Be or not to be, alone? Be or not to be, in a relationship? Be or not to be, married? Those are not my questions. Mariage is. Should or not. Let see.


I'm now in a certain age when you often hear a question like: "Would you marry soon?" or "What are you waiting for?" or "Everybody else does, do you ever want to?" or especially disturbing "Would you like kids someday or you want to die without them?"

Well, ladies and gentlemen to introduce myself through the picture. Here I am:

After any of those or similar questions.
After any of those or similar questions.

If you never heard before something like that, you are the lucky one. I listened over and over again and finally start thinking. Is there something for me or someone or should I?

Let start with some facts, relevant to me, of course. 50% are divorced. You have not to be married to have children. I am, and, sadly or not, always be different from others. I adore kids and I think that their education and upbringing must start like this:


Maybe it's better for them, in the future, of course, to start like this:

Other 50%
Other 50%

No matter how you feel about that, I think there is always the right way. And that way comes with peace with ourselves. If I'm kind of person, who likes myself and loves life and cares about a little child who always been in me, I'm on the right path. Don't think there man's and woman's jobs, except if something heavy needs to carry on. Don't think there is a pice a paper that can approve my love for someone. I believe in conversation, and you'll never see me in this position, in a relationship, of course:

Be or not to be, alone? Be or not to be, in a relationship? Be or not to be, married? Those are not my questions. Mariage is. Should or not. Let see.

However, I'm from, politically correct to say, dysfunctional family. But, I strongly believe in love tendance, support, and feeling of home. If I believe it hasn't to come true. There are many more types of people that I can't even imagine and I can't tell you what tomorrow brings, but I would be different men then I'm today, and older :( and some wiser.

The fact is, I don't know what I wanna be when I grow up, but I'm trying to be the good and kind, at least. To be better men for myself and others. And still questioning myself what is good for me and others around me. If I accomplished that, every single day, then everything will be just OK and I don't need to get bothered when hearing some of "those" questions anymore.

How about you?

Be or not to be, alone? Be or not to be, in a relationship? Be or not to be, married? Those are not my questions. Mariage is. Should or not. Let see.
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  • I prefer to marry first and not have a child out of wedlock. If im going to have a kid out of wedlock then i’d do it on my own terms by doing in vitro as a single parent. I would however, like to marry/have kids way before 30
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  • borderlinesucks
    single with two boys 5, 6 , no discipline just fukc it.
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  • Anonymous
    I beginning to see that the best thing you can do is stand up as a source of stability and overall peace of mind for a person.

    Some people are just really lost and have been for a long time. They need someone who isn't.
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  • JudgmentDay
    I've decided that remaining single indefinitely is the only logical option for me in this kind of a world and reality that is absurd and filled with endless problems. I absolutely do not want to bring new life into this absurd world filled with cruelty, suffering and injustice. Nobody needs to be born and added into this kind of a world and subjected to this whole shit show.
  • ts416
    I am in the small group that is especially great with kids but isn't meant to have any... That would have to mean relationships, I gave up on those years ago, when I realized that I was only there as a door stopper (I still have the doorknob in somewhere I shall not name), as she slammed the door because she found someone else who wasn't "sick" I have a neurological condition that she wouldn't have known about, if she hadn't seen my medic alert bracelet.
  • ManOnFire
    I'm not really interested in starting a family anymore not because of divorce rates, but because I don't want to think about having to take care of anyone else. I've had a hard life and have had to be there for others and have little time for my own self.

    I'm the kind of person people depend on and always come running to me, but don't ever think about wanting to reach out to me if I ever need it. People also think they can take advantage of my kindness and initiative. So I don't really feel like having a family and doing all that for life anymore.

    Also, I love kids and kids love me, but I don't want to deal with bringing kids into a world where I have to teach them all about how awful this place this, why people do this, why my kids shouldn't do that, having to guard them or teach them to be resistent to the evils of this world. I don't want to go through having to teach them everything I had to learn to survive.
  • fastballsam
    The marriage/divorce ratio in Texas is about
    50:50 at any given time.
    "X" number active marriages not bad enough for divorce
    aren't very good.
    And i do know 2
    couples who are my friends who have story book marri-
    ages, but the odds
    aren't very good.
    My dad was an attorney. He'd seen
    the bitter divorces.
    He was quick to say that no relationship
    is far better than a bad one.
  • Cryostatic
    Divorce rates have actually substantially improved in the past several decades. Marriages now have around a 22% probability of divorce, thanks to shifts in society. People are getting married when they're older, more secure in their finances and in themselves, and at a higher level of maturity and development than they once were, and so their marriages are more stable.
    • mattl338

      No, it's around 40-50% compared to several decades ago. So there's a 50/50 or 40/50 chance you'll get divorced. People just don't take marriage as seriously as they used to back before the 80s.

  • Good take