definitely something to reflect on some more.

    • Yes, I agree that men and women have their own biochemistry and whatnot; however, I also believe nurture can cause a great influence as well as bad ones on women (since women are considered the weaker sex). Honestly, from birth, women are mostly taught to be depended and weak. Contrary to that, not all parents do such things and strong-minded women break free of the negative influences. Nurture plays a huge part in how women and men behave despite bio affects. Therefore, I think both men and women cheat for emotional support but again not one specific gender.

      However, overall, cheating is stupid. I'll just leave if I fall out of my love with my lover

  • sam2274

    I have enough of gender-based questions. It’s too simple to make categories. I think it could be the same for men and women.
    I know men that are ready to cheat because they don’t feel anymore connected to their wives/girlfriends.
    I know women that need more physical connections and don’t find it anymore in their relationship.
    No gender here, just people that are losing themselves and trying to find their happiness with someone else. But sure not the right way.

    • Hm, I hadn't looked at it this way. You're right about "losing themselves", that's not a gender-exclusive occurrence.

    • You are right. When I cheated on a previous girlfriend I did it for emotional reasons, not physical and I am a guy.

    • sam2274

      @ThisIsMyOpinion Cheating is always related to you and how you feel, how you are in your relationship. Sometimes it’s even totally disconnected from your loved one.

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  • Sensmind

    Might be a bit simplistic in my view and almost inadvertently give an out to cheaters - If there is an issue that may lead to cheating, communicate with your partner about it before the need to cheat happens or leave - No excuse for cheating, once a cheat always a cheat, no second chances.

    • Believe me, the last thing I want to do is give an out to cheaters. :-)

  • nakesia

    I am 46 years old now. I will be 47 years old. When I was in my 20's. I thought differently. I married at the age of 18 and divorced at 21. My husband at the time was my everything. I didn't want anyone but him. We were an interracial couple. Well, he would have girlfriends, and he married another woman while still married to me. I was so hurt. I wanted to kill myself. Matter of fact, I tried too. It didn't work. Thank God. It was Tylenol. I got an upset stomach. No man or woman is worth it. People fall in love or have very strong desires for another person. Especially men. Women too. There are a lot of people on this earth. You are going to come across a person who shares your thoughts, your passion, and who understands you spiritually. On an energy level. You might find a person you are attracted too. There are billions of people on this earth, not one to twenty. We are not equipped to only to love one person. So there is a chance that you would fall for another. You don't plan for it. That's why people shouldn't be so quick to get married. Because most likely, we are not with the right person. No, we shouldn't judge by attractiveness, and money. But, guys do. Women do it too. They do it as much as men. People these days are caught up in looks, sex, and money. Those are the values. A guy have a right to date as many women as he want. He doesn't belong to anybody but his mother. A woman has a right to date as many guys as she wants. She belongs to her mother. But, we need to learn how to respect ourselves and others. Is it really worth it. You don't own people. People are not property. Everybody is so caught up about cheating. It is a lot of beautiful women on earth. Billion. Billions of gorgeous men. So, it's a lot to choose from. You might have something in common with 2 of them. You might want them both. What to do. You have feelings for both of them. As a woman. What to do
    My grandmother dated both of them. And she was married. She was Native American. Apache. Married 6 times. She looked great for her age. Women always boo who over men. That's why they look great as they age, and we look older as we age. They get younger women. Beat them at their own game. You don't have to go out with every guy. But, find a hobby. Get smart. Don't cry over them

  • OzzieTheSlav

    Ok I'm not gonna lie I didn't read all of this and I'm sure you made great points but, IF YOU'RE A MAN AND WANT SEX WITH SOMEONE ELSE LEAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP. IF YOU'RE A WOMAN AND YOUR MAN ISN'T EMOTIONALLY THER LET. HIM. KNOW. AND LEAVE. Y'ALL NEED TO STOP PLAYING PEOPLE. IF YOU AREN'T HAPPY LEAVE EASY. Now with that being said once you leave it's for good coming back doesn't do anyone any favors.

  • TheRealTayler

    Nah, all cheaters are selfish. Period. End of story. And if you want to forgive that person and be with someone who is selfish then more power to you.

    • Forgiveness and understanding are two very different things. Does an FBI agent "forgive" a serial killer in building a psyche profile?

    • Of course all cheaters are selfish, the question is "to what end?". Selfishness implies they seek to gain something from their actions. There's something to be learned from analysing their perception of gain, no matter how repugnant their motivations may be.

  • HereIbe

    Nope. Research doesn't bear this stereotype out. Men who cheat on long-term relationships are usually looking for emotional and personal affirmation and respect that they aren't getting from their wives.

    • I guess I haven't seen this research. That makes a lot of sense if they feel unappreciated by their partner, and another woman comes along and thinks he's the perfect man.

    • HereIbe

      That's how you explain Arnold Schwarzennegar [sic] cheating on Maria with that domestic... EURGH!

    • Mr_Flint

      Arnold slept with her because bit was convenient.

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  • BrittBratt2416

    Why even get with someone you're not even in to or emotionally connected with anyway? If a guy is stepping to me knowing fully well he want's someone else, imma tell to step off and good bye.

    • I'm not sure it's as simple as this. A cheater can "stray" with full knowledge of what they're doing, and yet still rationalise to themselves that they "still care about" their partner. Of course, they could also cheat out of spite or malice, which is just salt in the wound..

    • They are trying to figure out a way to have their cake and eat to.

    • Very true

  • Babygirl_S

    People cheat because they lack self-control. It's always better to just end the relationship than hurt your partner by cheating. I also believe that people who are more promiscuous are more likely to cheat as the emotional connection with their partner isn't that important to them. The best way to avoid a cheater is to stay away from promiscuous people.

  • ZeoGravityGirl

    When I got excused of cheating I was being raped and my rapist sent pictures and video to my boyfriend showing him them feeling my breasts and stuff and he said I looked like I was enjoying it.

    • Shit, I'm sorry you were put through that. Hope somebody castrates those fuckers.

    • If that wasn't bad enough, they impregnated me making me feel like a slut.

    • That is so wrong

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  • KeyannaStyles

    I dont agree that when I cheated I was seeking emotional variety, there were no dates or kiss n cuddle it was strictly a fuck.

    • 🖕😎🖕

    • I'm a "Perfomance Sales Choreographer" for a major hair product manufacturer. I've made a 100K + for the last 10 years. Shove your advertising in to the bait box between your bean poles.

    • Well, what emotions did you experience from "strictly a fuck" at the time? Was it purely his physical appearance that sold you on cheating or was it the emotions he gave you in the lead-up to sex?

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  • iamjersey

    I think this one's not as gender based as the others. People are individuals. But I'm gonna throw in on this one anyway.. Men are stupid. We have this bullshit ego that makes us think we're more important than we are. And I've never met a woman who didn't like a respectful compliment. Flattery, and a little flirting can go far. Sometimes to far.

    • I'm not sure I follow your point. Are you saying men cheat because of ego and women cheat because of flattery?

    • iamjersey

      Kind of. Men are leaders in culture. Work. Usually do finances. Have a nice house. A pretty wife. If the neighbor's got more than he does, it becomes a pissing contest.. I don't mean to direct this at cheating alone. That was the question at hand... But nobody wants the 2nd biggest house on the block. Or the second fastest car.. see where I'm goin with this?

    • Robertcw

      That's really bad financial managment though. Fast cars and big houses are huge liabilities.

      The smart guy would be driving a Corolla while purchasing rental properties to turn into assets, or setting up a handful of AirBnb's to generate positive cash flow.

      The big house on the hill causes people to go broke.

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    my Guess is the main reasons for seeking emotional closeness outside a relationship can not be satisfied through sex

  • mr_mxy

    When it comes to the fallout of a break up it is actually interesting. Women take it worse emotionally but get over it pretty quickly. Men aren't as emotionally impacted (not a lot of crying into tubs of ice cream) but are far worse off long term as they tend to be weary of starting a new relationship. Not sure how much of that is truly a gender thing or a social thing.

  • bamesjond0069

    Men cheat to conquer something new. Women cheat because they are over their current relationship. Women don't have the same drive as men. Men also sleep with hos to cheat but women try to trade up to a better man. Women also cheat to have or risk another mans child. Its completely different. This is why men cheating is normalized and womens is not.

  • Kupkake88

    I believe some men cheat due to insecurities. Maybe they feel they aren't good enough for the one they are with, maybe due to rejection, so why not attempt to find someone whom will react to them in a manner they seek?

    I also believe some women are the same but mostly I've found women to cheat due to revengeful reasons

    • thats true, i would cheat if i dont feel girl im with likes me enuff

  • Pamina

    Nonsense. Plenty women also cheat just for the sex.

    • Yes, this seems to be a recurring theme in the comments. Thanks for sharing!

    • Pamina

      Take a guess why. ;)

  • Vedimer

    It's both for both, really. But yes, for men it's MORE about the sex, and women are more likely to be motivated by emotions than men are.

    This is, I believe, why men often take getting cheated on as more of a betrayal than women. Because a man cheating "means" less in many cases, since he's usually motivated by plain simple lust.

    Yes, and this is true - it's something psychologists will say as well. For a man it is more likely to mean only something physical. Men have a strong sexual urge, and an instinct to have sex with many women. The men who had this instinct spread their genes more over two million years, and so we all have the instinct now. Whereas women have more of an instinct to be careful with who she has sex with, as she and her family will have to take care of any baby resulting from it. She has the instinct to stay with one man only, the man who shows both that he can provide for her and protect her, and that he will stick around. (That's why we have courtship - it's a test by the woman to see if the man is willing to make an extra effort for the sex.) So it is more serious for the relationship if the woman cheats. However, sex is still pleasurable, and there are women who will cheat simply because they want the pleasure. But it's less likely than for men. Also, they are much more likely to feel dirty from it afterward.

  • Bárbara1402

    Even though I don’t think cheating is acceptable in any situation I have to disagree. Women sometimes cheat because they don’t feel pleasure with their partner and try to seek that with other people

  • JackSmy

    Could you maybe write a longer NOVEL?
    My response to this, is BULLSHIT!!
    Women cheat when they don't feel LOVED!! Men cheat when they don't feel NEEDED!

  • Cuppo_Mode

    Some women cheat for money, like this
    Gorl: hey let's get married
    Gai: oh kei
    *They marri*
    Gorl: hey we gonna divors nows
    gai: y?
    Gorl: becouse me keeping money
    Gai: bish.
    Gai: *sad
    Gorl: hei letz git marrid
    Oda gai: oh kei
    *And so the cycle continues

  • great mytake, and i agree 100%, i knew for years women cheat for emotional variety but somehow they deny it lol.

    • Yeah denial can be very powerful-- it deserves its own dedicated MyTake really. Of course, men can be privy to just as much denial, although my guess is that most men who cheat are aware of why they're doing it. Maybe women get more conflicted over it because their emotions are so much less tangible than outright physical attraction. But these are assumptions I'm making, and I try to avoid assumptions, so I don't know what the full reality is.

  • Ultimately both men and women cheat for the same reason, not getting their needs met. That and selfishness.

  • raggedywoman

    It think it is a disgusting situation. You believe her /his. But s/he sees as idiot and are not give a value to you or your relationship. On the other hand you think the people who talk with you are single but they have boy/girlfiend or married. You feel like a idiot 😑

  • Kitos

    You better follow the clean rule. Instead of cheating , just end the relationship and do what you want , because if there is a desire of cheating , clearly this relationship ain't working.
    Be clean. Goodbyes are hard. But your partner or ex deserves to be happy as much as you do.

  • Lauren-green

    It's not based upon the gender, but the individual. Some women cheat for sexual needs too, as well as how some men cheat for emotional needs.

  • Wolframium

    And decent people don't cheat.
    (I'm sorry, I haven't read the article, I just wated to say that.)
    [We can talk about what is cheating and all of that, but…no, if you're not happy in relationship, be honest about it to your SO, sort issues or break up. Don't cheat.]

    • I agree, lack of decency is the commonality that extends across genders/ individuals. I kinda broached this aspect inside the article's contents, but you're right to emphasise it.

  • I understand what you're saying but I dont think women cheat always for emotional variety. Some women, just like men, have moments of weakness and give in. Women are indeed visually stimulated just as we are.

  • ObscuredBeyond

    Individuals cheat when they decide that self-actualization is up to them and to another human being, and when the pursuit of self-actualization on one's own terms supersedes the need to show concern for the reality of others' needs and existence as fellow Image-bearers.

    This is also the same reason that hook-ups are condemned in most ancient faiths, along with homosexual behavior of every form, as well as all the other paraphilias now screeching like banshees and demanding social acceptance - yet having nothing in store except violence for those who dare to say no, all while still wishing to play the victim.

    The idea that "sexual variety" or "emotional variety" is the automatic reason based on gender ignores the fallacies of pride that are the real root of everyone's fall.

    • I'm not sure I'd call it "self actualisation", if anything, cheating is a form of regression. But maybe they could justify it to themselves as a kind of "improvement" on their situation. But like you say, the pride driving that decision is a fallacy, and destined for ruin.

  • latenightowl

    Guys cheat for variety for sure. They grow up shagging at everything that moves and then immediately go back to be being a good boy as if fantasizing about some one wasn't a big deal. When they grow up they get the real stuff ; but it means exactly the same to them, that 5 mins shagg and then go back to the one they love... sad but that's why men don't feel as guilty

  • Newyorkngw

    Men cheat for excitement so they can say they did with someone new. Women tend to be more emotional so when they meet somebody their getting to know the person its not about the sexual attraction from when they first meet them. If men could be insightful and tell their girlfriend how they feel maybe it could prevent her from shacking up with somebody else. Its a miscommunication barrier that could be fixed with having a conversation

  • cmndo

    I agree to an extent, but I think both are interchangeable I think men sometimes cheat for an emotional connection he may not be getting from home and women can cheat just to experience different sex! We are equal in this regard, obviously not all guys require emotions and not all girl require new and improved sex but a lot do!

  • Teheuwjs

    Speak for yourself on the emotional side of women cheating being more hurtful. in my opinion learning things like she let her AP ejaculate inside her on your marital bed, or use his cell phone to record themselves having sex stings a little more than "He made me feel adventurous" or whatever. Just my.002

  • Scorpioqueen1988

    I am not sure but it is wrong coming from either man or a woman.

  • ManOnFire

    Men can cheat for physical reasons while they still love their woman, even if that is fucked up. Women can do the same thing at times while denying it. But when a woman cheats it's because there is no love in her heart anymore, and maybe there never was.

    Women are emptier than men and more restless inside. Which is why they divorce more, are less satisfied with men in any area, why they always need "change," and are not sure of what they want. It's why they are always chasing something to fulfill themselves and can never be content, and can't decide on what they really like, want, or need in a man that can be useful or nourishing for them. It's why they compartmentalize men and can't control their passions for abandon or badboy types even though they know it's not good.

    So the key for women is that they need to learn more about themselves and stop chasing change or something/someone different and learn to make the changes in themselves.

    • mr_mxy

      Inthink you and me had a very interesting conversation linked to this topic once before. Honestly there is a reason why i myself am so reluctant to date.

  • BigJake

    I think a lot of women cheat just because they want someone else. They're not so different from guys, not as much as we often think.

  • MlleCake

    [citation needed]

    • Yes, it is just a theory. I'm not an academic by any means lol :)

    • MlleCake

      So - back it up.

    • I've stated my side of it as much as I wish to, people can make what they wish of it. I don't have a body of scientific data to draw on for my claims, it's just my own observations and making my own deductions from them. If my theory is less compelling as a result, I'm satisfied enough with the outcome either way.

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  • SongBird3

    I disagree, some people are just hoes. Guy or girl it doesn’t matter what the reason for cheating is

  • maxta

    Didn't read it all but the major part. You maybe given PhD

  • bananathunder

    great read... I like the insight from both sides. I believe this is often true and have seen evidence from both sides. Thanks!

  • ChiPaPa

    No. People do that just because they are selfish assholes. You wasted a whole take on something that could easily have been said in a sentence.

  • Daniel3035

    You can't really say men cheat because a man is supposed to go from female to female its how were designed mate impregnate her leave and repeat.

  • antonio1970

    Yea that's their excuse. but they cheat period. they love cock.

  • Smegskull

    You forgot spite. Some people cheat when they are angry with their partner as a way of spiting their relationship.

  • Dinoraptor101

    Must be an atheist question.. cheating is sin. - my opinion

  • cth96190

    If a woman keeps her man’s balls empty, he will not look elsewhere.

  • kylekool

    Cheating In my opinion is The result of Problems in the relationship going unnoticed untreated.

  • Qwetysb

    Umm no. People cheat because they’re scum.