You're The One And Only


We were together and in that moment I felt good.

Felt like I belonged.

I felt loved. So purely and unconditionally.

I gazed at you and I felt like I had made the right decision. I had never been so happy in my life.

I felt at peace because I knew that I was with the right person.

I was searching for this confirmation. I just could not allow myself to give you everything you needed until I had that confirmation from above.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

I don't have to plan dates or text you first because I know you got me. I don't have to initiate or tell you to do things because you're a man. You can do it on your own. You can think of how to make things come together. I don't have to steer the ship anymore. And it's gonna take me a while to adjust to that.

Yes Sir
Yes Sir

I'm Allowed To Be A Woman

In my home, I was expected to bring the trash bins inside. I was the handy repairman for all things electronic. I had to carry the groceries from the car to indoors. There was no father to carry the weight in the home. Now I'm allowed to be a woman. You have already begun opening doors for me and helping me do things. Things that I never asked for help with but you go out of your way and it makes my life so MUCH easier.


For The First Time I Feel Loved By A Man

And he touched me from the inside out.

You're The One And Only
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Most Helpful Girl

  • This was sweet..

    personally I like planning things and would feel very confined being with someone who needs to control everything so he could feel like a man.

    i don’t think being a woman means other people have to plan your life for you

    I’m goad your are happy in your relationship and this dynamic works for the two of you.. but I disagree that not carrying trash is the mark of a woman.

    I think all this really comes down to personality ❄️💚❄️
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Most Helpful Guys

  • JackSmy
    Why post anonymous? I cannot message you, and connect, with anonymous.
    Not just 'allowed' to be a woman, but respected and adored, being a woman, asserting herself, and knowing what she likes and wants.
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    • Anonymous

      This is me

  • IlyaTheImpaler
    aw that's sweet babe
    sry I fucked your sister
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    • Anonymous

      Dont have a sister

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  • 92762
    I hate to say this but the woman's right the woman is always right
  • queenaisha
    Great feeling
  • malik25
    Nice take