Wonder Why Men Cheat?


Wonder Why Men Cheat?

Wonder Why Men Cheat?

Many women who have been a victim of cheating wonder about this very same question. Men sometimes seem pre-programmed to be unfaithful, but are they programmed to cheat?

Wonder Why Men Cheat?

Warning many men here may have such low self-esteem that this maybe a trigger for them.

You guys might feel the need to whine, moan, bitch, even put me down by the end of this MyTake. But remember it's not me it's actually you. I could careless about your feelings this is a generalization topic ( your names not on it ).

Wonder Why Men Cheat?

Take it personal, be sensitive, knock yourself out I don't care . Now here is why most men cheat in relationships.


If he does not have a lot of experience in committed relationships, or if he doesn’t fully understand that his actions will inevitably have consequences like hurting his partner, he may think it is fine to have sexual adventures with others. He may see a relationship like a coat he can take on and off as he wants to.

Wonder Why Men Cheat?

Co-Occurring Issues:

He may have an ongoing problem with cheating in the past. He might have a problem with alcohol, or drugs that affect his decision-making, resulting in regrettable sexual decisions. Or maybe he even has a problem like sexual addiction. Simply put though he's a habitual cheater and a POS person.

Wonder Why Men Cheat?


He may feel as if he is too old (or too young), not handsome enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, etc. To have/stay with a girl in a relationship for very long period. So, using this sextracurricular spark of interest from some other person to feel wanted, desired, and worthy.

Wonder Why Men Cheat?

Unrealistic Expectations:

He may feel that his partner should meet his every whim and desire, sexual and otherwise, 24/7, regardless of how she feels at any particular moment. He fails to understand that she has a life of her own, with thoughts and feelings and needs that don’t always involve him.

Wonder Why Men Cheat?


It’s possible that his primary consideration is for himself and himself alone. He can therefore lie and keep secrets without remorse or regret, as long as it gets him what he wants. Basically he's a worthless hoe if put simply.

Wonder Why Men Cheat?

And last but not least, my personal favorite the It's Over excuse which can come in two versions.

Wonder Why Men Cheat?

It’s Over, Version 1:

He may want to end his current relationship. However, instead of just telling his partner that he’s unhappy and wants to break things off, he cheats and then forces her to do the dirty work. What a worthless little dick....!!!

Wonder Why Men Cheat?

It’s Over, Version 2:

He may want to end his current relationship, but not until he’s got another one lined up. So he sets the stage for his next relationship (sleeping with her ) while still in the first one. Then of course with his plan B ready he feels safe to leave. What a cowardly pussy..!!!

Wonder Why Men Cheat?

Hopefully this helped to understand a little about why some men cheat and their thoughts behind cheating. Thank you everyone for reading I appreciate you. And don't forget,,,,

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Wonder Why Men Cheat?
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  • Agem123
    I've read somewhere that nobody cheats like a man who doesn't perform well in bed.

    He just goes around broadcasting his disability😂
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    • Agem123

      Thanks for MHO❤

    • WowwGirl


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  • MrOracle
    I think you've captured cheaters quite well here.
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  • SarahP080102
    They cheat because humans weren't meant to be monogamous. The males are suppose to reproduce and spread their genes as much as possible.

    I view us more like a pack of lions. Females band together and care for the young while searching for the best male. Then they reproduce. The male may hang around still to get meals, and continue reproducing but really is free to leave and breed more.
    • WowwGirl

      Good luck with that

    • AmeerX

      There are some hotwife too. They sleep with men with their husbands permission too

    • @SarahP080102 it seems that you like to live your life as an animal...

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  • art_hoe
    okay... honestly, i think it isn't about the gender of the person, its about the person. and, that persons personal experience and similar. ik it's none of my business, but, did you get cheated on? (think of this as a question you should ask yourself, not to me, im not entitled to that answer). if you did, or, you have experience with those around you getting cheated on, just remember, not everyone is like that. either way... this might sound a little conservative, and i am not accusing all men of this i am just saying this in general as someone who has some extra knowledge about evolution and biology: wouldn't it make sense for men, evolutionally, to want to reproduce more and give their genes to more women so there could be more children with that DNA? (think about it as a biological statement rather than a political one, please) though, we are a modern society and not neanderthals and men who cheat do not have the right any excuse like that. if someone cheats on you, don't give them this excuse pls. anyways, if ya wanan talk about this we can private chat
    • This is why I love when you respond to my questions. You present such great insight on a variety of topics. This is no exception! Well put and well said.

    • art_hoe

      @knottywriter thankss

    • i like that a 15 yo has more brains than most people here

  • dmgstarfleet
    Why Men Cheat: A Male Perspective:
    1. Opportunity-For women getting laid is a choice-for men its a chore (even in a relationship). All a man usually has to do not to cheat is simply not to try to. Men have to chase it to get any whereas a woman is presented with that choice daily. Wisest advice I got from an older man was to never pass up p*ssy.
    2. Sexually Starved-women in relationships are having loads of sex with you and then they begin to lose interest in it as much. If you've been rejecting his advances lately that increases the temptation
    3. Sexually bored-Women are awesome lays when you first start with them. Then they get lazy and the sex becomes boring and routine (and infrequent-see #3)
    4. Sexually Repulsed-She has really let herself go. You still jog and workout and keep in decent shape but she let it all go and is now overweight and sloppy
    5. He's not Married to You: Single is single, even if you are in a relationship. If there is no ring on your finger any sexual fidelity on either's part in voluntary. You know how women like to say "If you want it put a ring on it!"
    6. We know women do it too-and get away with it unless they actually want the boyfriend to know it. Women are much better at covering their tracks while men walk around shedding evidence in front of their girlfriend. Further, since women have more opportunity (see #1) she probably has cheated.
    7. Its Over Version 1- He wants to break up with her but she will take it hard. He's been trying but she makes it difficult-she refuses to believe or accept it.. So he just considers himself unattached and she will come to deal with it. He tried to tell her-she didn't want to listen.
    8. Its Over Version 2- Just met Ms. Right. Didn't know it till I met her and this thing wasn't working with you so I jumped on it rather than let Ms. Right get away. Sorry but the reward is worth it to me
  • knottywriter
    Okay ladies and gents, I see some great responses to this myTake, but then there are the ones not so great. First of all, she is a woman and while I don't want to assume someone's own sexuality, I will assume that men have be in her love life. For this reason, it seems logical the SHE would write this with a focus on men. She did say it was a generalization and generalizations do not cover all men. If you got butt hurt from her opinion than maybe do some self-reflectiin as to why that may be, cheater. I think most of us can agree this could fit both male and female cheaters, but her writing was from her perspective and directed at men. I have dated plenty over the years and while my adult dating life has been stable (with maybe a current exception that I just don't have hard proof for), I was cheated on 3 times when I was younger by yes... females. What I do love about this myTake is the fact that it nailed them perfectly as well. So I can for sure say it goes both ways. In all cases I was the victim of "It's Over" version 2. The I don't wanna be alone mentality that led them to have their next boyfriend before breaking up with me. Maybe as we get older, cheaters get harder to catch if they have that experience of cheating over the years. Unfortunately for the girls that cheated on me they were either just really bad at hiding things or wanted me to see so that they could be the break up victim thinking I would break up with them. So I really think this is pretty accurate on the cheater as a whole and loved reading your take on this topic.
    • 8lutty

      maybe she just doesn't want u get hurt or doesn't know how to ending that relationship, so she didn't telling anything with u before u discover it.

  • KenReidCoach
    I agree with this and would like to compliment this with my own beliefs as well based on my experience.

    Men (and sometimes women) will cheat because for 3 different reasons:
    1. Entitlement - this is when a person feels that it's perfectly fine for them to cheat because it makes them feel better about themselves. This is usually the action taken by someone with Narcisisstic Personality Disorder.
    2. Needing Space - Sometimes in a dysfunctional relationship where one partner is very anxious (sometimes labelled as needy and controlling) the other partner is very often avoidant (sometimes labelled as emotionally unavailable). Either partner might turn to cheating as a way of creating space or venting their frustration. The cause of cheating is their unhealthy relationship and their intimacy issues.
    3. An unfortunate accident - this is the rarest of the bunch. This is when for some reason, a guy or girl in a relationship will be out one night with a person they like, they get drunk, do the deed and feel immense shame for the action and genuinely didn't mean for it to happen.
  • hellionthesagereborn
    Well, about 20% of men will cheat and at least 15% of women will (some suggest higher but this is the most realisitic number in myopinion) so most men will never cheat (and most women too).

    That said, you take is entirely from a female perspective, you listed off reasons women would cheat not men. Now some of them are applicable to men (impulsive behavior, selfishness etc.). However studies have shown that men actually cheat more often because they are not getting what they want or "need" from the relationship while women cheat because the relationship is over and they are just waiting to find the new partner before leaving the old one.

    So when men cheat its mainly because either they are selfish and don't care (ego or what have you) or because they feel they are being neglected (and considering that over a third of marriages are sexless that is not exactly an unlikely scenario) and this is their way of attending to their needs while maintaining the relationship because he is otherwise happy with her (or has settled for her.).

    Not that cheating is ever acceptable, one must either address the problems or have the courage to walk away from a bad partner, but these are the reasons why men cheat, what you have listed is the reasons why women cheat.
  • KennethNoisewater
    I'm going to have a lot to say about this so I will probably just add to my comment section as I continue reading.
    First thing, your title made me laugh. Not because a funny punch line but your attempt to look like an idiot was successful. I normally would come right out and say that but I just saw another one of your posts. If you truly believe what you are trying to spread, you are a idiot. You have this white #metoo attitude that honestly makes me sick. Why don't you take a step back and look at females too. Women cheat just as much but if not , more than men. Instead of pointing fingers at one side, look at the whole picture. In that area of life men and women are terrible animals. People no longer have respect for other people.
    When I got to your first bullet point about men with low self esteem will be triggered by this was my second laugh. It doesn't (at least for me) have anything to do with low self-esteem. It's more about not taking responsibility and then throwing around millennial verbage like you know what your talking about. I personally have never cheated on someone in my life. Not one time. I have been cheated on twice. There was a lack of respect in those relationships but I never thought to put all females down for it. Did it cause trust issues? Absolutely, but I recognize that it's not male or female to take 100% of the blame on. Because both sides are bags of shit.
    Actually I just went to read more and I see that this is not even worth my time. I feel it is at the same level as something written for a school newspaper written by a 9th grader. So I'll end it with this. If you don't like something, change it. Don't act like you can spin everything to work in your favor. Women are no better than men and men are no better than women. But the ones still riding on this #metoo coattails needs to grow the fuck up. White women don't know how good they have it. They need to stop acting like any sort of victims in the big scheme of things. (I'm not talking of sexual abuse or anything like that.) It's amazing to me that things like this are written. Take the time to change your own life if you don't like the direction it's going. Don't blame others because you're retarded.
  • Kaazsz
    Human beings are serial monogamists. Both men and women are designed to find a new partner on a regular basis. This is shown across cultures across the entire planet.

    It is our culture that tries to tell us we are bad for it. It’s just in both men and women’s nature. Look up matriarchal societies. There’s some still around today. One in China, the women have as many male partners they like and have kids from many different men and they change partners quickly.

    To say one gender is biologically designed to do anything is probably wrong. The only consistent thing I’ve seen is that we are serial monogamists. That’s confirmed by anthropology studying many cultures across the world and it’s true in nearly every culture, even in cultures where marriage is strictly adhered to.

    Looks like men and women are nothing but slut ass whores. It’s just our culture tells us women are different and “better” than men. It’s a thing you cling to but has no scientific validity.
  • dantheman1118
    @KennethNoisewater nailed it. This was an absolute shit pile of nonsense. It reminded me of those crazy clickbait articles at the end of some major breaking news or something like that. I couldn't finish it but I seriously wanted to. The fact that either side trust to say it is guys that cheat more or it's the females that cheat more is ridiculous by itself. People are selfish and have no common courtesy towards other humans any more. It's all about money and power/status. It's a damn shame. I have been burned by just about every kind of relationship I've had because people, doesn't matter who, is only out to make themselves feel better. Even if it's writing a bullshit article that has next to zero facts or researched stats. It's written to make that person feel in charge (power). It's the small things like this that adds up so fast. If people showed respect to others and sympathy when needed, this world would not be where it is today. Instead people are protesting because people are getting shot or suffocated in the streets. Women are wanting to be treated equal but they want to cherry pick only what they want to be equal on. We have guidelines on this crisis we are having and people can't be inconvenienced to stay at home or wear masks or whatever other things people are too proud to do. We just need to cut the shit and help out your neighbors. That just got of the rails a little bit but it all goes back to respect. If we had more of that non of the mentioned above would even be a topic for discussion. So to sum up everything guys are douchebags who can't keep it in their pants and women are whores. Both sides are terrible individuals. And if you are one of them? Man up and get your life together. Nobody deserves to be cheated on. End of story.
    • ronaldo75

      This type of nonsense is exactly why there is such a push against pseudo-intellectualism these days.

  • Ellie-V
    I don’t care why some men choose to cheat. It’s not my business but obviously they are just cowards trying to avoid whatever consequences they are scared of. It’s wrong and not everyone is like that. I feel like it’s quite easy to spot a cheater but I guess there are folks who need to strengthen their intuition.
  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    The men that cheat cheat for the same reason women that cheat do, they can. Women cheat at much higher rates than men so I'm not sure why you're blaming men for an issue that women have always been the root source of...
    • This.

    • This is a take on why men cheat. You know, you can just say "fair enough" and accept that some guys are shitty. Not all guys are shitty but there are a few out there. Just there there are some shitty women out there.
      You can accept that guys sometimes get things wrong ( just like we do) without turning things around.
      Write a take on why woman cheat and put it all in there... and you would probably make some fair points.
      How can you ever expect to have a reasonable conversation if all you do is it around so that the actions of a person is somehow someone else's fault.
      I've cheated in the past and I felt so awful about it, it actually changed me for the better. At no point did I think to myself "well men cheat too so it doesn't matter" and the proceeed to void myself of all responsibility" what a weird mentality to have.
      I've been cheated on ( in a different relationship) and I wasn't that surprised because I believe in Karma, but it was still a choice he made. He didn't go around blaming all the women in the world for it.

      Cheating is a reflection of a person. it's not a reflection of an entire gender, and the opposite gender is not responsible for that person's actions.

    • @Carefuloutthere no, it is a mytake by a girl that is writing her feelings as facts about why men cheat. What was written was worth less than nothing.

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  • bluetoblack99
    Testosterone and Mother Nature gives us impulses to impregnate as many women as possible. That does not mean we all go out and do that. Many of us have strong morals and respect for our partners.

    Here a few other points you left out of your one side male bashing take.

    1. Women are more attracted to taken men.

    This ass backward feminine mental quirk ends up tempting taken men and further frustrating decent yet single men.

    Just because a man is in a relationship and “tested” by other another woman it doesn’t mean he’s good for you. You are enabling guys to cheat. Also if he cheats on her, he will cheat on you.

    2. Men get zero societal justification if they are caught. But cheating women have a whole litany of excuses to protect their egos.

    Have you ever heard a who got caught say “oh but she made feel special”. No. Hell no.

    Yet women have all sorts of bs excuses when they get caught. They can’t own up to being a POS.

    I have been cheated on before. It wasn’t confirmed but I’m almost 95 percent sure one of my exes do this. She broke up with me but it’s funny how she doubled down/gaslight me on about what all was wrong with me to make her whore self feel better. She’s just a piece of shit.
  • RingOfFire
    It's simple to understand why men cheat. It's nature.

    The most essential element of the design of any living thing is to have a mechanism to ensure its ability to procreate. After all reproduction is only path to survival of the species.

    In humans, reproduction is assured by designing males to have trillions of sperm and to have the ability and desire to spread those seeds as widely as possible to impregnate as many women as possible. "Be fruitful and multiply." as the Bible puts it.

    Men are physiologically designed to plant their seeds and go and get as many women as possible pregnant. It's in our DNA. It's natures way to ensure survival of our species.

    But because that isn't acceptable in our "enlightened" civilization, men have a constant tortured existence having to fight the natural urges they inherited from millions of years of evolutionary success in favor of the fad of the day... fidelity.

    As long as the human race exists, cheating men will always be an issue because it is a natural instinct built into our DNA. And it remains to be seen whether not following our natural urges will lead to our demise. The final chapter isn't written yet as birth rates are falling. It's risky to tamper with mother nature and millions of years of trial and error design.
    • This is fair and true, but anyone who cannot keep it in their pants just needs to stay single and enjoy themselves.

    • RingOfFire

      Men WANT to believe they will be faithful. They TRY. But some are more successful than others. They are torn between their natural urges and their desire for love from one special woman. For many, probably most, men this is a constant challenge. They may enter a relationship convinced they can control it and then later, when it is too late to turn back, realize they can't... that the instinct is overwhelming. And for the serial cheaters... they know they can't be faithful, but they also crave love... so if they want both they have no choice but to enter into a relationship even knowing that they have little or no chance of being faithful.

      It's an addiction and has the same elements of most other addictions... guilt, self deception, anguished feelings, self hatred, loneliness, and feeling misunderstood.

    • Yes, many people do want to have their cake and eat it... but there is the option of entering into an open relationship.
      If you are cheating on your partner, tell them. Respect them enough to put everything on the table and let them decide if a relationship with someone who can't control themselves everytime an appealing person smiles at them is something they are willing to accept.
      For many, it's not the sex that is the ultimate betrayal, it's lying about it.
      To be sleeping around whilst the other person thinks they are in a secure relationship with someone who cares for them is huge display of disrespect. That person is being made a fool of.
      Ultimately, Women know that it's simply a primal instinct for guys, but don't hide what you are doing from her.
      Everyone had choices, everyone is capeable of being faithful.
      You spoke of wanting love, but also having that urge for sex with as many women as possible, that is what one person in the relationship wants. Relationships need give and take. Not just taking. To be in a committed relationship, you can't just consider yourself all the time.
      People get hurt, and if you can't be with someone without betraying them, don't stay with them.
      There are people who will look the other way and make it work and there are open relationships... but don't put someone through a fraudulent one.

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  • maxdoesss
    Usually when a man cheats, it's because his physical needs aren't being met. Usually when a woman cheats, it's because her emotional needs aren't being met. That being said, both men and women are predisposed to varying degrees of monogamy/polygamy based on their genetics, how they were raised, how many prior partners they've slept with. Additionally for men, we experience varying degrees of the Coolidge effect.
  • Avicenna
    Very good, but thrill seeking, rather than feelings of inadequacy, is a major reason for cheating
    • Perhaps it is just me but I cannot see cheating as thrill seeking. Not even the sexual component. Perhaps when I envision/engage in some form of thrill seeking it always contains an element that could kill me... and an angry girlfriend with a clever isn’t something I can qualify as a risk versus the “fallout” that it is. I have had my ass chewed out by an ex for my risky behavior before and it was here chewing me out because she wanted me alive, well, forever. However, never was it for me stepping out on ”us”. Just not something I would ever do nor does it remotely feel, “thrilling” ... let alone, exciting. But again, that is just my sentiments. I suppose for some there could maybe be a thrill element. I just don’t see it.

    • Was her* not here...

    • Avicenna

      @MannMitAntworten: I‘ve never cheated, but I’ve had friends who did, and that’s what I observed- they found it thrilling to chase, to be wanted, and to have illicit sex.

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  • broken_heart_at_48
    I would say for the same reasons as women cheat but men do seem to be more needing of sex than most women. Really I believe it boils down to lack of self control, selfishness, and little to no respect for their SO
  • AmeerX
    Mostly I found the following stories where a couple got divorced or the man cheated.
    1. The wife was too controlling and mistrustful. This ultimately led to him cheat like a self fulfilling prophesy.
    2. The wife was too demanding and whining and there was no peave of mind.
    3. Reason which I think is BS. The other woman swayed him. That a bunch of baloney to dump it all on the women you cheated with on your wife.
  • 888theGreat
    Men hoard things like women, guns, knives, and cars. But it is also lack of morals. It could also be their Dad cheated. Men whose father beat their mothers , usually beat their girlfriends and wives.
    • WowwGirl


    • It could also be health issues with her or A guy thinks he is all that and a twinkie and a gift to all women, that their life is now complete because he boinked them. It could also be he wants oral or anal and wife won't do that.

  • zeitgeist057
    I've seen one other MyTake (maybe more, but I didn't notice?) and they all start with some version of "There might be people who disagree with me. If anyone disagrees with me, it's because they are insecure/(insert negative thing here)"

    Nonetheless, an interesting take on some of the reasons men (or women) might cheat. Sounds a little butt hurt, like perhaps someone has been cheated on a bit?
  • SoapySandwich
    I used to cheat probably for selfish reasons, not that I didn't care for my partners, just cared more for the life I wanted.

    One of the main reasons I cheated was because I didn't understand that I could be open and honest and still have the relationships I wanted.
  • kespethdude
    While it's an excellent take understanding why they do it, it doesn't excuse it, nor did I notice anything in it implying that it does, which is also good. Regardless of the reason, the only exceptable solution is to kick him to the curb and move on.
    #wowgirlrocks indeed.
  • navyrobin
    Okay, and this applies to women too, right? I hope you're not trying to paint men as being the only cheaters in the world.
    • Silver158

      I've known more women who have cheated (sometimes with me sometimes on me) over the years than guys.

    • navyrobin

      @Silver158 Yeah I've known a ton who have cheated on their boyfriends

  • alance99
    Nice Mytake and i really appriciate.

    There are many reasons for cheating like poor upbringing so they dont respect women around them and just treat them as objects, over- confidence regarding their looks like they think they can easily get any girl in their bed and have fun and move on to other one without caring about her feelings.
    All i can say is i am strong beliver of karma and those cheaters do pay for it at some point in their life
  • Tonytoutouni123
    In my opinion, evolutionary reasons are the reason why people cheat. Their sex drives tells them to do so. This applies to both sexes.
    it’s subconsciously all about passing ones genes as often and successfully (with „good genes“) as possible into the next generations.
    people aren’t 100% made for monogamy
    • "it’s subconsciously all about passing ones genes as often and successfully (with „good genes“) as possible..."

      - Successful -

      I doubt if that kind of men want babies from all of women he sleeps with. If so, why many are so afriad of making a partner pregnant? Why want abortion? Moreover, studies say that children raised by a single parent has a lower rate of surviving.

      Nature's not really a smart program sometimes.

    • @el_Te_de_la_Rosa

      On a conscious level you are definitely right! Nowadays a man definitely does not want every woman he sleeps with to become pregnant.
      There are also some people who consciously do not want to have children at all. But on a subconscious level anyone who has a sex drive also wants to have offspring. This is not a contradiction.
      The sex drive in men is there to make women pregnant.
      Sex feels good in order to make us mate. That is why it was invented by nature.

      By using condoms we trick the sex drive in our favour. We get the good feeling of sex without a woman getting pregnant. We get the good feeling of sex without a woman getting pregnant. The man's body thinks after sex "Yes, I got another one pregnant. Well done 👍"
      But the consciousness knows of course that this is not the case. And is glad about it

      "Moreover, studies say that children raised by a single parent has a lower rate of surviving."

      Yes, that's unfortunately true. Therefore nature roughly distinguishes 2 types of men.
      Type 1: He tries to successfully pass on his genes to the next generation by constantly changing females and trying to get as many of them pregnant as possible. Because he does not take care of the offspring, the probability is high that the child will not survive unless the woman finds another man to whom she can put the child. Since the type 1 man gets many women pregnant, he accepts that a few die because he has got many more women pregnant.

      Type 2: he tries to bring his genes into the next generation by getting only one woman pregnant and helps to raise the offspring to increase their chances of survival. So it is a different strategy!
      Anyway, this man also has a sexual interest in cheating when the opportunity arises. But he does not want to leave his wife.

  • cth96190
    I cannot comment on the accuracy of the views that were expressed, because I have not been motivated to cheat.
    All that I wanted was one special woman to love, but God decided otherwise.
  • Juxtapose
    My father and uncle are both cheaters, and it seems like they did it because of the taboo thrill.

    I will get off to porn that involves cheating but I have principles and will not put myself in situations that will even remotely risk it.
  • HATR3D
    Maybe I should make a my take on how pregnancy feels like 🤣 I don't know I just always find it funny when a girl says this is why men do this and that it's like how would you know if you ain't a guy. Overall though when it comes to cheating for the most part both men and women do it for similar reasons as you explained. Some are self esteem issues. Anyways I've never been in a relationship nor plan on cheating ever since I actually believe a relationship should be about the connection and bonding not sex. Here's my take 😃 if someone knows they are going to cheat in a relationship why even get involved in relationships and just stay single and fuck who ever? It's basically better that way if you only want sex. Now let's talk about why women cheat 💔 first we all know a girl cheats do to penis size and for more performance. Secondly to get revenge. Third, low self esteem. Fourth, to feel validated. Five, women are just hornier than men. Six, a women will easily fuck a dude that makes her feel special. Seven, probably found a guy with more money. That's all I can think of for now 😃 but that's how I see it.
  • Dali-chan
    Men cheat cause they crave variety, you can be a man’s personal porn star and fuck him 30 times a day and he will still cheat on you if he can, cause they’re all as faithful as their options
    • It doens't work like that. We are perfectly able to control ourselves even with many options.

    • You 👏 are 👏 so 👏 right 👏 sis 👏 , u can't trust those... PIGS... smh 🙄😤

  • Ivory_Princess
    I find its usually the most attractive successful guys that cheat
    • yup, this is also true. Men who have a lot of options and an abundancy of women have a different mentality from men who don't have those options.

  • Acidgamer
    I personally have never been in a relationship. I mean I'd love to it's just... Nobody has expressed interest in me. I have so much love but I don't think I'm capable of cheating. It's disgusting, idiotic, and selfish. It's rather sad that some guys can't be happy that they got a girl who loves him so he goes from girl to girl some even at the same time. While people like me are trying so hard to find love. To the guys who cheat, I low-key hate you bros.
    • alaez_

      Same. It's just this feeling of wanting to love someone and just dump all your love on them lol

    • Acidgamer


  • ronaldo75
    Yup, as always women pretend to know the male mind and know absolutely jack shit. Men cheat because if feels good to have your dick inside of a woman and a lot of men are with women they've been with for a while and are not attracted to anymore. Some ARE attracted to their women but again, sex feels nice so they cheat.
  • Twinrova
    Couldn't this have just as easily been an explanation of why women cheat as well? Doesn't feel like any of these motivations are significantly better represented by males.
  • OmNomaly
    There's is no excuse for anyone to be unfaithful. Period.

    Man or woman.

    It goes both ways.

    I myself never found how someone could be so heartless as to cheat on someone and fuck with them emotionally.

    You could switch the gender roles in your question and it would still be relevant.
  • DWornock
    Men can have sex, but they cannot cheat. Only women can cheat since only women can have a child by another man and make her S. O. believe it is also his biological child. No man has ever convinced a woman that a baby he had with another woman was also her biological baby.
    • im on a quest to prove that im a level 69 on the class of white knighting, with a degree on respecting whamen, and u look like a fine candidate to start.
      Wtf is that take? cheating is when u put your ''weewee'' inside of any lady's ''love holes''

    • DWornock

      @AFellowWeeb Compared to spending $250,000 raising another man's child you thought was your child, that is harmless.

    • yes, that disgusting, people that do this to their man, are disgusting, but still, if u have sex with someone while on a relationship with another person, thats cheating, even if u're a guy

  • jgibsonian1986
    Adhd should also be considered for both parties. It's very common for Adhd brains to get bored of a person and impusivly sate that bordem with a new person
  • these type of men are coward. I was texting guy on Facebook, and he texts is was annoying to get cheated on. I know how feel to waste time on rubbish human. put rubbish guy in rubbish can where they should be. by the way can same with guys , gay , bi and lesbian. everyone can cheat if they wanted to.
  • JackSmy
    Wow! It always amazes me, when some women, so emphatically post that they KNOW how men think, and then reading the posts, I have to laugh, because they are so fcking wrong, with just about everything they think they know!! LOL!!!
    "Men sometimes seem Pre-programmed to cheat, and be unfaithful?" Seriously? Are you just trying to be OFFENSIVE?
    Yeah, SOME guys, are pricks, and yeah, some do the things you say, and I give you that.
    But you post it, like ALL MEN, and present this as ALL men are cheaters!!
    I am not so much OFFENDED that you call out the LOSER D-bags that do this, and DO cheat, but you say NOTHING, about the guys that do not, and would not, do these terrible things!
    Not even a few lines, at the end, saying, "some guys are really honest, good men, and love the women they are with, and would NEVER cheat!!"
    You make it seem like ALL MEN are cheaters, and that is OFFENSIVE AND WRONG!!!
    • Ellie-V

      It doesn’t matter what gender we’re on, if the shoe doesn’t fit, dont fucking wear it. It’s not hard. Clearly the folks that don’t cheat were not the topic of discussion. Stop feeling so attacked by trivial nonsense.

    • JackSmy

      @Ellie-V Likewise, stop posting OFFENSIVE things! Think about your post! You are responsible for offending! It's not trivial, and I have had to rethink a lot of posts, not saying what I really first thought, to say, but reconsidering, and thinking about others, and not wanting to assume all are the same, and judging!
      You can make your point, but be clear WHO, specifically, you are talking about, and don't assume that everyone, of the same 'gender' and, well, it can apply to race too in some cases.

  • Syrian_survivor
    I think this MyTake works for both men and women, i don't see anything exclusive to men here haha

    I might be wrong though, but this is still very precise and very well written! I'd love it if you made a women version as well :3
  • Deformate
    Lol this is the epitome of satirical comedy. Its golden. I love it. A for comedy value. I dont think any guy would get upset at this. No sane person could read this and take it seriously.
  • usernamesk
    It's simple. You went for the shithead then you get a shithead relationship.

    Is that hard to understand?

    I'm in a relationship for 5 years. I chose someone who is not a shithead. I don't get a shithead relationship.
  • NoOneLikesMeEver
    Only men who don’t go to church often cheat, because God is not in their heart when they commit adultery. It’s about being loyal to your faith which ties into loyalty towards you spouse.

    The Bible says in Luke “Why do you call me Lord Lord and not do things I say?”
    • PhilEvans

      Wow this is a really naïve attitude.

      I don't go to church, I'm a complete atheist. I've also never cheated and never will. I don't need to be compelled to behave in a moral way by fear of retribution from your sky-daddy. I treat women with respect because *I* think it's the right thing to do.

    • HATR3D

      I'm atheist and I believe a relationship should be based on the connection and bonding of two people and sex isn't the soul purpose of it. Guess what I've never cheated and I want to get married, plus I don't believe in a god.

  • bolverk
    Women always have to be able to flaunt their 'victim' status if the relationship goes bad, it can never be their fault that the man has gone looking for comfort elsewhere, though you can almost guarantee that she’s done the same as often if not more.
    i thinks more womens do this for the same reasons stated here... but i dont identify with this generality becuz i'm a faithful boi Q w Q...
    when i am "in a relationship"...
    but if it ain't no thang, it ain't no thang and i'm a free boi
  • AkshiJanjua
    This all is actually true. All the points you mentioned are generally true about charters.
    Now I want to see a list about why women cheat or why women do paternity fraud
    • spartan55

      Right? I wouldn't plan on seeing that. That would require admitting they were at fault in a relationship.

  • Mehzmeh
    I have never cheated. I have been accused of cheating soooo many times. And it always comes out. It was my girlfriend who had cheated.
  • Alyssa11
    There are some good people and bad people in the world. It's simple as that. Some of us take responsibility for our actions, and we know how to be disciplined and some of us don't have these skills. Making sure you get involved with a person who compliments your values is vital here to avoid the heartbreak that comes from cheating.

    I don't think I will ever forgive my ex for cheating on me. It hurts less now and I am convinced I will never understand why he did what he did, when I could visibly see just how much he loved me and how perfect our RS was.

    I just got with the wrong person who doesn't compliment my values.
    • Men can love their girlfriend and wife and still cheat. That is entirely possible and very common with male cheaters who have been a while together with a woman. That doesn't make it okay though.

      You are right in the end you had a partner with different values.

    • Alyssa11

      @startingfitness Thanks! Yeah, I agree. That's why I've learned that values are so important to look for in a partner. I'm sure a person with the right values wouldn't cheat if they're committed to their partner, no matter what circumstances come up.

    • yeah you are right.

  • jakey70
    Hmmm... My wife cheated on me with one of my friends. She took the kids and left. Had my divorce papers served to me on our anniversary. 4 months after divorce was final, married my friend. I would never cheat.
  • 8lutty
    men always look bad huh? life is not simple, just bc the man think their relationship is over, it doesn't mean he could just end it right away. beside, how about get over it instead of insult them? if my wife want to cheat on me, I will ask her what she want, and decide if I will continue that relationship or not, if our relationship is over then it is over, I would wish her a good life, we are just different and can't live together, instead of thinking she is a bad person.
  • JesterRose
    On a biological level men are pre-programmed to spread their seed to as many possible choices as are available, i mean thats the basics of survival in most species. Men can impregnate many women at a time, but women can only be pregnant by one at a time.

    Society and the moral code it lives by goes against programming. Not to say that people should follow that programming, but it doesn't erase the fact that it exists.
  • Jjpayne
    I could see these all coming into play to some extent.

    This makes me wonder what the woman's one looks like