The Next Time I See You


Where have you been? Long-time no see. Do I still make you feel the same way? Do I ever cross your mind? Do you still care?
It's been four long months.
I wanna bring it up but I know I shouldn't. I'm not that same tenacious nuisance that I used to be. I let bygones be bygones and I care a lot less now.
Doesn't mean I care about you any less.
When you told me that homework kept your hands tied, I thought it was just another excuse. Now I see and understand what you were saying because I too am drowning in it.
I just want to mend all the time we have lost. I don't care about yesterday. I would just like to sit down at a table and eat with you.

All Things Have Passed Away
All Things Have Passed Away

At the time I stomped the same feet that drove hours just to see my face.
I didn't value you.
I'm so sorry that I couldn't see what was in front of me. I was too prideful looking up.
If you want me to humble myself, I will. I'd do anything to be with you once more. Because when I'm with you it is like I am walking on water.I'd trade in all my senses just to be lost in your eyes again. Let me prove how grateful I am to have a man like you in my life.
I've searched high and low yet nothing compares. I find no fulfillment in them. Not even the good looking ones.
You turn me on emotionally, mentally, spiritually and sexually. Can't nobody tame that flame but you. We were made for each other. You feel it, the Great Spirit knows it and so it manifests.
Forgive me because I thought all those girls you spoke with, you had an emotional connection with. I completely ignored reality. Just because you stand next to another or smile at or even touch doesn't mean you care for them. You're just friendly.
You couldn't keep your eyes off of me as she stood in proximity to you.
You spoke to her again after you spent a whole day chasing after me.
You touched her shoulder after you drove over an hour to come to see me.
They were building a friendship and not a relationship. Although, I was so cut deep into that idea that the false fantasy became the ultimate truth.
Your heart began to beat for me from the moment you saw me that night. I just couldn't process that.


I made it IMPOSSIBLE for you to love me but you did somehow. I don't deserve to be loved or even thought of by you. I was cold, stubborn and rude.
I was so mean to you for no valid reason. I wish I could take it all back.
You're a rare star and I need to start treating you as such! I wanna open up my heart to you. Let you into my whole world. It doesn't get much better than you. You're it.
Thank you for loving me even when I didn't love you back. Especially for times that I don't deserve your love. For being all that I wanted and much more. Thank you.
You're changing me little by little. I've become more patient and tolerant. Now I forgive the things that I never would've forgotten. There's a side of me that emerges when I'm with you. I'm softer, more loving because of you.
It's a fresh love. A new love.
All we've got to do is begin.

The Next Time I See You
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  • cheapshotbob
    this remind me f my relationship 28 years ago though i was the one doing the hurting at the time , being a kid you are blind to it but once our old enough you realize what you did but some times its to late they moved on have a family and new life.

    i really d regret it and some times i wonder if she is doing ok or if she really does have a family because she deserves better than i gave her. but i think of her from time to time when i have a moment alone.
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    • Anonymous

      Yeah. I won't let him go.

    • cool dont end up like me, its not a fun thing at all.

    • Yeah, it's good to be good. Relationship is base on understanding and trust.

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  • Anonymous
    This was very nice and well written. Thanks for sharing.
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks 4 watching.

Most Helpful Girls

  • roseamarie
    Yeah, I do remember you and you still the same person you used to be.
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  • redpanda_
    I love this. ❤️
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    • Anonymous

      Thankyou so much. For your kind words

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  • ohshee
    Very cool I like it a lot but for me it's missing something I feel as if they are both talking with there hand held out in front of each other what I mean by that I don't know but I do like it
  • jenn11161986
    I really love this! Takes me back to the things I shouldn't taken for granted. Well said! 😊
  • I_Am_Sazerac
    This really isn't a question or a mytake and the admin bots may try taking it down, but its a good poem none the less.
  • Good take